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Muong Hoa Stream- “the present of the Vietnam natural” that you only see in Sapa


Crossing many misty high mountain ranges of the Northwest mountains and forests, arriving in Sapa, visitors will enter the Muong Hoa Stream far away from the real world. Like a beautiful picture woven by the talented hands of nature – Muong Hoa creates melodious sounds of a peaceful place amidst the vastness.

Road to Muong Hoa Stream

Muong Hoa Stream
Muong Hoa Stream – Source: Internet

Located about 8km from Sapa town and in the Southeast, Muong Hoa Stream belongs to Hau Thao commune, Muong Hoa. This location attracts a large number of tourists each year due to its attractive natural beauty. Visitors need to cross a pass located along a high mountain range with many steep roads that require steady steering to reach this valley.

For many people who love this foggy town of Sapa, Muong Hoa Stream is like a valley with its brilliant highlights, like a highlight amidst the silvery mist of mist and the whiteness of the clouds and sky here. But enjoying the unique specialty takes a lot of effort: you have to fly high and choose a fulcrum halfway up the mountain to enjoy the panorama of that magical green maze fully.

In the past, tourists liked to climb halfway up the mountain to reward themselves with that breathtaking view. But only some have the strength to hunt for beauty diligently. Therefore, during this rice season, when there is the Muong Hoa mountain climbing train, the opportunity to view an entire green slope from an altitude of 1,600 m becomes why many domestic and foreign tourists come to the Northwest.

What is beautiful about Muong Hoa Stream?

Muong Hoa Stream in the morning
Muong Hoa Stream in the morning – Source: Internet

When discussing Muong Hoa valley, people often think of the two most distinctive and outstanding beauties: the rolling, winding terraced fields and the mysterious ancient stone beach.

Rolling terraced fields

Sapa has many terraced fields, but Muong Hoa Stream is the most beautiful and significant. Only once, seeing the terraced fields here, can you understand why people voted Sapa’s terraced fields as one of the most beautiful terraced fields in the world. Terraced fields in Muong Hoa Stream lie winding along the hillsides, forming a beautiful tilted pan shape.

When the rice is growing in the summer, the terraced fields here are lively and gentle, like a green silk strip winding in the middle of nature. In the fall, the whole valley seems to be wearing a shiny yellow coat of rice in full bloom, ripe and shiny as if it were plated with gold. A scene like the stairs to heaven, not found everywhere.

Mysterious Sapa ancient stone beach

Sapa’s historic stone field, discovered over 100 years ago, spans around 8 km2 and includes roughly 200 stone blocks that run across the Muong Hoa Stream. Stone blocks with strange shapes, many sandstone rocks, and weird symbols whose origin and meaning are still unknown carry many cultural mysteries of primitive times. Unique and strange patterns are carved on the stone slabs in the ancient stone fields, such as terraced fields, human figures, stilt houses, roads, or writing. Besides, it is not uncommon to find patterns with difficult-to-understand shapes. Each pattern carved on the stone makes visitors and researchers curious and startled by the mystery.

Sapa’s ancient stone field is a precious heritage of the Northwest land and Vietnam. Nearly 100 years since its discovery, Sapa’s ancient stone field has increasingly attracted many domestic and international tourists.

The flower Stream

The bridge at Muong Hoa Stream
The bridge at Muong Hoa Stream – Source: Internet

One point you must notice when visiting Muong Hoa Stream is the stream stretching about 15km.Like a delicate silk strip buried in the valley, snaking among the terraced fields, the Hoa stream goes through the communes of Lao Chai, Ta Van, Hau Thao… and terminates in Ho village. In the ripe rice season, the golden color from the rice fields reflects on the clear water, reflecting the blue sky and clouds, increasing the magical beauty of Muong Hoa Stream.

Which month should tourists go to Muong Hoa Stream?

Muong Hoa Stream has its unique beauty in all four seasons:

  • March to May: Sapa’s weather is stable and excellent, and it is very convenient for tourists to explore the valley. This is also when Sapa has a mild climate; early in the morning, it welcomes warm rays of sunlight, and at night, it is cold. During this time, the terraced fields in the valley were covered with an excellent green color.
  • September to November: This is the time loved by many tourists because this is when the terraced fields wear a brilliant yellow coat. The whole valley seemed to light up a sky of ripe rice, the fragrant rice scent blending into the peaceful space, a sweet scene everyone should admire once.
  • December to February: Visitors can watch the romantic snowfall in the valley and enjoy the strange cold of the Northwest highlands.
Sapa’s ancient rock - the sysmbol of ethenic group in Vietnam that you can see in Muong Hoa Stream
Sapa’s ancient rock – the sysmbol of ethenic group in Vietnam that you can see in Muong Hoa Stream – Source: Internet

In addition, when coming to Muong Hoa Stream on New Year, visitors can participate in fun community activities for ethnic groups here. Tourists will understand more about the unique cultural features of the Red Dao, Giay, and H’mong… and experience the exciting life of ethnic minorities in the northern mountains. Considering a green pearl in the middle of the mountains and forests, Muong Hoa Stream is always one of the most attractive names for tourists in Sapa. If you can go to Sapa, it is possible to visit this place.


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