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8 reasons make Sapa be one of the best places to visit in Vietnam

Sapa is one of the attractive destinations located in the northwest of Vietnam, Sapa tourism in recent years has really blossomed. Not only woven by spectacular terraced fields, Sapa is also an ideal cultural tourist destination for tourists with many ethnic communities living, creating diverse cultures.

In the summer, while the northern provinces are affected by hot sunny air, with quite high temperatures, Sapa has cool and pleasant weather with an average temperature of fewer than 20 degrees Celsius. Besides, the variety of tourism products and the majestic natural landscape have made the town one of the ideal destinations for tourists in the summer.

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Diverse nature

Located in the remote area of ​​Northwest Vietnam, near the Hoang Lien Son mountain range, Sapa is famous for being the land of breathtaking terraced rice fields and romantic love markets. The mix of lifestyles, customs and habits of more than 30 different ethnic groups living here has created a colorful and extremely attractive culture of Sapa. The beauty of Sa Pa is also adorned by the magnificence of the soaring hills and mountains. Especially the top of Fansipan mountain – the roof of Indochina.

the roof of Indochina
the roof of Indochina

Sapa is favored by nature for many beautiful scenes. Unlike other tourist areas with magnificent beauty but quite oppressive, Sapa possesses a rustic beauty mixed with the breath of the mountains, giving visitors a feeling of closeness and comfort.

Coming to Sa Pa, you will enjoy the majestic natural scenery with Silver waterfall, Love waterfall like white silk flowing down from the sky; is a poetic picture with Ham Rong mountain, Muong Hoa valley hidden in the morning mist; are the terraced fields in a season wearing a proud yellow shirt stretching across the mountains and hills. Or simply the flowers and grass that grow wild, weaving from villages to dense forests also make Sapa so brilliant.

Chance to experience 4 seasons in a day

highland architecture
highland architecture

A lot of people don’t consider the weather factor when choosing a destination, but you need to remember, there will be a great trip when you have to visit it in erratic, harsh weather. And in terms of weather factors, Sa Pa will be at the top of the list of places with the most pleasant weather.

The altitude of Sapa is 1,650m above sea level. Therefore, Sapa is the place with the coldest climate in Vietnam. The weather in Sapa has all four seasons in one day: spring in the morning, summer in the afternoon with mild sunshine, autumn in the afternoon with clouds and cool air, and winter in the daytime.

Sapa is located at an altitude of 1500m above sea level, so the year-round temperature is always cool, the annual average temperature is only about 18 – 20 degrees Celsius. Therefore, anyone who has the opportunity to come to Sa Pa will love it. Enjoy the atmosphere here.

In addition, Sa Pa is also known as the “City in the Mist”. Because the location is at a relative height, when the sun has just appeared, the surrounding scenery gradually appears in the mist. In the background of the quiet tones of the pure villages, the brilliant brocade robes and the “majestic” colors of the great thousand make the landscape painting more unique and poetic.

Various types of tourism


Passengers traveling to Sapa can choose from a variety of favorite types of travel: travel for fun or travel for adventure. Sapa is really an ideal destination where each tourist can find his own pleasure by conquering Fansipan peak, discovering small roads, experiencing the life of local people, visiting ethnic groups. a minority of Cat Cat or Ta Phin villages, or simply sit around the fire and enjoy your book.

Coming to Sapa, you don’t have to worry too much about where to stay. Because it is a famous tourist destination in Vietnam and welcomes a large number of tourists every year, accommodation services in Sapa are very developed and diverse. Depending on your preferences and financial conditions, you can choose from different accommodation services such as hotels, homestays, hostels,…

If you are interested in tourism activities, you will not be too unfamiliar with the concept of homestay. Homestay is also a very developed type of accommodation in Sapa and has gradually become one of the typical brands of this “city in the mist”. Most of the homestays are built according to their own ideas, making the most of their location to create the most beautiful virtual living corners and viewing angles of clouds. But no matter which homestay, they all have one thing in common, which is to exude the closeness and familiarity of home to help visitors feel most comfortable when staying.

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Unique national culture

sapa travel
sapa travel

Sa Pa is the residence of many ethnic groups, so Sa Pa has a diverse culture and rich identity. In addition to visiting here and there, immersing in the daily lifestyle to better understand the culture of the indigenous people is also an interesting activity when coming to Sapa.

Not only in the summer, but Sapa is also famous for its poetic year-round natural landscape. Besides, the unique highland markets are also one of the factors that make up the brand of Sapa tourism. Some famous highland markets in Sapa such as Bac Ha Market, Coc Ly Market, Muong Hum Market, etc. The market in Sapa is displayed by stalls selling all kinds of goods, mainly brocade, The boys and girls in colorful costumes and a large number of visitors make the space joyful, affordable and brilliant.

To experience a unique and diverse culture, you can go to Cat Cat villages, Ta Van villages, Ta Phin villages… to meet and interact with ethnic people living here. You can also participate in the markets to understand more about the culture, people, and cuisine, and somewhere the scenery of the beautiful Northwest region is all miniature in these markets.

Muong Hoa valley is one of the most beautiful villages in Northwest Vietnam, home to spectacular terraced rice fields. Sapa’s terraced fields have been voted by the world press to be at the top Top of the most spectacular natural landscapes. On this journey, visitors also have the opportunity to visit the villages of the H’Mong and Giay ethnic groups. Visitors can also visit Ta Phin village to discover the daily life of the Red Dao and Black H’mong ethnic groups. Tourists may not understand what they are saying, but will somewhat see their traditional customs and can capture unique photos or videos.

Rich cuisine with its own characteristics

One of the purposes of travel is to enjoy the cuisine of the places you go. Sapa cuisine has its characteristics of mountains and forests, not respecting the form as well as the marinating; Sapa’s dishes are preserved with the typical fresh taste of ingredients grown on this very land. For example, in a salmon dish, the processed ingredients will be salmon raised in cold lakes in Sapa with firm, firm, and fat-free meat. Or other typical dishes such as boiled chayote with sesame salt, sautéed cabbage with algae, etc., are all made from popular local wild vegetables.

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Recent Posts

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