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One day in Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills
Ba Na Hills – Source: Internet

Ba Na Hills is known as one of the most famous places in Da Nang. This place is likened to a “fairytale” place, like a “miniature Europe in the heart of the city” with beautiful ancient architecture, extremely attractive outdoor games, or both. All created a unique scene for Ba Na Hills. 


Ba Na Hills is located in Hoa Vang district, 25km from the southwest of Da Nang center and above 1487m from sea level. Ba Na is compared to Da Lat in the central region or Vietnam’s “green lung” or “climate pearl”. 

Agenda to explore Ba Na Hills

By bus

Located in Da Nang city, most tourists will visit Ba Na Hills as the main point. To easily get to Ba Na Hills from Da Nang city center, you can catch the transfer bus to Ba Na Hills, the bus will stop at several fixed stations, so you need to follow the information on the website to know the time. times and stations. With a large group, Lily’s Travel advises you to rent a car for more convenience.

Rent a car

Car rental is the fastest and most convenient solution, for people traveling in groups of three or more. You can choose to rent a private car in a one-way or round-trip package that are suitable for your needs. In the hot weather of Da Nang, nothing is more wonderful than being “chilled” in a modern, cool air-conditioned car and having a “local” driver get to a safe place.

Ba Na Hills has a total of 5 cable car routes, including: The cable car – Suoi Mo, The debat – Morin, Toc Tien Waterfall – L’Indochine, Hoi An – Marseille and Bordeaux – Louvre.

One of the unforgettable experiences when taking the cable car to the top of Ba Na Hills is that you will feel the obvious change in weather.

The weather at the foot of the mountain can be extremely hot with no rain, but when you get to the top of the mountain, there is drizzle and cold wind, and this feeling will be extremely interesting.

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Ba Na Hills train

From Debay station, before visiting Debay’s ancient wine cellar, Le Jardin d’amour flower garden and Linh Ung pagoda, visitors will have a short trip on the mountain train of Garaventa. On the way, you will be able to enjoy the panoramic view of the ancient forest through the climbing train. The train will take you to Le Jardin d’Amour flower garden, Debay ancient wine cellar, Buddha statue, Linh Ung pagoda.

Operating time: 8:00 – 16:45 – there will be 1 train every 15 minutes.

Operation time: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (and 6:30 pm in peak season).

Operation time of Ba Na Hills

Festivals in Ba Na Hiills
Festivals in Ba Na Hiills – Source: Internet

The tourist area of Ba Na Hills is open from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.

The Family Entertainment Center (FEC) is open daily from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The lunch buffet is open every day from 11 am to 14h30.

Places you need to explore in Ba Na Hills

Ba Na Hills includes 4 main areas: the foot of Ba Na Hills, Ba Na station, Morin station and the top of Ba Na Hills.

The area at the foot of the mountain: food court – shopping, ticket counter, Hoi An restaurant, Suoi Mo station, Suoi Mo.

Ba Na station is separated by 4 areas: Linh Ung pagoda, Tinh Tam garden, Shakyamuni Buddha statue, Doumer restaurant, Debay bar – Debay wine cellar.

Morin station area: dining and resort area in Ba Na includes a chain of hotels with classic European design, a Fantasy park and a French Village.

Watch and fall in love with the “treasure” of culture and architecture in Ba Na Hills

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Miniature French & European Village

French Village is located on the top of Chua mountain, also the final spot in the journey to explore Ba na Hills on the cable. This area is designed according to ancient European architecture, like Paris with soaring towers and peaceful castles.

You don’t have to travel to Europe when you can experience the splendor and magnificence of ancient castles in the heart of Da Nang at the French Village in Ba Na Hills. The structure of the village is designed following the ancient architecture of Paris. The village is divided into 7 areas to represent 7 musical notes, simulate the square and town of the poetic Cannon country and create a fairy picture in the heart of Da Nang city.

The Golden Bridge is emerging as a symbol of “virtual life association”

cai vang
Golden Bridge – Source: Internet

At the top of Bordeaux Station is the Golden Bridge – the symbol of Ba Na Hills. The Golden Bridge at Ba Na Hills is one of the world’s top 100 destinations (voted by TIME magazine). Since being inaugurated in June 2018, the Golden Bridge has proved its attraction with a dense presence on the social network.

This world-famous bridge is 150 meters long and is distinguished by two massive stone hands that support the bridge. It is located at an elevation of 1000 meters above sea level. These two stone hands are reminiscent of the gods’ giant hands pulling a strip of gold from the ground. On foggy days, the bridge will make you feel like you are walking through heaven surrounded by white clouds.

Coming to Ba Na Hills, surely everyone will want to check in with this “legendary” virtual living icon, so you should come here early in the morning, or in the afternoon to avoid the situation of having too crowded to take pictures.

Opening time: 8:00am – 7:00pm.

Debay Wine Cellar

As a unique work built by the French since 1923, the Debay cellar is the ideal place to store wine, the temperature is always kept at 16-20 degrees. In addition to exploring the wine cellar dug 100m deep in the ground, visitors can enjoy passionate European specialties or choose meaningful souvenirs for friends and relatives.

Service time: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm (peak season, Debay cellar is served until 18:30).

Le Jardin D’Amour flower garden

You can walk a few steps from the Golden Bridge to Le Jardin D’Amour Flower Garden. Garden of Love, Garden of Secrets, Garden of Myths, Garden of Memory, Garden of Eden, Garden of Osaka, Garden of Thoughts, Suoi Mo slope, Sacred garden are among the nine gardens in the flower garden Le Jardin D’Amour. Come to Le Jardin D’Amour to enjoy the classic beauty of lyrical and poetic French music in a relaxing and wonderful setting.

Wax Museum

This is Vietnam’s first wax exhibition area, with wax replicas of many famous figures from various fields such as cinema, music, sports, politicians, and so on. The statue is the work of art that was made by Italian artisans. You will have the opportunity to meet 49 world-famous stars, businessmen and politicians such as Angelia Jolie, Steve Jobs, Barack Obama, Lady Gaga,…

There are also many places to visit in Ba Na hills waiting you to explore.

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