H'mong Culture Tour

2 Days & 1 Nights
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Experience life in the Sapa mountains with the H'mong

Learn about what life is really like for the H’mong in Sapa with one of the loveliest families in the whole valley: Mao’s family. Mao, her sisters, parents, and children will invite you into their home for a night, teach you about H’mong textiles, culture and work-life and you’ll leave with a whole family of new friends. This is the very best way to spend 2 days in beautiful Sapa.

Overnight bus (or train) from Hanoi
1 Night in Mao’s Family Homestay
H’mong textiles workshops
Rice farming demonstration
Meals & activities as stated in the below itinerary

Hanoi to Sapa via overnight bus, followed by a 14km slow trek to your homestay

Your transport gets you into Sapa town early in the morning, but you’ll get the chance to have another quick nap on the bus or a coffee nearby before meeting your guide at 6am.

Wake up slowly over a long breakfast where you can get to know your guide and fellow travellers. Fuel up, as you’ll then be trekking in the Sapa mountains!

Our trekking route follows the local and less crowded way over the mountains, between rice fields, streams, and little villages. On the way, we’ll visit Sa Seng Village. Here, you can learn about living life off the land and feeding the livestock like buffalo, horse, and pigs. You also pass a waterfall where you can take pictures or enjoy a refreshing swim if the weather is not too cold!

At lunchtime, we’ll stop to eat in the stunning green valley.

After lunch, it’s time to learn about the H’mong ethnic dress and how they use Batik techniques and Indigo dying to get their unique look. You’ll be amazed at the skill and patience of the textile workers and leave with a deeper appreciation for these beautiful garments.

We’ll then walk to another village to learn about using hemp fibers to create the traditional H’mong cloth. Try your hand at the complicated filature process, usually complete by a skillful ethnic grandmother!

After your 14km hike, it’s time to get to your homestay, settle in and eat! Dinner is an important time in a H’mong home and your hosts will make sure you are well fed. They’ll also provide you with as many ‘happy water’ shots as you can handle!

Farmlife experience and trek to Su Pan village

Wake up early with the rest of the household (and animals!) and enjoy a home-cooked breakfast with Mao’s family.

After breakfast, you’ll take a short walk through the various agricultural fields to the mysterious Bamboo Forest. This is a beautiful place for taking photos.

Then it’s time to take your shoes off and really get stuck into life with the H’mong! Feel the earth, smell the rice, and touch the leaves as you learn about rice production in these mountain valleys.

On the way to your lunch spot, you’ll pass through Su Pan village which is one of the most beautiful in the area and perched on the steep mountainside.

Have lunch in a local restaurant and enjoy the last of the mountain views before heading back to Hanoi.



Return Travel Options:

  • If you go by bus, you can choose to Leave Sapa at 4pm (arrive in Hanoi at 10pm) or depart from Sapa at 10pm (arrive in Hanoi at 4am the next morning).
  • If you go by train, your guide will lead you to Lao Cai train station depending on the time in the ticket (arrive in Hanoi at around 5am the next morning).

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