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Bien Dong Park: The green paradise in the heart of Da Thanh

Bien Dong Park
Bien Dong Park – Source: Internet

Bien Dong Park is not only a favorite entertainment destination for many local young people but also a destination that is visited by a large number of tourists from all over the world every day. So where is this park, what is so special about it?

If you have the opportunity to travel to Da Nang, do not forget to visit Bien Dong Park- the most beautiful green paradise in Danang. Featured with green grass, tall coconut groves, white sand in the distance, whispering sea, this place becomes an ideal check-in point, to please all visitors.


Bien Dong Park is located at the end of Pham Van Dong Street, next to the statue of Mother Au Co and less than 8 km from Linh Ung Pagoda. This is an excellent location, overlooking the East Sea and close to popular tourist attractions such as Son Tra Peninsula, My Khe Beach, and Pham Van Dong Beach…

The name Bien Dong (meaning East Sea) comes from the park’s geographical location, but it also has a deeper meaning of expressing pride and affirming the nation’s sovereignty. Perhaps this is why this park has so many different names, including Hoa Binh Park and Love Park…


Da Nang Hoa Binh Park
Da Nang Hoa Binh Park – Source: Internet

From Da Nang International Airport to the East Sea Park, you have to follow Nguyen Van Linh Street, then cross Pham Van Dong Street, turn left at the end to Vo Nguyen Giap, go a short distance to the park gate. Because the travel distance between these two places is only about 6.3 km, you can choose many different ways to get to Bien Dong Park such as:

Personal vehicles: To proactively move and save money, you should go to the park by self-sufficient personal vehicles such as motorbikes, self-driving cars… Currently, the Da Nang motorbike rental service is very popular. , rent only ranges from 100,000 – 150,000 VND/day . If you go with a large group of people, you should rent a car to move more easily!

Taxi: Taxi is the fastest, most time-saving, and most popular means of transportation. From Da Nang airport to the park, it will cost you about 100,000 VND / trip. There are many car companies for you to choose from such as Mai Linh taxi, Song Han taxi, Tien Sa taxi…

By bus: Don’t worry if you don’t like taking a taxi or private vehicle to the park! Because the public transport system in the coastal city of Da Nang is very developed, you only need to move 3 minutes to the bus stop on the main road to easily reach the park.

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List things to do

Bien Dong Park- an attractive entertainment paradise with thousands of pigeons flying in harmony with green lawns, beautiful clean beaches, and many unique fun activities. Let’s discover what this park has that attracts so many visitors.

Explore Da Nang pigeon park

Da Nang Pigeon Park - A beautiful check-in point that attracts many young people's hearts
Da Nang Pigeon Park – A beautiful check-in point that attracts many young people’s hearts – Source: Internet

Referring to the most famous Bien Dong Park (East Sea Park) in Da Thanh, many people cannot forget the romantic scene like the West sky with flocks of white pigeons flying in the blue sky. This charming, strangely peaceful image gives visitors a great sense of relaxation and many unforgettable impressions that are nowhere to be found.

Here, you can take pictures, play, and even feed these friendly pigeons. Surely these will be interesting experiences, making you satisfied when visiting this beautiful park.

Visit the statue of Mother Au Co

Statue of Mother Au Co and wrapped with hundreds of eggs at Hoa Binh Park, Da Nang
Statue of Mother Au Co and wrapped with hundreds of eggs at Hoa Binh Park, Da Nang – Source: Internet

Not only impressive with the scene of pigeons flying freely in the blue sky, but the park also features a statue of Mother Au Co-located in the center. The statue is meticulously sculpted, depicting the image of Mother Au Co and wrapped in a hundred eggs in the legend, showing the spirit of national pride and deep respect of the people of Da Nang in particular as well as the people of Vietnam. in general to great mothers.

Join the big festivals at Bien Dong park

On weekends or special holidays, Bien Dong Park often organizes interesting entertainment events such as music parties, street festivals, coral diving tours, food festivals, etc.

These events are loved by a large number of visitors who participate enthusiastically. Therefore, if you also want to immerse yourself in the joyful and bustling atmosphere to forget the worries and worries in life, don’t forget to visit the park on these occasions!

Check-in point in Da Nang

Not only attracting visitors with many charming scenes or fun games, East Sea Park is also an ideal virtual living paradise loved by many young people. Here, visitors will easily find a beautiful check-in corner to create impressive photos. This park is also a wedding photography location chosen by many couples.

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Interesting entertainment spot for young people

Bien Dong Park has a spacious and airy space with a system of automatic food and drinks stalls. Coming to this park, you will be spoiled for wonderful relaxing moments, letting your soul into the salty taste of the sea, to enjoy the most unforgettable and comfortable moments.

Young people come to the park after stressful days of studying and working to find peaceful moments, have fun, and watch the blue beach. This place is also an ideal place to organize picnics, camping with friends and relatives on weekends.

An ideal destination for fitness and sports activities

In East Sea Park, every morning, many local people are coming to exercise, do sports, and exercise. When the sunset falls, you can sit on the benches along the park or take a walk on the long paths to breathe in the fresh, airy atmosphere, watch the immense blue sea, and soothe your soul with the beautiful scenery. the sound of waves crashing.

Delicious, cheap dishes must be tried

Fresh and attractive Da Nang seafood captivates many visitors
Fresh and attractive Da Nang seafood captivates many visitors – Source: Internet

Coming to Bien Dong Park but skipping Da Nang seafood dishes such as shrimp, crab, crab, and squid… is a pity. All are meticulously processed from fresh seafood, so it is very delicious, and full of sea flavor. In addition, you can enjoy many other specialties such as Quang Da Nang noodles or Da Nang baguettes, which are famous delicacies in this beautiful port city.

Ticket price

Bien Dong Park has many beautiful check-in corners with countless beautiful scenes and interesting games. So how much is the entrance ticket? Coming to the green paradise of Da Nang, you are completely assured because the park does not charge an entrance fee, visitors can freely take pictures and have fun, but it only costs from 5,000 – 15,000 VND / time parking fee. Especially the time to enter and exit is free, so you can enjoy great moments of picnic and relaxation with friends and relatives!

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