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Visit Ho Chi Minh city tourist spots: 8 things you should remember to do


What to prepare when traveling to Ho Chi Minh city? Refer to the article below to pocket the necessary items for the discovery of bustling Saigon!

Costumes when traveling to Ho Chi Minh city

Clothing is always an issue we pay special attention to when traveling. Depending on the weather characteristics of the destination, we choose appropriate clothes. So how to prepare clothes when traveling to Ho Chi Minh city? Let’s find out together!

– Clothing: Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) has hot weather, the average daytime temperature is about 27 – 29 degrees Celsius. So you should choose light and comfortable clothes such as T-shirts, two-pieces. crop top straps, skirts for girls and t-shirts and jeans for boys. However, at night the temperature in Saigon drops significantly and the weather is a bit chilly, so bring a light jacket too. Besides, you should also prepare more polite and appropriate clothes if you visit spiritual places such as temples and pagodas.

– Shoes: A pair of sandals or sports shoes are the perfect choice for your travel, making it easy to move, comfortable and also very easy to coordinate.

– Other necessary costumes and accessories: to protect your skin from the Saigon sun, don’t forget to bring sunglasses, hats, umbrellas and sunscreen.


According to Ho Chi Minh city travel experience 2021, you should not carry too much cash in person when traveling. In Saigon, there are still phenomena of theft and robbery, so to avoid possible risks, you should carry an ATM card, both compact and safe.

Around the amusement parks and accommodation areas in Ho Chi Minh city, there are ATMs to withdraw money. Besides, restaurants, hotels or shopping malls all supported card payments, making money problems much more convenient.

Some other essentials

In addition to the important luggage above, there are some other things to prepare when traveling to Ho Chi Minh city that you cannot ignore such as:

– Personal items: toothpaste, brush, towel, shower gel, shampoo, skincare, cosmetics… are essential items that you need to prepare for your trip. However, at present, most motels and hotels in Ho Chi Minh City provide personal belongings for guests staying, if you do not want to carry too much luggage, you can also use the items at the hotel.

– Medical supplies: Anti-motion sickness medicine, fever reducer, stomach pain medicine, insect spray, bandaid,… Save these right away to prepare when traveling, just in case Any situation can happen.

– Electronics: To communicate, find a location or take photos, just a smartphone can take on all the roles. You can also bring a camera to make your photos more beautiful and quality. In addition, backup battery chargers, speakers or headphones are also indispensable items. However, if you are on a plane, you should be careful to keep a backup charger in your hand luggage because it is an explosive item.

Notes when preparing luggage to travel to Ho Chi Minh city

– Put in your Ho Chi Minh city travel guide the following notes when preparing luggage to travel

– Preserve personal documents such as ID cards, driver’s licenses, passports carefully, to avoid losing or being stolen or robbed.

– For liquid baggage, when traveling by plane, you should note that you are only allowed to bring a maximum of 100ml for the total capacity of liquids that you bring.

– Do not carry too much unnecessary luggage, avoid the case of overweight luggage that will incur additional costs.

– Make a list of the items that need to be prepared before going back and checking to make sure they are not missed or forgotten.

Remember to study the history of Ho Chi Minh city through some popular places

Visit Ho Chi Minh City Museum

Visit Ho Chi Minh City Museum
Visit Ho Chi Minh City Museum – Source: Internent

Re-used from a building built by the French in the 90s of the 19th century, the City Museum is still a delicate combination of Eurasian architecture. Coming to the museum, you will learn the history of forming the city named after this Uncle through each period.

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Visit War Remnants Museum

War Remnants Museum
War Remnants Museum – Source: Internent
As the most famous museum in the city, the War Remnants Museum currently holds thousands of artifacts and documents about the Vietnam wars and the heavy consequences they left behind. In addition, the museum also regularly organizes different thematic exhibitions, with the desire to always innovate and attract more visitors.

Get to the Chinese area – Cho Lon to try food

Cho Lon
Cho Lon – Source: Internent

Like many other big cities in the world, Saigon also has its own “Chinatown” area, called Cho Lon. Spreading throughout the area of ​​​​districts 5, 6, 10 and 11, the Chinese account for 15% of the population, bringing distinct cultural characteristics.

Coming to the Chinese area, you will not want to miss the busy markets such as Binh Tay market or Soai Kinh Lam fabric market; ancient temples such as Ba Thien Hau pagoda; and hundreds of famous dishes, just hearing the name makes you crave such as dumplings, wonton, duck noodles, Chinese tea, roasted duck…

“Check in” Bui Vien Street – “Pho Tay”

Bui Vien is the place that demonstrates the saying “Saigon does not sleep”. The bustling street in the heart of District 1 is blocked by cars, becoming a walking city every Saturday and Sunday night. And every weekday night, the car can still circulate as usual, but because the street is quite crowded, you may want to park your car and explore it on foot. You will easily find many parking spots right on Bui Vien Street, with prices from 10,000 VND / car.

Opening hours: All day. Bui Vien area starts to “light up” from 19:00 every day until 2:00 the next day. Bui Vien pedestrian street is closed to traffic from 19:00 to 2:00 the next morning every Saturday and Sunday night.

Enjoy snails

Snail is a popular and easy-to-find dish in Vietnam. Just wandering on a few streets, visitors will see many roadside snail shops. The fragrant aroma emanating from the dishes of fried snails, boiled snails or grilled snails will attract and urge us to visit the restaurant to taste that attractive flavor for ourselves. Vietnamese people have many interesting ways to cook snails. From river snails to sea snails, everyone can create delicious and attractive dishes.

Experience double-decker bus 

Experience double-decker bus 
Experience double-decker bus – Source: Internent

Famous as a developed city, so Saigon will have a lot of kites for you to explore here. If you plan to travel to Saigon but don’t have much time, the hop-on hop-off bus will be your perfect choice. You will have the opportunity to explore famous historical landmarks in Ho Chi Minh City such as the Independence Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral, War Remnants Museum, Saigon Skydeck, and Ben Thanh Market. And many benefits make your journey even easier such as being able to hop on and off at any stop on the bus route and audio narration of landmarks in 8 languages.

Play shooting at Saigon Sniper

Play shooting at Saigon Sniper
Play shooting at Saigon Sniper – Source: Internent

A special experience you probably won’t find anywhere else is the sports shooting experience at Saigon Sniper.

Shooting is a very popular sport around the world. In Vietnam, although not as popular as in other countries, Vietnamese shooters also have positive achievements at the Sea Games as well as other major international tournaments.

To learn more about this extremely exciting and exciting subject, come to Saigon Sniper and experience what it feels like to be a once-in-a-lifetime sniper!

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Experience baseball at Baseball Cage District 7

Have you ever tried the feeling of hitting a baseball? If not, during this Saigon trip, you must try the feeling of playing baseball at Baseball Cage in District 7.

Baseball is a popular sport in the world, especially in countries like the US, Korea, and Japan… but it’s still quite new to many Vietnamese.

Now there’s Baseball Cage, where you’ll get to know this very special sport and get the chance to experience hitting the ball—an activity that’s incredibly fun and dramatic, especially when played with your friends and family!

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