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Travel from Danang to Hue: Summary of travel experiences from Da Nang to Hue (Part 1)


Da Nang to Hue is two typical tourist destinations in the sunny and windy Central region. And if you are also planning to make a trip to these two places but need help knowing where to go, what to do, or how to go, please refer to the following experience!

When to travel from Da Nang to Hue?

one of the ways to travel form danang to hue
one of the ways to travel form danang to hue – Source: Internet

The sunny and windy central strip is one of the tourist routes chosen by many tourists, especially young people who love backpacking. Here you will find a lot of new lands and a series of exciting places to visit and have fun.

In each year’s season, both these places bring their own attractions and exciting things for visitors. However, with the climate characteristics of the central region, for the most convenient and safe trip, Hue – Da Nang – Hoi An travel experience recommends coming here from February to September. Annually for the following reasons:

  • The time from February to September is when the weather in both these areas is very favorable, with a lot of sunshine and little rain. Traveling at this time, you can visit many places and explore more.
  • Nature and landscape at this time in Hue, Da Nang, and Hoi An are also much more beautiful and lush than in other times.
  • In particular, every year from February to September is also when many memorable and exciting festivals take place, such as Traditional Craft Village Festival or Hue Festival, Danang International Firework Festival, and Buddha’s Birthday celebration….
  • October to December is usually the rainy and stormy season in the Central region, so this is also not an ideal time to travel to Hue – Da Nang – Hoi An.

If you are a festival lover, don’t forget to join Hue Festival, which takes place around April.

Moving how?

Traveling by motorbike is an excellent experience for you when coming to Da Nang-Hue. Regarding means of transportation, you can choose means of transport such as plane, train, passenger car or motorbike.

Take a plane

When choosing a plane, if you stop in Hue first, you will land at Da Nang international airport. This airport is about 15 km from Hue city center. You can take a taxi or choose the airport shuttle to the city from the airport. From Da Nang airport, you can travel in many ways to the city center


Danang in the evening
Danang in the evening- Source: Internet

Hue or Da Nang train stations are close to the city center, so your transportation will be easy. From the train station, you can also choose many means of transportation to the hotel such as taxi, motorbike taxi, grab, motorbike rental, etc.


Many tourists choose this because of the convenience and the price. Da Nang city center bus station is located very close to the city, so it will be effortless for you to move after getting off the bus.

Buses are one of the preferred choices of many tourists when traveling. There will be more bus stations in Hue, including a bus station in the north of Hue City, a bus station in the south of Hue City, and a Nguyen Hoang bus station. The Northern bus station is quite far from the city center. Therefore, you should get off at Nguyen Hoang bus station or bus station in the south of the city for more convenient travel.

Motorcycle ride

If you are a person who likes to travel around, a motorbike trip to Hue – Da Nang – Hoi An will be a fascinating choice. However, a note for you is to be sure of your driving skills, choose the right time to travel and avoid stormy times to ensure safety. In addition, it is best to go on a trip in a group, always check the vehicle carefully before going and prepare all the items for the journey.

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Transportation in Da Nang and Hue

The beauty of Hue's Citadel
The beauty of Hue’s Citadel – Source: Internet

Means of transport in Hue

If you choose Hue as your first stop, you can rent a motorbike to move here or travel by taxi or grab. However, the advice for you is to rent a motorbike to be more convenient and active in your schedule. After exploring Hue city, to get into Da Nang, you can move to the bus station south of the town and catch a bus route Da Nang – Hue, with a fare of 60k; travel time is about 2-3 hours.

Means of transportation in Da Nang

In Da Nang City, you can also choose to move in many ways, such as by taxi, grab or rent a motorbike. Renting a motorbike is still the most convenient option. With a motorbike, you can freely travel to Hue, Hoi An and explore attractions in Da Nang City.

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Renting a motorbike in Da Nang is quite simple and convenient

Here you will find a lot of car rental units with quite soft rental prices, ranging from 80 – 180k / day/car. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose to rent a digital or scooter, long-term or day-to-day rental.

Hue City
Hue City – Source: Internet

Where to stay?

Da Nang to Hue are all famous tourist destinations, so the accommodation system here is also very diverse and rich. You can easily choose hotels, motels, or homestays in both locations. However, to ensure you have a place to stay, contacting us to book a room about 1 to 2 months in advance is best. Room rates will vary depending on the time of booking as well as the quality of the room you choose. Remember to book early to ensure a place to stay!

Ba Na hill
Ba Na hill – Source: Internet

To be continued

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