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What to do in Vietnam when it rains: 9 ideal rainy season tourist destinations in 2024 (Part 1)


Rainy season tourism gives visitors unique and memorable experiences. When it rains, tourist destinations take on a more romantic, magical beauty.

Traveling in the rainy season is an exciting experience that you should try once. However, the rainy and stormy season also causes some difficulties for tourists traveling and sightseeing. Let’s learn about travel experiences during the rainy season to make the trip smoother and more memorable.

Tips for safe and enjoyable rainy season travel

Tour in the rain in Vietnam
Tour in the rain in Vietnam – Source: Internet

Traveling in the rainy season is a unique experience for tourists who love tranquility. When choosing a stormy time to travel, visitors must research the weather and prepare the necessary items. Below are some notes for a safe and enjoyable rainy season trip.

Regularly check the weather forecast: Before starting your journey, carefully monitor the weather. It would be best to only travel on drizzly days, avoiding traveling on awful weather days. In particular, during the rainy and stormy season, you should not go to islands, seas or mountain areas.

Choose the appropriate vehicle: to travel long distances in rainy weather, vehicles such as trains, buses, and airplanes will be the most reasonable and safe choice.

Equip yourself with a raincoat and umbrella: When traveling in the rainy season, your luggage must have these two items. An umbrella will be helpful when walking short distances. 

  • Bring necessary items: If you bring cameras and other electronic devices, it is best to keep them in a waterproof backpack. Also, remember to prepare your medicine bag if you catch a cold due to the weather.
  • Appropriate clothing: Choose light, quick-drying clothes and a waterproof windbreaker. Waterproof shoes or boots will be preferred. You should not wear high heels because it will make moving difficult.

Suggest 9 attractive rainy season tourist destinations with diverse experiences

Rainy season in Ho Chi Minh City
Rainy season in Ho Chi Minh City – Source: Internet

Where to travel in the rainy season is a topic that many tourists are interested in. Below are suggestions for 10 attractive and exciting tourist destinations during the rainy season that you can refer to.

Travel to Da Nang to admire the unique beauty in the rainy season

Every season of the year, Da Nang wears different beauties. In the dry season, the clear blue weather and the scenery of the sea make Da Nang as beautiful as a painting. So, what is the experience of traveling to Da Nang in the rainy season?

The rainy season is the low tourist season in Da Nang, so visitors can easily book flight tickets at good times or choose quality rooms at cheaper prices.

Where to go in Da Nang when it rains? You can visit the 3D museum when you come to Da Nang. While traditional museums do not allow visitors to touch artifacts, the 3D Painting Museum allows visitors to touch and feel artifacts freely. In particular, in addition to admiring and exploring 3D paintings, visitors can participate and interact to create unique 3D works of art. Because it is an indoor attraction, visiting the 3D museum on a rainy day does not affect the visitor experience.

If you like to see Da Nang on rainy days, or want to enjoy a romantic feeling, try walking on Dragon Bridge – the iconic structure of this coastal city. Dragon Bridge is located on Nguyen Van Linh Street across the Han River, connecting the Son Tra and Hai Chau districts of Da Nang City. True to its name, Dragon Bridge has a winding shape, simulating the image of a solid and majestic Oriental golden dragon.

There are many other attractive places in Da Nang that you can visit. If you have the opportunity, try traveling to Da Nang once in the rainy season to fully feel the beauty and peace of this beautiful coastal city.

Hoi An – the beautiful city in the rainy day

Hoi An is the next place you should consider when traveling during the rainy season. Hoi An, inherently poetic, becomes even more ancient and romantic under the rain. Unlike the usual bustling atmosphere when welcoming hundreds of visitors, Hoi An on rainy days will be quiet and gentle, suitable for those who love quiet spaces.

The weather in Hoi, An ancient town in the rainy season, is very suitable for visiting places such as the Covered Bridge, Tan Ky Ancient House, and Phuc Kien Assembly Hall. These locations all have unique ancient architecture, ideal for visitors to shelter from the rain and, enjoy the beauty and peace in their souls.

Traveling to Hue in the rainy season is even sad but romantic

Rainy season in Hue
Rainy season in Hue – Source: Internet

Only by traveling to Hue in the rainy season can visitors fully feel the beauty of this land. The whole city became quiet and sad. In addition, traveling at this time will have many promotions to reduce airfare, hotel or tour prices, helping you save significant costs.

If you want to see the romantic ancient capital of Hue in the rain without getting your shoulders wet, you can visit Hue’s famous mausoleums. Architectural works such as Nine Dinh Thien, Dai Dien, Muc Tu Nha and other temples are covered by rain, creating a hazy beauty. Tourists can also enjoy Hue royal court music on the Perfume River to feel the national musical culture with noble rhythms. And there are countless other places you can experience in this rainy city.

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