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Vietnam main tourist attractions: Top 15 places Lily’s Travel recommends tourists must come (Part 2)


The Central region with many top tourist destinations

Phong Nha – Ke Bang – masterpiece of nature

Phong Nha – Ke Bang
Phong Nha – Ke Bang – Source: Internet

Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park has long been the hottest tourist destination in Vietnam. Phong Nha–Ke Ban in Quang Binh has a poetic landscape, an imposing cave system, vast mountains and rivers, and many rare species of flora and fauna, attracting millions of tourists every year and many explorers worldwide to explore.

And Phong Nha Cave is a typical place for Quang Binh; Phong Nha Cave’s beauty is both majestic and charming. Entering Phong Nha cave, visitors will know what it means to have running water and worn rock. The erosion of rainwater into limestone has caused intense cutting in mountain ranges to create diverse terrains: mountain beds become caves, massifs are separated into vertical walls, and strange scenes…When visitors look up and turn sideways, turn around to look at the images of stalactites and shimmering lights. Everyone has to admire the beauty.

Hue ancient capital – the land of national heritages

Hue ancient
Hue ancient – Source: Internet

Wherever you go throughout Vietnam, do not forget to visit the land of Hue, the Ancient Capital. Hue is a peaceful and ancient city with heritages and architectural works bearing the imprint of the country’s history. Since the time of Lord Nguyen in the 19th century, Hue has been a promised land with a culture imbued with national identity and a rich and unique culinary “cradle.”

Inheriting the architectural beauty of the heritage of the Nguyen Dynasty, inheriting the beauty in the culture and customs of the Royal Palace, Hue has converged enough and deep so that visitors, when coming here, must also nod. If the traveler’s soul is deep enough, quiet or looking to find peace again, Hue can help you live slowly, understand profoundly and re-energize you. Visitors always have a special affection for Hue not only because of the quiet and ancient beauty but also because of the unique dishes, the people, and the peaceful pace of life here.

Let’s experience the following things to make the trip to Hue more wonderful:

  • Overview of Hue Citadel
  • Visit the mausoleums: Tu Duc mausoleum, Minh Mang mausoleum, Khai Dinh mausoleum,…
  • Thanh Tan hot spring
  • Enjoy Hue beef noodle soup
  • Try Hue cakes, Hue tea

Discover Da Nang – the most liveable city in Vietnam

Da Nang
Da Nang – Source: Internet

Da Nang is a Vietnamese tourist destination that attracts thousands of tourists worldwide. In addition to famous tourist attractions such as Ba Na Hills, Asian Park, and Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang City is adorned by large, beautiful bridges.

The main attraction of Da Nang is sea tourism. Da Nang Beach extends nearly 60km with many beautiful interconnected public and private beaches. The charming landscape, clouds, sky, and sea blend with the salty breeze. The fine white sand beach with rows of excellent coconuts stretches for nearly 1km. Accompanying are luxury restaurants, hotels, and villas close to the sea to serve households and agencies to relax.

Da Nang is also an ideal summer destination for tourists, with many charming beaches and fresh seafood dishes. In particular, the people here are amiable, open, clean and have a beautiful green environment, making everyone excited to come to this modern city immediately.

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The unique nostalgic beauty of Hoi An ancient town is rare

Hoi An Town
Hoi An Town – Source: Internet

Located in Quang Nam province, about 30km from Da Nang city, Hoi An is a peaceful, poetic place on the Hoai River. Hoi An’s natural beauty rivals that of a romantic painting. The colorful lanterns adorn the picture more vividly and attract visitors. Hoi An ancient village is a popular tourist site because it was named a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999. Hoi An has traditional craft villages, ancient pagodas, lantern streets and extremely rustic and friendly people. Hoi An is Vietnam’s most worthwhile tourist destination, going once to stay forever.

Discover the tourist paradise of Nha Trang – Khanh Hoa

One of the most stunning bays in the world is in the tourist haven of Nha Trang. Coming to Nha Trang, visitors will discover new horizons, such as the Vinpearland tourist area and unique Cham architecture… Immerse yourself in the fresh air, with beautiful and magical beaches, have fun at the amusement park, and enjoy mud bathing and golfing … visitors will have exciting experiences. In addition to the fresh and cool natural landscape with beautiful islands and coral ecosystems, Nha Trang is a famous land of nutritious and high-class Khanh Hoa bird’s nest.

Mui Ne–Phan Thiet is a famous tourist center in the South Central region of Vietnam

Mui Ne is a famous tourist center in the South Central region, about 22km northeast of Phan Thiet – Binh Thuan city. This place has a long blue coastline, wild as a desert, but with beautiful red sand when the sunset falls. Mui Ne also attracts tourists by the diverse cultural features of Kinh, Hoa, and Cham ethnic groups… Typical are the works of Thien Hau Pagoda, Cham Tower, Ong Pagoda, Van Thuy Tu … and many other historical relics.

“Destroy” Dalat– the dream city with beautiful flowers

Dalat – Source: Internet

Da Lat is a dreamy, fanciful city in the white mist, always full of colorful flowers. The mild and warm climate of Da Lat is also one of the reasons that attract tourists to visit, travel, and relax. Da Lat is famous for attractions such as the Valley of Love, Truc Lam Monastery, Linh Phuoc Pagoda, Datanla Waterfall, Langbiang Mountain, and Elephant Waterfall… Extreme check-in points such as Lu Quan Forest Ghost, Dalat Milk, Clay Village… In addition, the highly typical dishes in Da Lat, such as baked rice paper, cake, and chicken wet cake… will make visitors nostalgic for this place.

One of Da Lat’s well-known sights is the Linh Phuoc Pagoda, an Asian-inspired piece of architecture. Vien Square, Da Lat Station, lovely homestay, strawberry garden,… Especially when coming to dear Da Lat, visitors remember to experience the life of planting flowers and caring for flowers with the people here.

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The “Pearl of the Far East” of Vietnamese tourism is Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City Post Office
Ho Chi Minh City Post Office – Source: Internet

Unlike Hanoi’s ancient and peaceful beauty, Ho Chi Minh City is Vietnam’s most significant economic and cultural center. Ho Chi Minh City used to be known as the “Pearl of the Far East” because the pace of life here is breakneck and busy. Ho Chi Minh City is a sleepless city with massive works, many large industrial parks, and many skyscrapers such as Sai Gon Centre, Bitexco Tower, and Vietcombank Tower. Most recently, the Landmark building is the tallest in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

Ho Chi Minh City is splendidly lavish and has many unimaginably beautiful places that visitors should visit, such as the Independence Palace Museum on Nguyen Hue walking street, Cu Chi Tunnels, Notre Dame Cathedral, Ngoc Hoang Pagoda, Ben Thanh Market…

Phu Quoc Island is one of the places worth visiting in Vietnam

Phu Quoc Island (Pearl Island) in Phu Quoc district, Kien Giang province, is the largest island in Vietnam. Phu Quoc Island is an ideal vacation destination in the Gulf of Thailand with pristine tropical forests and stretched white sand beaches. Visitors here can explore the rainforest, snorkel to see corals, and visit Vinpearl Safari Phu Quoc Zoo… Phu Quoc is also a famous fish sauce producer in Vietnam and is known to international tourists. In 2008, the Concierge website (Australia) announced Phu Quoc Long Beach as one of the world’s 13 wildest and most beautiful beaches. As voted by ABC News, Long Beach is also on the list of TOP 5 clean and beautiful beaches in the world.

If you can visit Phu Quoc, take some time to explore all the following famous places:

  • Visit Ham Ninh, an ancient fishing village – home of fish sauce barrel
  • Visit Con Dao – home to beautiful beaches and a diverse and affluent population of marine life
  • Con Dao Prison

Mekong Delta

The Mekong Delta is a part of the Mekong River Delta, flowing through 12 provinces in the Southwest, so it is also known as the Southern Delta or the Southwest. Unlike other regions in Vietnam, life on the river in the Mekong Delta will be the most new and memorable experience for those who set foot in this land. The Mekong Delta landscape is as beautiful as a maze with mangrove forests, dense canals, rivers, and even Vietnam’s most unique floating markets. In the Mekong Delta, tourists should visit the vast orchards, enjoy the Southern region’s specialties, and listen to the Southern region’s music. The peaceful, simple, and poetic life in the West of the river here certainly does not disappoint a single guest.

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