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Ta Van Rattan Bridge - Source: Internet
Ta Van Rattan Bridge (Cau May): The simple bridge is famous just through a picture
Not only does the majestic Silver Waterfall (Thac Bac Waterfall) make many people a deep impression, Muong Hoa River with soft and fragile beauty, but...
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Thac Bac
Thac Bac Waterfall: The violin of water in the middle of Sapa mountain range
Coming to Sapa, tourists will admire many attractive spots like the terraced fields along the mountainside or enjoy the attractive cuisine here. However,...
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O Quy Ho Pass
O Quy Ho Pass: The Northwest King Pass in Sapa
Known as one of the Four Great Peaks of the Northwest of Vietnam, O Quy Ho Pass is the destination for people who like trekking. Even if you don’t...
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sapa heaven's gate
Sapa Heaven's Gate: Heaven in cloud
“Catching cloud” or “Hunting cloud” in Sapa are the words many tourists spread through word of mouth. To do that, you have to go...
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Y Linh Hi Village
Y Linh Ho Village: The beautiful and wild village of Sapa
Sapa always makes a deep impression on each tourist with the romance of Northwest beauty: the magnificent beauty of mountains blends in white fog and clear...
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Ta Phin Village: The peaceful village in Sapa Town
Sapa tourism is always one of the attractive destinations containing many interesting things for us to explore. Even though some villages have changed...
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