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Vietnam tourism development and the new trend in the future after Covid epidemic


The industrial revolution 4.0 along with the development of science-technology and information – communication has created diverse application products for the tourism industry. This is the premise for the birth of technology tourism – an inevitable trend of the digital era. So what is technology travel? How are we benefiting from this trend?

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What is technology travel?

technology travel
Technology travel – Source: Internet

Technological tourism is the development of tourism based on the support of digital technology. From there, create and provide the most convenient travel services for visitors, making visitors increasingly satisfied. It is possible to mention the most advanced technology applications in the field of tourism such as artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, Big data, Blockchain, 3D technology, virtual reality and augmented reality technology (VR, AR), Internet of Things (IoT), positioning technologies (GIS, GPS, LBS), internet, social networks, and mobile network generations (4G, 5G)…

All of these technologies have contributed significantly to the technology of the tourism industry, helping tourism activities become more modern and smarter. Since then, technology has gradually changed the face of the tourism industry and tourists are the first beneficiaries of technology tourism.

How is technology travel different from traditional travel?

traditional travel
Traditional travel – Source: Internet

The key difference from traditional tourism is that technology tourism focuses on the interests of tourists but can ensure the lowest cost with maximum convenience. These positive changes come from the use of modern devices and technologies.

The method of approaching and sharing information with tourists is also more proactive. The explosion of social networks and mobile applications also has a great impact on the choice of destinations and travel services of tourists. When visitors have more diverse choices, it is also the time when units operating in this field are forced to improve the quality of service if they do not want to be “out of the game”.

OTA – The key difference between technology tourism and traditional tourism

OTA – Online Travel Agent is a travel agent, providing travel services such as flight ticket booking, hotel booking, tour booking,… through online forms. All stages from search, and choosing the right service to payment are conducted online on the website or application.

Travel service providers (airlines, hotels…) will cooperate with OTA in bringing information, images, prices, to the OTA’s website or application platform. OTA is not only an important component of technology tourism but also helps to change the face of the tourism industry.

For tourism business units: Helping to promote the brand and introduce many services at the same time in an extremely economical way

For the whole industry: Create a healthy competitive environment, urge tourism service businesses to improve service quality to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

For visitors: Make it easy for visitors to find and choose the most suitable service with the best fee.

Why is OTA becoming a trend in the 4.0 era?

vietnam traditional dress
Vietnam traditional dress – Source: Internet

There is an undeniable fact, that tourists increasingly tend to seek travel services through the internet and support applications. One statistic shows that in Vietnam in the past five years, the demand for information about travel on the internet has increased by more than 32 times. In particular, each month there are more than 5 million searches for domestic tours, foreign tours, hotel reservations, and types of travel. In high season, this number can reach up to 8 million.

It is not difficult to understand when technology tourism in general and OTA, in particular, become the trend of the 4.0 era with changes in the way of finding and accessing information of tourists.

Lily’s Travel is one of the favorite OTAs in Vietnam today because of the variety of travel services including flight ticket booking, cheap hotel booking, booking combo of flight tickets and hotel rooms, airport shuttle service, sightseeing ticket booking service, entertainment on Xperience…

Lily’s Travel Agency has more than 15 years of experience in the travel industry with 100 5-star votes on famous travel social networking sites. Lily’s Travel Agency is also one of the best travel businesses in Hanoi and the whole North. We are promoting customer connection and establishing 4.0 technology applications.

According to statistics, in the Asia-Pacific region, up to 80% of travel trips are booked online, and 87% of the young generation thinks that smartphones are essential tools for travel. Technology tourism is an inevitable trend in Vietnam’s tourism industry in the 4.0 era.

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Explosive tourism trends after Covid

Touchless travel trends

Keeping a distance, limiting contact, and sanitizing your hands regularly are the messages to prevent Covid19 infection that most of us have remembered. So it is no wonder that touchless travel will become a hot trend in the post-covid era. No-touching when traveling after Covid is not only a restriction on contact between people, between people and objects, and surfaces but also a travel experience with automated equipment and technology.

Normally, travel documents are handed over when checking, checking, controlling… This causes people to wait in line and increases the risk of infection. However, all information will be updated with contemporary technology systems with no-touch post-Covid travel. With this new travel trend, all procedures at the check-in counter and the front desk will be automated. For example electronic check-in, electronic payment, electronic customs declaration, face recognition…

On airplanes, in travel destinations, restaurants, and hotels also apply many modern non-touch devices such as touch taps; automatic doors that open/close… All will help tourism activities become much safer and more convenient.

Staycation: New Travel Trends

new trend tourism
New trend tourism – Source: Internet

Staycation is a type of travel within proximity, meaning you will experience tourism right locally. You do not need to spend a long journey in a remote place, nor do you need to use public transport. Staycation is an opportunity for you to discover interesting and interesting things near where you live that you have previously missed.

In 2020, revenue from the UK’s tourism industry lost about £22 billion due to the impact of the Covid epidemic. After the pandemic gradually came under control and loosened the distancing, Staycation on-site tourism in the country spiked. In Vietnam, this travel trend is gradually becoming popular since 2019. And when the covid epidemic has not shown signs of being completely controlled, this is still a tourism trend that is of interest to “believers” who are passionate about moving.

With this form of travel, you not only limit the risk of spreading the disease but also save significantly. Not to mention, you will be surprised because you have never discovered many interesting things nearby.

Healthcare tourism trend

Since Covid rages, the trend of health tourism is suddenly “raging” in many countries around the world. According to the forecast of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), tourism associated with health will grow strongly after Covid-19. Health tourism is a tourism service that is more about relaxation, beauty, and health care. When traveling, visitors can participate in meditation courses, yoga, nursing, and hot mineral baths… to be physically balanced and mentally happy.

This trend does not stop at eating luxuriously and enjoying beautiful scenery. The core purpose of healthcare tourism is physical recovery and mental regeneration.

Travel to isolated and obscure places

To travel safely when the Covid-19 epidemic has not been completely controlled, many people tend to look too pristine lands; places with isolated nature. These can be quiet rural areas away from noisy cities; resorts in high mountains; islands and beaches that have not been exploited for tourism.

Unspoiled, isolated places not only bring tranquility and absolute peace of mind. The reason is that these places are often “picky” tourists, reducing the risk of spreading the disease.

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