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Hanoi Sapa tour: The top 3 Sapa tours from Hanoi are the most selected by tourists


If you are in Hanoi, in addition to the self-sufficient option of traveling to Sa Pa, you can choose package tours from reputable travel companies that save time and do not worry if you do not book services in time. The top 3 Sapa tours from Hanoi are the most selected below will be the best suggestion for you with many attractive activities and the best quality of service.

Tour 3 days 2 nights – Explore all Sapa, the most selected

Sapa village
Sapa village – Source: Internet

The most reasonable time to explore Sapa when departing from Hanoi is 3 days. With this time, you can both go to the most visited places and feel energized due to your busy schedule.

Visitors will spend 3 days and 2 nights in Cat Cat village, learning about the H’Mong ethnic group’s culture and visiting the hydropower plant (built in the early twentieth century). Enjoy the new scenery at Ham Rong mountain, watching Sapa blur in the early dew or the brilliant golden terraced fields on harvest days. Attending the live markets of the H’Mong and Red Dao people, enjoying the unique cuisine of the indigenous people such as grilled corn and grilled eggs… Check-in at Silver Falls – one of the most beautiful mountains in Sa Pa. Or conquer the 3,143-meter-high Indochina Roof.

Summary schedule:

– Day 1: A car leaves the ancient town’s center at 7 a.m. towards Sa Pa. 13h00 to Sapa, check in + lunch. 14:30 Visit to Cat Cat Village. 19:00 Dinner + night walk such as Stone Church, enjoy a barbecue at walking street,…

Day 2: Have breakfast. Conquering the top of Fansipan. Lunchtime 14h30: Visit Ham Rong. Dinner

Day 3: Breakfast. Visit Silver Waterfall, Love Waterfall, and Dragon Cloud Glass Bridge. Lunchtime Afternoon: Get on the bus to Hanoi

Highlight Note
– Take the cable car to the highest point in Indochina – the most beautiful view in Sa Pa

– Diverse schedule of attractive places. Suitable for all travelers

– Streamlined tour with 3 central locations: Cat Cat village, Ham Rong mountain, Fansipan peak

– Discover new attractions: Rong May Glass Bridge

– It takes about 5.5 – 6 hours to move to Sa Pa, so families with young children must carefully consider letting their children go with them.

– If you go alone, you will incur a single room surcharge because you cannot match guests sleeping in the same room

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Tour 2 days 1 night – Extremely economical for busy travelers

Sapa trekking
Sapa trekking – Source: Internet

Sapa Tour from Hanoi 2 days 1 night has a short time, suitable if you and your relatives can not arrange a time, 2 days or even a weekend can visit Sapa. Just 2 days 1 nights, visitors can choose for themselves 2 itineraries to visit:

– Option 1: Visit two famous places of Sa Pa: Cat Cat Village and Ham Rong Mountain. The Cat Cat village preserves many unique cultural features of the H ‘mong people, such as the custom of robbing wives or famous ethnic dishes. The second point is to explore the famous Ham Rong mountain, admire the 1-2 orchid garden, pear garden, apple and cat garden, heaven gate, cloud yard, Broken Rock…All the most typical Sapa scenery is here. Going to Sapa is just enough to enjoy it!

The cost of the program’s package tours is 1,190,000 VND (2 stars) and 1,500,000 VND (3 stars) per person.

– Option 2: suitable for those who like new experiences, that are visiting Cat Cat village + sunrise or simply watching the scenery from a height of 3,143m – The roof of Indochina, you will get all in sight of the beautiful scenery of mountains, clouds, and sky.

The cost of the tour includes a 2- or 3-star Fansipan cable car ticket, priced at 2,050,000 or 2,400,000 VND per person.

Highlight Note
 – The tour has a short time suitable for busy people who can not arrange a time and need a weekend to be able to go.

– The tour journey is short, but choose the famous attractions visitors must visit in Sa Pa.



– The rest time of visitors is mainly in the car; if you or your relatives are car sick or have trouble sleeping, it should be noted this.

–  Outside.

Two-way to and from the car, visitors mainly walk the rest of the time. Therefore, choosing the right outfit, shoes and preparing more hats or umbrellas is necessary to ensure health and comfort during the move.

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Tour 3 nights 2 days – Experience overnight on the train

Trekking in Sapa Mountain
Trekking in Sapa Mountain – Source: Internet

In addition to cars, there is another means of traveling to Sapa that is also very popular with tour operators: the train (train). Calculating, sitting on the train, and going back to the railway is an enjoyable Sa Pa experience that you should try. Riding the train saves more time and is even healthier than with the team “seeing the car is drunk.”

On the first day, visitors will be able to visit the Cat Cat village, Ham Rong Mountain, and enjoy the unique dishes of the Northwest on the first day. These are highly familiar places that almost all Hanoi – Sa Pa tours have visited.

On the second day, those who love the experience will be highly excited to conquer the famous Indochina roof. The cable car takes you to the height of 2800m, then stops; this is the opportunity for you to walk yourself to conquer Fanxipan Peak with an altitude of 3143m. The entire misty town and majestic mountains are collected in sight. Anyone who can enjoy this scene will surely remember it forever.

Hanoi Sapa tour
Hanoi Sapa tour – Source: Internet

A 3-night, 2-day trip to Sapa from Hanoi by train typically saves you the most time possible because the most of the travel time is at night. Visitors to the bed cabin to sleep a nap is to Lao Cai. Two days on tour will be unexpected experiences for visitors in the attractive destinations of Sa Pa are: Cat Cat Village, Ham Rong Mountain, and Fansipan Peak,…..

Highlight Note
– Traveling to Sapa at night by train makes it more comfortable to rest, especially if you are car sick, the more worth considering.

The following attractions are accessible to visitors: Cau May Walking Street, Stone Church, Love Waterfall, Silver Waterfall, O Quy Ho Pass, and…

– Tourists get car sick; tourists like to explore and experience the highest mountain in Vietnam.

– Train to Lao Cai station; visitors will take a car coupling about 35km to get to Sapa town

– Arrive in Sa Pa early; visitors will send items at the Reception or pay extra for early check-in. Because on tour, the room is accepted after 14h00 according to regulations.

Through the above review of Lily’s Travel, have you chosen for yourself a suitable Sapa tour from Hanoi? Depending on your needs and the financial situation you choose for yourself, a good time offline.

Lily’s Travel can arrange the itineraries that are the best suitable itineraries for your travel time so you can enjoy most of the time and don’t need to worry much about time and cost.

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