Phong Nha National Park Tour

1 Day Caves
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Phong Nha Caves - 1 Day Tour from $45

Head into Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park for a day of cave exploration. Visit the stunning Paradise Cave, the temple in 8 Lady Cave and swim through Tra Ang Cave. This tour from Jungle Boss Homestay explores some of the best caves in the park, all packed into a full day adventure.

Adventure level: low to moderate
Minimum age:
 suitable for all ages
What to bring:

clothing to cover your knees and shoulders whilst you are in the temple at 8 Lady Cave, good walking shoes, swimwear and a small towel or sarong

Paradise Cave
8 Lady Cave
Tra Ang Cave

Rise early and meet your driver to head straight to your first cave. Paradise Cave is one of the most beautiful in Phong Nha National Park and you can explore 2km of the amazing 31km cavern.

Next up is 8 Lady Cave, or Hang Tám Co. This cave was witness to a terrible event in the Vietnam War when 8 war volunteers were trapped inside during a bombing raid. The cave is now a memorial to them and there is a temple you can visit nearby.

After 8 Lady Cave, take a casual trek to your lunch spot beside Tra Ang Cave. After a break, it’s time to get into your swimwear and explore 600m of the Tra Ang Cave lake!

It’s then a short trek back to the Ho Chi Minh highway where you can enjoy a cold drink before getting back in the van to head back to Phong Nha and your hotel. Arrive around 5pm.

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Elena at Lily’s was nothing short of excellent. She helped us arrange trips to Ha Long bay, Sa PA and Phong Nha caves, as well as our open bus ticket which got us from North to South of Vietnam.

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Overall, booking at Lily’s Travel Agency is really fun. She and her employees are so friendly…Lily don’t pushes you in any tour and always tries to find the solution which fits your budget and your interests.

Sabi Trax

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Thank you tee for your great service. Lilys was really reliable and we booked three trips with them in the end, Halong bay, sapa and phong nha and everything was so easy. I would recommend them to anyone who needs help to book tours.


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