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Quang Ngai tourism: Full experience in exploring Quang Ngai


A few people know that Quang Ngai Province department possessed the frame scene pretty place any comparison. However, this land is yet to be famous for credit travel gear. Lily’s Travel summed up fits the terrible travel experience of Quang Ngai tourism. Quang Ngai is a potential tourist destination power with many weak element steam guide the credit thing passionate about examination break. Quang Ngai is full of solar wind. This department possessive road edge sea long, many beach sea poem dream…

Quang Ngai's beauty
Quang Ngai’s beauty – Source: Internet

Best time to travel

With Quang Ngai tourism experience, the tourist season starts from April to the end of August, a timeless weather-affected period. However, the heat is inevitable because it’s summer in Vietnam, especially if most of your schedule is going outside or swimming.

Remember to bring with you:

  • Beach coats and hats, umbrellas
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Large bath towels, bathrobes

What means of transport to Quang Ngai

Depending on the starting point, you can choose a bus, train or even a motorbike that suits your route and budget. However, to save time and effort with an affordable fare, you should buy a plane ticket to Chu Lai Airport, then travel by bus to Quang Ngai.

Places to explore in Quang Ngai

Quang Ngai has plenty of hotels from budget to high-class. In addition, the development of sea tourism has led to many luxury resorts and resorts here. For the convenience of eating – staying and saving costs, you can refer to and book Quang Ngai hotels on Traveloka for many incentives! If you have never experienced Quang Ngai tourism, the following tourist destinations will be suggestions worth considering!


Island in Quang Ngai
Island in Quang Ngai – Source: Internet

Ly Son Island is consistently ranked as one of Quang Ngai’s greatest vacation spots.. This island district is located in the province’s northeast, about 30 km from the mainland. The mountains protruding endlessly between heaven and earth, surrounded by blue sea water and lovely garlic fields create a unique Ly Son.

When you visit, you are welcome to freely dive to view the coral and savor the local specialties, like sea urchin, black grouper, Huynh De crab, garlic salad, jellyfish salad, and more. In addition, Ly Son is also a tourist destination. Numerous revered historic temples and pagodas, including Hang Pagoda, Duc Pagoda,…

If you are a fan of summer beaches, visit Sa Huynh. You are converging many features of a true sea paradise: golden sandy shore, peaceful rustic landscape, a rich and diverse ecosystem with many colorful corals and marine life.

Sa Huynh is a great location for leisure activities and delicious seafood. In addition, Sa Huynh salt barn is also a check-in point “recommended” by experienced backpackers for new believers to Quang Ngai.

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Spiritual tourism

Sa Huynh Salt Fields In Quang Ngai
Sa Huynh Salt Fields In Quang Ngai – Source: Internet

Thien An Pagoda is on the top of Thien An Mountain, suitable for believers who love the wildness and majesty of the mountains. Although the road to the temple is a bit winding, in return, you will enjoy the ultimate picture of nature.

Visiting Thien An Pagoda in the first months of the year will have many other interesting things because the festivals occur now.


Tinh Khe coconut warter forest in Quang Ngai
Tinh Khe coconut warter forest in Quang Ngai – Source: Internet

Suoi Chi tourist area is 24km from Quang Ngai City to the south. This is an eco-tourism area hidden in the primeval forest, with a constantly flowing stream that is said to be inexhaustible all year round. The weather has a major impact on the ambiance and landscape here. As a result, you are free to schedule a trip here at any time of year.

Suoi Chi is also invested in standardizing the service system so visitors can experience the exact nature and modern and professional facilities.

In addition to Suoi Chi, you can go closer to Trang Minh Long waterfall (just over 20 km from the center of Quang Ngai City). The waterfall falls over 40m from the cliff hidden in the old forest, creating a majestic white scene: like the mountainside is inlaid with a magnificent silver coating.

This is a great place to soak in the clear blue water, enjoy the cool summer air.

Food to try Quang Ngai

Whether you have never been to Quang Ngai or had a lot of Quang Ngai travel experience, with many delicious dishes, you must admit that this place is a culinary paradise.

Some dishes that make Quang Ngai’s name can be mentioned are:

Banh Dap: This is one of the famous specialties of Quang Ngai. This dish consists of crispy rice paper wrapped with soft, fragrant wet cake inside; the top layer is spread with shallots and fried onions. Banh dam is often served with seasoning sauce to stimulate the taste.

Don: The name is the leading factor that makes many diners curious about this dish. If we hear the word, we can’t have a rough picture of the form and the taste. Don is the name of a genus of mussels raked in the river, soaked in water to release sand, then boiled for a sweet taste for the broth, seasoned with rich flavor, and served with rice paper. Not too fussy, the Don dish is as simple as the people here, so it is often chosen “on the table” for tourists to show the affection and closeness of the Quang Ngai people.

Beef skin mixed with salad: the recipe of this dish is quite familiar: a combination of boiled beef skin mixed with spicy fish sauce, beef broth, acrid banana, sour mango, fried onions and peanuts. This dish to eat or drink at a party is “top-notch.”

Beef skin mixed with salad
Beef skin mixed with salad – Source: Internet

In addition to the typical delicacies mentioned above, Quang Ngai cuisine has many specialties that need to be “excavated,” such as grilled pork ram, grilled chicken ram, Quang noodles,… All of them can make you remember, never forget!

Quang Ngai is endowed by mother nature with many favorable factors to become a tourist paradise: vast sea, natural forests and mountains, scenic spots, heroic historical sites and unique cuisine. And above all, the simplicity and hospitality of the people here have created a wonderful Quang Ngai. This land deserves to be on your list of must-visit places of the year! Visit Traveloka to search for cheap flight tickets, hotel reservations and tickets to experience Quang Ngai right now!

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