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All information about MICE in Vietnam and the way that this kind of tourism developed


Mice in Vietnam is a new form of tourism with unique features in Vietnam. This type combines tourism with events, seminars, rewards, etc., to bring a significant source of revenue and has a substantial spread.

Combining resort tourism with meeting partners, finding markets, developing business,… is a new trend. That is also a feature of mice tourism – saving time and budget and gaining practical market prices. To know how mice tourism in Vietnam has developed and what benefits it brings to visitors, read on and refer now!

What is mice tourism?

Coconut forest - one of the place to arrange a mice tourism
Coconut forest – one of the place to arrange a mice tourism – Source: Internet

Mice is an acronym for the English word combinations: Meeting + Incentive + Conference + Event. Thus, mice tourism includes activities combined with seminars, conferences, rewards, and events. Companies for employees, partners, and customers organize this activity.

Compared to individual or group travel, mice tourism groups are huge, sometimes up to a few hundred guests and the spending is also higher than that of ordinary tourists. Participants in mice tourism are often VIP guests with important status, influence, high income, and reasonable affordability. In addition, conferences, seminars, etc., in mice tourism are held in high-end hotels and resorts, using quality services.

Mice are not a new type of travel. This form has developed through many stages. Currently, mice are the integration of single tourism products combined with specific organizations and infrastructure platforms. From mice tourism, organizers find new investment and cooperation opportunities, bringing higher advantages and potential for business development. Therefore, this type of tourism is being promoted by many countries because it has a higher value than individual or group tourism.

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Mice tourist characteristics

Mice in Vietnam
Mice in Vietnam – Source: Internet

The essential characteristics of mice tourism include the following:

  •       Timing: Mice are organized according to each organizational unit’s needs and strategies, which can occur at any time of the year.
  •       Venue: Because of the need for cohesion among participants, mice tourism often takes place in 3-5 star hotels, resorts, or large conference centers;
  •       Participants: The majority have prominence and a voice in a specific sector or field. They are also people with high incomes and the ability to pay.
  •       Mice tour services: Usually includes outdoor travel experiences, conferences, seminars, resorts, entertainment, networking, partner-seeking activities, etc.

The Advantages of Mouse Tourism

Compared to many other forms of tourism, mice tourism offers many great benefits, such as:

Mice tourism is an opportunity to open up many investment and business prospects (Photo: collectible)

  • Participants have the opportunity and time to travel, rest, relax, and do what they like;
  • The harmonious combination of work and rest will help the participants relax more, ensuring higher work productivity;
  • Promote the spirit of solidarity and cohesion between employees and businesses;
  • It is an opportunity for businesses and investors to meet customers and partners, expand business markets, and seek cooperation opportunities;
  • Positive impact on many other economic sectors, supporting tourism promotion for destinations.

Current popular mice tourism types

A kind of Mice Tourism
A kind of Mice Tourism – Source: Internet

Mice tourism has a positive effect thanks to the large number of guests (including domestic and international guests) with high payouts, using premium services, and staying for a long time. There are 4 common forms of mice tourism:

Meeting tour

This tourism activity is organized in combination with 2 forms: conferences and seminars. This activity brings information and products suitable to the interest and needs of the guests to receive the necessary contributions to the development.

There are 2 types of meeting tours:

  •       Association Meeting: Organize meetings and exchanges between people with the exact needs and concerns. The average attendance size is about 50 – 200 people;
  •       Corporate Meeting: Having a smaller organizational scale, internal nature of the enterprise. It can be an Internal Meeting – organizing a rewarding seminar or exchanging information internally within the company; or an External Meeting – organizing a forum to exchange business and investment cooperation between two or more companies.

Event/Exhibition tour – event/exhibition tourism

Event:exhibition tourism
Event:exhibition tourism – Source: Internet

Event and exhibition tourism is organized to promote and promote a specific field. The size and number of attendees often have a vague number. This event often organizes festivals, contests, product and service introductions, etc.

Exhibition travel typically includes:

  • Trade shows catering primarily to business units;
  • The product exhibition aims to introduce products and goods to customers.

Incentive tour – reward tour

Reward tourism is organized to reward and encourage employees in the company for their contributions. This form of mice tourism is both a form of tourism and brings other joys, motivating employees to engage with the company and stimulating the spirit of dedication.

Reward tourism often conducts activities, training programs, and organizing picnics for employees with a scale of about 100 – 150 participants. Attendees often have achievements, rewarded in activities.

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Convention tour – seminar tour

Convention tour - seminar tour
Convention tour – seminar tour  – Source: Internet

Workshop tourism brings participants new approaches, experiences, and knowledge through exchange and sharing. Workshop tourism usually takes place on a scale of 300 – 1500 people.

The form of workshop tourism is divided into 2 types:

  • Host Conference: The host country will host the conference, and other countries will send representatives.
  • Annual Conference: Held alternately in countries with the nature of once a year.

Learn about mice tourism in Vietnam 

Mice travel is prevalent in the world right now. In Southeast Asia, Singapore is the leader in this type of tourism. Although it is new in Vietnam, mice tourism is very focused and has a lot of potential for development in the coming time. Many tourism companies, resorts/hotels,… have exploited this type and achieved many positive results. In the future, continuing to control mice is one of the essential goals in Vietnam’s tourism development strategy.

Vietnam is currently a potential market for mice tourism development because:

  • Vietnam is on the verge of solid growth in terms of Economic – Political – Social indicators. People’s living standards are increasing, and they can pay for high-end services. At the same time, Vietnam’s business environment is also improving, attracting the attention of many domestic and foreign investors. Mice is the right choice to enhance the reputation of the unit and create attractive cooperation opportunities;
  • Vietnam possesses many scenic spots and traditional cultural and historical values. This is an advantage for mice tourism to develop, especially in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hue, Nha Trang, Da Nang, Phu Quoc,…;
  • The vigorous development of the Restaurants – Hotel, transportation services,… is ideal for mice tourism development.

The development of the restaurant and hotel sector creates favorable conditions for the development of mice tourism. The advantages above converge at Vinpearl resorts/hotels in Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Hoi An, Da Nang…

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