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Walking on Hanoi's Old Quarter streets
Hanoi Old Quarter Walking Tour: 3 popular types of tours suitable for foreign tourists
The Old Quarter and the Citadel attract visitors with the ancient beauty of the typical craft streets and outstanding relics such as the Temple of Literature...
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Tran Vu Pagoda
Discover Hanoi city tour bus schedule to enjoy the countless exciting things
Hanoi city tour bus is one of the experiences loved by young people, especially students. This type of public transport is cheap, safe, and fully air-conditioned...
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Pho 10
Street food tour Hanoi: Enjoy cuisine from the 36 streets' distinctive uniqueness
You might grow to appreciate Hanoi even more by experiencing the traditional cuisine there while on vacation! One thing that thrill many visitors to Hanoi...
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Long Bien Bridge
Sightseeing in Hanoi: 6 places for you to see Hanoi on your way
Hanoi is the land of the Capital of Vietnam. It has a long and sustainable history and many attractive landscapes. Making visitors come here also have...
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Duong Lam ancient village
10 places to visit around Hanoi with the distance above 100km
Attractive tourist destinations around Hanoi are 100km, suitable for weekend picnics when you do not want to go far away but still have a relaxing space...
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Bat Trang ancient village
Bat Trang Ceramic Village – a unique tourist destination near Hanoi
Bat Trang is a familiar destination for young people who love the traditional culture of Vietnam’s ceramics village. Less than 15km from the center...
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Ceramics path
Hanoi Vietnam tourist spots: TOP 19 places for you to fully understand Hanoi (Part 2)
Hanoi Opera House Hanoi Opera House – Source: Internet The Opera House is one of the fun places in Hanoi that is both beautiful and has many historical...
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Hoa Lo Prison
Hoa Lo Prison: one of the best Hanoi places to visit to rewind the hung past
The special thing about Hanoi is that while being in the center of a modern, busy capital, always entwined with old places, historical monuments evoke...
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Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum
Hanoi Vietnam tourist spots: TOP 19 places for you to fully understand Hanoi (Part 1)
Besides the beautiful landscapes and delicious specialties, Hanoi entertainment places are always of great interest to domestic and foreign tourists. Do...
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Long Bien Bridge
Places to visit in Hanoi, Vietnam: 11 places show the ancient beauty of Hanoi
Ba Dinh square Ba Dinh square – Source: Internet Uncle Ho’s Mausoleum – Ba Dinh Square is a tourist attraction in Hanoi that visitors...
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