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Bay Mau Coconut Forest: 5 things to remember before going

Bay Mau coconut forest
Bay Mau coconut forest – Source: Internet

Bay Mau coconut forest is a popular eco-tourism area in Hoi An (Da Nang). In the area, you will have a chance to sit in a circular boat to visit the green coconut forest in the middle of a peaceful space and admire circular boats racing or enjoy local specialties…

Bay Mau coconut forest is one of the destinations that many tourists choose to visit in Hoi An travel itinerary. This place promises to bring you a lot of new and exciting experiences. For the trip to be complete, pocket these 5 important things right away before exploring this green coconut forest!


Bay Mau Coconut Forest is located at Group 2, Can Nhan Hamlet, Cam Thanh Commune, Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province

Operation time: From 7:00 to 17:00 daily

Tickets to visit Bay Mau coconut forest:

Entrance ticket price: 30,000 VND/person

Ticket price for renting a basket boat: 150,000 VND – 200,000 VND/boat

Bay Mau coconut forest is also known as Cam Thanh coconut forest by locals, about 3km from Hoi An city. This is a famous eco-tourism area that creates many experiences for tourists about the nature of rivers, immense coconut forests and rustic basket boats 

History of Bay Mau coconut forest

The wildness of Bay Mau coconut forest
The wildness of Bay Mau coconut forest – Source: Internet

According to locals, Cam Thanh coconut forest has existed for about 200 years. At that time, migrants from the Southwest region brought nipa varieties and planted them in this area. With the combination of water and soil, the tree gradually proliferated, growing into a large forest of about 7 ha. The name Bay Mau coconut forest also comes from that (although now the coconut forest covers an area of up to 100 hectares).

What does Bay Mau coconut forest have?

Nowadays, Bay Mau coconut forest has become the eco-tourism area that can provide many services for visitors. Those are the amazing feelings that many people have when coming here:

Take a basket boat to enjoy the scenery: Sitting in a circular boat weaving through the green coconut groves and enjoying the fresh air is a unique experience, loved by many people. Bay Mau coconut forest tourist area has two types of circular boats, a small one that can carry 2 guests and a large one for 4 guests. In your journey, you can listen to many interesting stories about the coconut forest and the dear melody of a Quang folk song far away.

Watch circular boat racing: In addition to walking and sightseeing, you can also enjoy the exciting performance of circular boat racing. And Lily’s Travel can be sure about one thing: you will be amazed at the ability of the “artist” to balance on the bobbing basket boat with fluid, extremely fast and impressive movements.

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Sailing on the river at Bay Mau coconut forest
Sailing on the river at Bay Mau coconut forest – Source: Internet

Learn how to catch fish: By throwing a net to catch fish, you will learn the way people catch fishes. That is a lively performance that many people expect when coming to Hoi An coconut forest. You will be able to see with your own eyes the rustic and ingenious image of fishermen here.

Making souvenirs from coconut leaves: On your tour, you will be presented souvenirs from coconut leaves by the boatman such as watches, locusts, tribal hats… The small gifts are so cute, enthusiastic and simple made by Quang Nam people. The aunts and uncles will also guide you to make your own favorite items.

Cycling to Cam Thanh village: The journey to explore Cam Thanh village will make you feel immersed in the beautiful, idyllic space of the vast rice fields and inhale the full chest of the country air of ripe rice.

Enjoy Hoi An specialties at local people’s houses: In the journey to discover Hoi An coconut forest, do not hesitate to accept the invitation of the local people to have many experiences of the rural life here. You will be treated to delicious specialties such as spring rolls, sweet and sour shrimp salad, banana flower salad, central pancakes… In addition, you can also enjoy these delicious dishes at Bay Mau coconut forest restaurant.

Cicurar boat at Bay Mau coconut forest
Cicurar boat at Bay Mau coconut forest – Source: Internet

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Some experiences on the way to to Bay Mau coconut forest

The following experience of going to Bay Mau coconut forest will help you have the best preparation for your visit:

Best time to visit

Traveling to the coconut forest in the dry season is the most suitable time because the forest is (from January to September). At this time, Hoi An is in the summer with sunny, cool climate so the coconut forest is extremely fresh and pleasant.

If you come to Bay Mau coconut forest around August or September, you will be able to admire the most beautiful coconut forest and enjoy delicious sesame salted coconut rice. The rest of the year, you can still go to the coconut forest, but you need to pay attention to monitoring the weather to avoid storms, especially around October and November.

Check in at Bay Mau coconut forest
Check in at Bay Mau coconut forest- Source: Internet

The path to the Bay Mau coconut forest in Hoi An

In recent years, Bay Mau coconut forest is always chosen in the travel schedule of Da Nang – Hue – Hoi An. Therefore, the road system is quite developed and you will easily get here by boat or by car, taxi or motorbike in 2 ways:

By river: You will board a boat at Bach Dang wharf (in the ancient town of Hoi An), the boat will take you downstream along the Thu Bon River to reach the coconut forest.

By road: From Hoi An city, you follow Tran Nhan Tong street, cross Cua Dai bridge and go another 500m path. After that, you will reach the destination.

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