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List hotties domestic tourism in Vietnam 2023 (part 2)


Halong Bay Tour – Admire the natural wonders of the world

Halong Bay Tour
Halong Bay Tour – Source: Internet

Ha Long Bay has consistently been ranked as one of the best tourist destinations in Vietnam. When you visit Ha Long Bay, you can not only take in the breathtaking scenery but also learn about one of the seven natural marvels of the world.

Beautiful scenery of Ha Long Bay as a work of art of nature, this unique artwork not only captivates domestic tourists but also makes many foreign tourists come to admire it.

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Phu Yen Tour – Walking around the land of yellow flowers and green grass

Phu Yen Tour
Phu Yen Tour – Source: Internet

Phu Yen tourism has only really started to flourish in the past few years, but the “fever” of Phu Yen seems to have not cooled down. When you visit Phu Yen, you can appreciate the lovely scenes that Victor Vu’s well-known film “I see yellow flowers on green grass” featured.

Phu Yen’s beautiful scenery has made many tourists enjoy the most impressive tourist attractions of Phu Yen that you should not miss: Xuan Dai Bay, Vung Ro, Mon Beach, Xep Beach, Mui Dien, Nua Island, Yen Island, Da Dia Reef,…

Tour Quy Nhon – Binh Dinh – Enjoy the meaningful life in the “Maldives of Vietnam”

Quy Nhon is not as noisy as other tourist attractions, Quy Nhon attracts tourists thanks to the exotic beauty of nature. It is the magnificence of Eo Gio, it is the charming beach of Ky Co beach, Queen’s rock beach, Green islet, Dry island,…

Trung Luong picnic area is the highlight of Binh Dinh tourism industry, simply a campground close to the beach but Trung Luong picnic area attracts tourists everywhere. Because it is a calm, open area surrounded by magnificent mountains and in front of a stunning seashore.

Nam Du Tour – Explore the pristine sea and islands

Nam Du Tour
Nam Du Tour – Source: Internet

If Phu Quoc brings you a domestic tour in a luxurious style, staying at 5-star resorts and hotels, Nam Du takes you to a completely different world. Nam Du island is still quite pristine, the blue jade sea, clean beach, green and airy space is the plus point of Nam Du islands.

Traveling to Nam Du, do not forget to enjoy the meaningful days in the homestay near the beach, enjoy the fresh seafood party and watch the sea and sky. Coming to Nam Du, you will temporarily leave the noise, stress in life and quiet the soul, relax the spirit after tired working days.

Ha Giang Tour – Conquering the Northernmost Country

It is impossible to forget the moment of conquering Ma Pi Leng mountain pass, famous for its dangerous twists and turns. You can see the lovely green jade cinnamon grape from this approach.

If you have the opportunity to travel to Ha Giang in the months of November and December, you can participate in the buckwheat flower festival, admire the most impressive flowers of Ha Giang mountains and forests. Don’t forget to conquer the northern tip of Vietnam at the top of Lung Cu flagpole when coming to Ha Giang Cao Bang tour for 5 days and 4 nights.

Cao Bang Tour – “The green jewel” of the Northeast in Vietnam

Cao Bang Tour
Cao Bang Tour – Source: Internet

Cao Bang is likened to a “green pearl” of the Northeast. Cao Bang still preserves the natural scenery with mountains and clusters, but with destinations tinged with time. Cao Bang is famous for being a land with a rich history and relics and artifacts that are still preserved today. Due to their desire to learn more about this country, many tourists choose to take the Ha Giang Cao Bang trip, which lasts for 5 days and 4 nights.

You can also take part in cultural events that are infused with the locals’ sense of national identity. You would need more than one day to fully tour Cao Bang. As a result, Cao Bang has a wide range of alluring historical, adventurous, and pristine locations.

Moc Chau Tour – The land is known as the “second Da Lat” of the Northwest in Vietnam

Moc Chau possesses cool weather all year round along with four very separate seasons, so it has attracted a large number of tourists to come here every year. Moc Chau has been referred to as the “second Da Lat” of the Northwest due to its clean air and stunning grassland.

Besides the prairies filled with flower grass, Moc Chau also owns many majestic and wild natural landscapes that move people. But with that, plum fruit gardens every summer also make many people crazy when coming to the Northwest Tour for 4 days 3 nights from Hanoi.

Ninh Thuan Tour – Binh Thuan – Vacation combined with the discovery

Ninh Thuan Tour
Ninh Thuan Tour – Source: Internet

Mui Ne, Phan Thiet of Binh Thuan is known as the “resort capital”, gathering high-class resorts right next to the beach where Phan Thiet tourism brings visitors meaningful vacations. When you take a Binh Thuan trip, you can unwind while visiting the best tourist attractions in Binh Thuan and Ninh Thuan.

When traveling to Binh Thuan, do not forget to visit the golden sand hill, Bau Sen, Bau Trang, Phu Quy island. The most picturesque road in Vietnam is the coastal road between Binh Thuan and Ninh Thuan, which you should not skip. Ninh Thuan tourism is an opportunity for you to explore Vinh Hy Bay, dive to see corals, conquer God’s mountain, Rai cave, visit the Vineyard…

The domestic tour will bring you to beautiful scenes that captivate people all along the way to the country. According to the tour of the country you will love more Vietnam from the ocean, sea and islands to the high mountains and the vast plains.

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The best Center Vietnam tour: Tour in Vietnam

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