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North Vietnam tourism: 13 most beautiful and famous tourist destinations


The Vietnamese people’s millennia-old culture originated in the North. Visitors to North Vietnam will find the beautiful natural landscapes and several amazing architectural works made by individuals with skill. Now let’s explore attractive northern tourist destinations with Lily’s Travel to start planning your trip immediately!


Tran Quoc Pagoda -Hanoi
Tran Quoc Pagoda -Hanoi – Source: Internet

Hanoi is the first destination you cannot ignore when traveling to the North. As a place to preserve thousands of years of the nation’s quintessence, Hanoi is not only famous for many historical relics, beautiful landscapes, and unique cuisine but also imprinted in the hearts of visitors by the elegance and sophistication of the capital. It is suitable if you book a Hanoi hotel room to facilitate travel, sightseeing, and enjoy Ha Thanh cuisine!

Co To Island (Quang Ninh)

Co To Island
Co To Island – Source: Internet

With its pristine beaches, lengthy white sand beaches, and crystal-clear water, Co To is frequently ranked as the second-most beautiful island in the North. Co To is thus a desirable travel location for both domestic and international travelers. When visitors come here, they can stay at beautiful Quang Ninh hotels, swim in the sea, participate in many attractive activities such as squid fishing at night, climb the lighthouse to admire the surrounding water clouds…

Sapa (Lao Cai)

Sapa – Source: Internet

In the picturesque North of Vietnam, Sapa, which is in the northwest, is well-known for its year-round mist, pure air, verdant terraced hills, and the poetic beauty of its highland markets. When visiting Sapa, you will take in the fresh and laid-back summer vibe or the chance to “hunt for snow,” which is quite exciting in the winter, and you will have a wonderful time when booking in lovely Sapa view hotels.

Ba Vi National Park (Hanoi)

Coming to Ba Vi National Park, visitors will not only be able to immerse themselves in the beautiful natural space of the mountains and forests, admire a variety of rare plants found only here, but also participate in activities such as climbing mountains, setting campfires, playing sports… Additionally, you can view and take pictures of the stunning streams, cactus greenhouses, and historic churches that Ba Vi National Park has to offer.

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Moc Chau (Son La)

Moc Chau
Moc Chau – Source: Internet

The most priceless and magnificent gift that nature has given Moc Chau is its climate. Visitors fall in love with this location to experience and have a wonderful vacation when booking Moc Chau Hotel and exploring this lovely region because of the cold in the thick fog, the stunning terrain, green tea hills, and attractive villages along the route.

Ba Be Lake (Bac Kan)

Ba Be Lake
Ba Be Lake – Source: Internet

Ba Be Lake is a stunning environment that can be found in Ba Be National Park. There won’t be anything better than floating on the lake in the middle of the night to witness the rivers and mountains when guests arrive here.

Cat Ba (Hai Phong)

With thousands of visitors traveling to Cat Ba to bathe each year, it is one of the most popular northern tourist sites. As a result, Hai Phong’s system of restaurants and hotels was developed to cater to both local and international visitors. Visitors will find an old forest with a variety of rich species of flora and fauna as well as freshly bathed in gorgeous beaches with lush blue water in this area that embodies the harmony between the beauty of the forest and the sea.

Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh
Ninh Binh – Source: Internet

In recent years, Ninh Binh has steadily developed into a popular travel destination for both domestic and foreign travelers. You can travel and discover several Northern scenic locations in Ninh Binh, including Tam Coc – Bich Dong, the Trang An complex, and Van Long Lagoon or go sightseeing at Bai Dinh Pagoda.

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Tam Dao (Vinh Phuc)

Located at an altitude of 900m above sea level, the cool air and quiet, fresh space rarely found anywhere else are what visitors can feel when coming to Tam Dao. Guests can book Tam Dao hotels to facilitate sightseeing, play, and enjoy famous specialties.

Thung Nai (Hoa Binh)

Like a beautiful small island in Da River Lake, Thung Nai is a highly suitable northern tourist destination for those who want to have a relaxing trip and relieve stress. Favored by many people as “Ha Long Bay on land,” with wild beauty and charming mountain river scenery, visitors here will feel like they are lost in another world.

Dong Van (Ha Giang)

old street in Dong Van
old street in Dong Van – Source: Internet

Dong Van Stone Plateau is always one of the tourist attractions in the North with its majestic scenery, vast green terraced fields, and the rich identity of the Northwest people. The best time to come to Dong Van is October, November, and December when the buckwheat flower season and the mustard flower fields are fully bloomed. When apricot flowers bloom in the forest, spring will make visitors come here to feel like they are floating in the clouds.

Mai Chau – Hoa Binh Tourism

Mai Chau attracts visitors to all 4 seasons of the year because of the dreamy beauty of the mountains and forests, the cool climate, the exciting culture, and the diverse cuisine. Besides the famous tourist attractions, visitors to Mai Chau are also immersed in the woods filled with peach blossoms, pristine white plum blossoms, or dreamy flower forests.

Ha Long Bay (Quang Ninh)

Ha Long Bay
Ha Long Bay – Source: Internet

Ha Long Bay is a popular tourist destination in the north that never ceases to draw both domestic and international visitors because of its poetic and fantastical natural setting that resembles a location from a fairy tale. Visitors can take in the lovely beaches or exciting experiences when touring the nearby fishing villages, then return to the nearby Ha Long hotel to savor the distinctive food and natural settings. They can also observe the natural islands floating on the water’s intriguing caves.

Apart from the lovely tourist destinations in the North that Lily’s Travel has suggested above with stunning scenery, cuisine, and culture with their exciting features and characteristics, gentle and hospitable people ensuring that your trip to the North will be complete and satisfying, there are still many other attractive Northern tourist sites and area.

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Bai Dinh pagoda
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