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Travel Saigon: 10 exciting tourist attractions to “gone with the wind”

Excursions on the Saigon River allow you to see numerous stunning sights on both sides while enjoying the meal and the cool river wind.

Dragon Wharf – Ho Chi Minh Museum on Saigon River

Dragon Wharf
Dragon Wharf – Source: Internet

Nha Rong Wharf and Ho Chi Minh Museum, a work of historical importance, is a destination located in the center of the city named Uncle Ho, immediately confronting the most beautiful spot of the Saigon River. On June 5, 1911, Nguyen Ai Quoc, also known as Uncle Ho when he was younger, left Vietnam for France to begin his mission to find a means to save the country.

In addition to watching the architectural work with Asian – European beauty harmoniously combined, the museum is also a journey back in history for visitors to understand the life of a respected leader fully. It features 9 galleries with various images and artifacts from President Ho Chi Minh’s historical periods.

Bach Dang Marine Wharf

Bach Dang Marine Wharf
Bach Dang Marine Wharf – Source: Internet

Down the river, not far away, Bach Dang Wharf is always bustling with guests buying boat tickets to visit the river. The voyage to visit the city core in District 1 begins at this dock. District 1 is the area that has many attractions of symbolic value, such as Independence Palace, Central Post Office, Notre Dame Cathedral, Thao Cam Vien Park, Ben Thanh Market, Ho Chi Minh City Fine Art Museum…

Many congested commercial areas, such as Vincom Dong Khoi, Saigon Center, Bitexco building, and Nguyen Hue walking street, are always bustling with cafés, restaurants, fashion boutiques, cosmetics, and art galleries.

Ba Son Bridge

Ba Son Bridge
Ba Son Bridge – Source: Internet

Connecting the center of District 1 and Thu Duc City, Ba Son Bridge is a new project inaugurated at the end of April 2022. In addition to improving traffic, the bridge has progressively evolved into a magnificent emblem that alters the appearance of the city. The Ba Son Bridge has a dedicated pedestrian path. Everyone on the bridge wants a great shot to take home as a keepsake.

Vinh Nghiem Pagoda or Phap Hoa Pagoda and Chantarangsay Pagoda

These three magnificent pagodas in District 3 have a side-facing Nhieu Loc canal. All three pagodas are magnificent and glistening in the light of lanterns on full moon days and key Buddhist holidays, attracting many locals to worship Buddha honestly.

Aside from the Vietnamese Nationalist Order, Vinh Nghiem Pagoda, established in 1964, is one of the sites in Ho Chi Minh City where major Buddhist events occur often. The majestic and immaculate pagoda in the city’s core serves as both a spiritual fulcrum for the residents and a tourism attraction for both local and foreign visitors.

The first Khmer temple in Saigon is Chantarangsay. This spectacular pagoda in golden light with numerous modest and artistically carved towers was erected in 1946 on the banks of the Nhieu Loc – Thi Nghe canal. Not only does it have religious importance, but it is also a cultural preservation site and a hub for Khmer community activities in Ho Chi Minh City.

Saigon residents would quickly think of Phap Hoa Pagoda as a spot to drop the most magnificent and sparkling lanterns. Located right next to the Nhieu Loc Canal, the pagoda was founded in 1928 and has been restored many times to get the serene and gentle beauty of the canal On significant holidays, the pagoda is illuminated by a string of lights strung along the banks of the Nhieu Loc canal, drawing the attention of anybody passing by.

Khanh Hoi Bridge

Busy and bustling with the street style of Saigonese people, Vinh Khanh food court must be mentioned. This location is intended to be a food court with a diverse selection of eateries ranging from seafood, hot pot, and grill to snacks popular among young people.

Fatima Binh Trieu Church

In the Gothic style, this beautiful Binh Trieu church is also located on the romantic riverbank, overlooking the brilliant Binh Trieu Bridge. The church is decorated splendidly on significant holidays, lighting up a whole river corner.

Thanh Da tourist village

Thanh Da and Binh Quoi tourism villages are popular weekend getaways for families and groups. With a cool river breeze, sunshine, and lush green grass, people frequently organize family parties, full of months, birthdays, company sports with camping activities, enjoying river food, boating, playing sports, walking or fishing… enjoy the peace and rustic on weekends.

Quang San Art Museum

This exhibition space gives you a moment of silence to immerse yourself in more than 1,000 works of art, nourishing the soul and aesthetic. Quang San Art Museum also regularly hosts exhibitions on a variety of issues in order to appreciate artists’ talents and offer a venue for in-depth discourse for the souls of the same.

After admiring the artwork, you may dine at bustling restaurants serving cuisine from all over the world, including the United States, France, India, Korea, China, Thailand, and Japan… while taking in the river breeze..

Phu Chau floating temple

Phu Chau floating temple
Phu Chau floating temple – Source: Internet

For 300 years in the middle of the Vam Thuat River, the four sides surrounding Phu Chau floating shrine were surrounded by many mysterious stories that are still repeated today. People spread the word about the sacredness and the desire to pray at this temple, so tourists everywhere tell each other about worship and pray for peace.

The floating temple is a small temple with unique architecture. The turquoise-glazed tile ceiling is adorned with a quartet of spirits. The campus is comprised of three interconnected buildings: a dragon statue admiring pearls, the Nine Items tower, the letter book, and an exquisite lotus incubator. Besides worshiping Buddha, the shrine honors many sacred mothers, including Mrs. Thuy. This is a distinguishing element of the people of the South’s spiritual culture.

Binh Dong Wharf

Nowhere is it as bright and cheerful as Binh Dong Wharf. Ships filled with luscious fruits from the countryside arrive in Ho Chi Minh City early every morning, especially during the Lunar New Year. Binh Dong Wharf depicts several aspects of daily life in the Southern River area. This is also why domestic and foreign tourists are interested in learning more about this location.

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