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Vietnam tourist places list: Places to travel to Vietnam in each month of a year (Part 1)


Most of us get the notion to travel somewhere when we have free time and are set to embark on a long vacation. The remainder of the time, there is an organizer; we may contemplate joining if we are unexpectedly invited. We can always travel for 12 months out of the year. It could be a lengthy or short journey to a strange new land. During this voyage, you can briefly set aside your life’s burdens and experience tranquility and positive energy. When fully energized, you can be ready for new things.

Where would you go if you suddenly had the desire to see the country rise? It’s difficult to decide if not dependent on specific conditions or situations, but you can refer to the article below for some hints regarding the time and place. Travel across the country for a full year Because the climate in Vietnam is mild all year, you can visit for a full year. Because of the varied geography, ranging from the mountains to the plains, and the coastline that spans the entire country, each season has its own distinct qualities. Let’s have a look at the beauty of our country in each month of the year!

In January

Da Lat
Da Lat – Source: Internet

Where should you go in January? It’s a new year, and there are many plans. It would be a waste not to start the journey to Vietnam. The dreamy city of Dalat is the recommended destination at this time. What are the benefits of visiting Da Lat in January? This is because the misty city’s pink-tinted cherry blossoms are only visible during this time of year.

What is more excellent than admiring the dreamy pink in the weather with 4 ideal seasons, like in Da Lat? You will feel like you are lost in the actual land of cherry blossoms right in Vietnam. Of course, Da Lat tourism at any time has its own unique and romantic features; however, if you want to see the highland city in a beautiful and enchanting appearance, this is a time to be noticed. Other good January tourist destinations are Sa Pa, Dien Bien, Moc Chau, Nghe An, Phu Quoc, and others.

In February

Sapa – Source: Internet

Although Moc Chau (Son La) has been recommended as an outstanding January tourist destination, if you question its term, you might choose this location to answer the question: “Where should February travel? Looking at the ecstatic stretch of white, you will see: Alas! Vietnam is so wonderful! This February, in addition to Moc Chau, you may explore various country attractions like as Sapa, Ninh Binh, Da Lat, Ninh Thuan, and Nha Trang, or visit the West River.

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In March

Ninh BInh
Ninh BInh – Source: Internet

Entering March – the last month of spring, you are wondering: “”Where should March travel be?”.” According to our suggestions, the best place to go is the area of safety. Let us appreciate the green river, where natural scenery merges with man’s architectural marvel.

When visiting Bai Dinh Pagoda to pray for peace, you may see hundreds of Buddha statues: Arhat, Maitreya,… that are the largest and most numerous in Southeast Asia. Going to a pagoda at the start of the year is a terrific idea, which is why Ninh Binh was recommended when visiting Vietnam in March. There are also many other lovely spring places, such as Sapa, Moc Chau, Ta Xua, Ha Long Bay, Hue, Quang Binh, Da Nang, Phu Quoc, Con Dao, and so on.

In April

Hue – Source: Internet

Where should you go in April? When spring has faded gently but has not yet come, this is an ideal time to visit Hue, the old capital of Vietnam. Hue refers to the antique beauty, kind and caring, but also lovely and shy. The city on the banks of the Perfume River encourages people to live leisurely in order to appreciate the beauty of monuments and mausoleums with bold timelines.

April tourism to Vietnam, namely Hue, is good since it coincides with the Hue Festival (held every two years). Special enjoyable activities will allow you to learn more about the history and culture of Vietnamese land. There are many landscapes to visit here, such as the Citadel, Gia Long Emperor mausoleum, Minh Mang Emperor, Tu Duc Emperor, Thien Mu Pagoda or Lang Co Sea… Not only Hue, but April is also the ideal time to travel to Co To, Ha Long Bay, Vinh Hy Bay, Phan Thiet, Phu Quoc, Con Dao or Nha Trang, etc.

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In May

Co To
Co To – Source: Internet

As the summer has become more precise, the sun has become brighter; it is also when the northern sea and island transform into the most beautiful time of the year. If asked, “”Where should I travel in May?” The first answer would be the island. Co To still has a lot of extraordinary check–in places, but the wave of silver rocks overwhelms people. The sight here can make people feel insignificant in the face of nature’s grandeur.

Come to the sea, do not forget to enjoy fresh seafood, and start your new seafood journey right here to create a vibrant summer! Not only is Co To screaming for golden rice in May, but Ninh Binh is also calling for it; you may also discover the rainy festival in Mai Chau, find calm in Hoi An, or catch the dynamic rhythm with Da Nang, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc,…

In June

Vung Tau
Vung Tau – Source: Internet

In June, Co To, Da Nang, Ninh Binh, Bac Giang, Mu Cang Chai, or Thai Nguyen… are excellent choices for anyone wondering, “Where should I go in June?” To answer this question, Pacific Cross Vietnam will take you to a familiar but not boring location. Vung Tau is our country’s southern sea; it’s a fascinating and completely different sea experience from the northern sea. The red sunset here truly overwhelms people’s souls.

If you can see that scene once, you will want to remember the magical scene forever without losing any movie.  On hot summer days, Vung Tau beach remains cool and windy, giving a variety of enjoyable experiences. Many magnificent tourist locations in Vietnam await your arrival, like Hon Ba, Long Hai Beach, Nghinh Phong Nose, Vong Nguyet Beach, and Huong Phong Beach.

To be continued

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