So, you’re thinking of travelling to Vietnam in 2019 and you make your way over to the world wide web to see what the internet is saying about it. WOW. A million results! Hundreds of thousands of blog posts and Instagram photos and youtube videos! You’ve got so much free information to plan your trip! How great is that?!

But, wait, what about local travel agents in Vietnam?

Why do we think you should still book your Vietnam travels with a travel agent?! 

We’re still happy to give away free Vietnam travel advice; go check out our blog and see. But, we know that booking with a Vietnam travel agent gives you so much more than just an itinerary. 

Here are the ways that a reliable and trustworthy agency like Lily’s Travels is still a good choice when travelling to Vietnam in 2019.

1) Our travel agents in Hanoi are real, wonderful people, not computers! You get to talk to them directly and get honest, personalised advice tailored to your budget, schedule and travel preferences. No generic advice here!

2) Our agents are also experts and live and breath Vietnam travel all day, every day! All our advice is accurate and up to date; we know exactly what is happening, when and where and we can guide you to choose the right options for your trip!

3) We have been working with our tour operators for decades, meaning we really do have the best prices for Vietnam tours! Our connections mean that you can get the very best deals on Halong Bay cruises and the most authentic experiences in the Sapa valley.

4) We are always available, day and night, before AND during your trip. Working with us will save you time researching and comparing different options. We do it all for you, so you can just enjoy the experience! 

5) We can handle just about everything you need to plan for your Vietnam trip. From international flights to buses and trains, hotels, tours and even where and what to eat! We are a one-stop-shop for Vietnam travel!

6) It doesn’t matter if you book 1 year in advance or for the next day, we can always find the best tours and offer last-minute prices.

7) If something goes wrong, we are always here to help. From cancellations to sickness or change of plans, we have experience turning disasters into amazing experiences. The most important thing is our staff are with you for the whole trip to make sure that you have a good time until the day you say goodbye! 

Booking with a Vietnam travel agent means putting the experts in charge of your experience, making sure that your Vietnam holiday is as amazing as you dreamed it could be!

Let us make your Vietnam travel dreams come true – get in touch to plan your custom journey today!