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My Son Sanctuary – The architectural structure of the unique Champa temples

My Son sanctuary
My Son sanctuary – Source: Internet

My Son Sanctuary is a popular historical heritage of Quang Nam province with an architectural complex belonging to Champa temples. The relic was found again in 1885 and recognized as a World Cultural Heritage site in 1995 by UNESCO. 

My Son Sanctuary hid deeply in the center of the valley surrounded by mountains. In the past, this sanctuary used to be a place to worship as well as place the tombs of the ancient Champa kings.


Address: Duy Phu, Duy Xuyen, Quang Nam.

Ticket price for foreigners is about 150,000 VND and for Vietnamese about 100,000 VND.

Operation time: 6:30 – 17:30 from Monday – Sunday.

My Son Sanctuary is an architectural production movement of the ancient Cham Pa people in Duy Phu commune, Duy Xuyen district, Quang Nam province. This area has a diameter of about 2km with more than 70 different temples bearing many historical architectural features expressing each stage of the development of ancient Champa.

My Son Sanctuary, dating from about the 4th century under the reign of King Pham Ho Dat, is a place used to worship the gods’ Linga and Shiva. After the next two centuries, burned in the great fire. And in the 7th century, King Pham Pham Chi decided to rebuild the temples and it is remained until now. 

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Features of My Son Sanctuary

Check in at My Son Sanstuary
My Son Sanctuary is a popular historical heritage of Quang Nam province with an architectural complex belonging to Champa temples – Source: Internet

The architecture of My Son Sanctuary with its unique and sophisticated design is divided into 6 typical types: ancient style, Hoa Lai, My Son, Ponagar, Dong Duong and the style of the people of Binh Dinh. When traveling to My Son Sanctuary, visitors will see this architectural form’s characteristics: stone carvings, statues of Siva, and statues of dancers dancing in the Cham Pa style.

From time to time, the relic was also destroyed by the war of America in Vietnam. However, this place still has many intact towers and unique architecture that attracts visitors.

Explore the panorama of My Son Sanctuary 

My Son Sanctuary with more than 70 intricately carved temples bearing many important inscriptions in Sanskrit and Cham. Until 1898, a Frenchman and his colleagues discovered the relic hidden in the forest for a long time, in the center of the surrounding valley protected by two majestic mountains.

In addition, another special impression that makes My Son Sanctuary famous is the brick used to build the ancient towers. The bricks are fired and block cut then stacked skillfully without the use of any kind of binder.

Experience the unique 8m wide ancient road

This is an ancient road leading to the My Son Sanctuary, discovered by an Indian expert during the restoration and restoration of the central spiers located in the core of the resort. The width of the ancient road is up to 8m with 2 parallel walls and a depth of 1m buried in the ground.

According to some documents, this is the road directly to the center of the heritage. There is a large gate tower used for sacrifices that only kings, royal members, and noble dignitaries. of ancient Champa were allowed to enter. The system of the wall on both sides of the road is skillfully carved. This important discovery has contributed to increasing the long-standing historical values ​​that the My Son Sanctuary brings.

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Enjoy the enchanting Apsara dance

Apsara dance
Apsara dance – Source: Internet

The Apsara dance is inspired by Apsara sculpted sandstone statues and is considered a smooth and flexible dance called “Soul of the stone” to honor the curves of women.

This dance is currently used to perform in important art programs of Quang Nam province as well as for tourist groups to visit My Son Sanctuary. You will be lost in the ancient land of Champa with the picture of girls with elongated fingers, round breasts and seductive curves in sparkling and brilliant costumes.  The sound of the Saranac trumpet makes visitors even more infatuated.

Explore the traditional Kate festival of the Cham people

Kate festival is one of the popular festivals of the Cham people, usually held in July according to the Cham’s calendar. If your travel on time Kate festival occurs, you will have a chance to visit the unique heritage site and enjoy the rituals of praying for peace, a procession of robes and Kate, a water procession… At the festival, there will be many unique cultural performances combined with traditional props and flexible dances.

Treat your taste buds with the specialties of My Son Sanctuary

Cau Mong veal dish

Cau Mong veal dish is one of the famous delicious dishes that you must try when visiting My Son Sanctuary. Raw veal is selected from young grass-fed calves, weighing about 30kg, and then charred on a charcoal stove to keep the meat’s sweetness and the skin’s crunchiness. Then it will be sliced thin, served with dipping sauce and raw vegetables.

The sauce of this Cau Mong veal dish is also one factor that makes the dish delicious. The ingredients of the sauce include lemon, roasted sesame, garlic, chili mixed with premium fish sauce, creating an irresistible delicious dish.

Phu Chiem Noodles

If you have a chance to taste Phu Chiem noodles, Lily’s Travel is certainly sure that you will hardly forget. The white chewy noodles grown on the banks of the Thu Bon River combined with pork belly and shrimp create an irresistible flavor. The dish is often served with raw vegetables such as bean sprouts, split water spinach, herbs, and a little spicy chili horn taste, making the dish more attractive.

Banh Dap (Bánh Đập)

This is a similar cake to rice paper. The battered cakes are separated into 2 kinds: dry battered cakes that are baked for a crisp aroma and wet battered cakes. It will be dipped with pure fish sauce and fresh chili when eaten.

Banh Beo

Unlike Banh Beo in the West or Hue, Banh Beo in My Son Sanctuary has the same characteristics and sincerity as the people of Quang Nam here. This cake is made from flour and rolled with meat, mushrooms, wood ear or shrimp to be served with dipping sauce and vegetables. 

Banh To 

Banh To is a specialty cake that is only eaten on the Tet holiday by the Quang Nam people. This cake is mainly made from sugar bowls and premium glutinous rice. The cake has aromatic plasticity from glutinous rice and the characteristic sweetness of bowl sugar. You can eat it directly, fry or steam it before. 

What should be noted in the experience of going to the My Son Sanctuary

Best place to check in
Best place to check in – Source: Internet


To get to My Son Sanctuary, there are many ways to move, the most popular today are still buses, cars, and motorbikes.

Bus from Da Nang: departing from Da Nang city center bus station to My Son with a distance of 60km.

Ticket price: Depending on the route of tourists, the price ranges from 8,000 – 30,000 VND/time

Personal vehicle: With a car or motorbike, you can follow Highway 1 to Nam Phuoc town for about 39km, then go west on road 537 for about 9km to Tra Kieu. From Tra Kieu, you go straight about 12 km more to the junction then turn left and follow the signboard about mor then 9km. To reach the My Son holy site, you have to go on the mountain road for about 5 mminutes then walk along the rocky road to get there.

The way from Hoi An to My Son Sanctuary

From Hoi An to My Son Sanctuary is about 50km road. You can start from Hung Vuong Street and go straight on National Highway 1A to My Son. For many tourists who love to explore and backpack by motorbike, this road is an ideal place to try their best, only about 2 hours drive will arrive.

The best time travel

Quang Nam weather is separated into 2 seasons: the rainy season (from September to December) and the dry season (from February to August). Usually, the best time to visit My Son Sanctuary is from February to April because the weather will be quite cool and not hot. You should still bring umbrellas, jackets and sunscreen to protect yourself. 

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