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Love Lock Bridge Da Nang: A place to make the memory of love

Love Lock Bridge Da Nang 3
Even Da Nang Love Bridge does not have the “legend of love story’ or unique architecture like other bridges in Da Nang but the pack padlock hung on this bridge is a romantic love story, attracting visitors – Source: Internet

Even Da Nang Love Bridge does not have the “legend of love story’ or unique architecture like other bridges in Da Nang but the pack padlock hung on this bridge is a romantic love story, attracting visitors.

Located in the heart of the city, Da Nang Love Bridge is a favorite check-in place for many young people. Not only that, some entertainment activities near the bridge are also what make every visitor want to experience once.


Da Nang Love Bridge is on the East side of the Han River – the famous river of Da Nang. The bridge has an arc shape and has been in operation since 2015. The Love Bridge is located between the Dragon Bridge and the Han River Bridge, so standing from here, you can see many beautiful and famous city landscapes.

Love Bridge in Da Nang is inspired by famous love bridges in the world such as Italy, France, Russia, and Germany. This is a place for couples to show off their love and mark the period of their love stories. The love locks represent strong, eternal love. Therefore, the bridge is a suitable tourist destination in Da Nang for couples coming and making memories.

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Discover the beauty of the bridge of love in Da Nang

Love Lock Bridge Da Nang
Love Lock Bridge Da Nang – Source: Internet

The unique design of the bridge

With an arc design, the 68m-long love bridge is likened to a soft silk strip crossing the Han River. Although the bridge is not too long, with its special position and meaning, the bridge still receives a lot of love from tourists, becoming the love symbol of the city.

The shimmering and fanciful beauty of Da Nang’s Love Lock Bridge at night

Explore the bridge of love right away to have the best check-in photos here. At night, the bridge of love also brings the splendor of Da Nang. The lights reflect on the river surface creating a romantic and fanciful scene.

In particular, next to the bridge of love, there is Happiness Cruise – a yacht inspired by the movie Titanic, you can enjoy meticulously prepared drinks and admire the beauty of
Han River Bridge, and Dragon Bridge. , Thuan Phuoc Bridge…

Da Nang Love Bridge – the love mark

Love locks without keys

Love locks came from Italy or France abou a decade ago. After that, this trend was imported to many countries, including Vietnam. Visitors can bring their locks or buy them at nearby shops.

The price of Da Nang Love Bridge locks is about 70,000 – 250,000 VND/lock.  Each padlock is molded into a heart shape with the names of couple. This lock engraves and symbolizes lasting and eternal love. Couples usually throw away the key so no one can open it.

Heart-shaped lanterns symbolize love

As if to increase the romance on the bridge, each lantern pole forms a heart shape. Many restaurants and eateries in the city have also taken this image of a lantern as proof of love and fidelity.

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The statue of a carp turning into a dragon symbolizes luck and prosperity

The carp turning into a dragon is a spiritual symbol of Vietnam that representes luck and success. At the same time, only those who have the qualities of resilience, perseverance, and desire to rise in life.

Visitors look at the image of carp crossing the dance floor as a reminder to always try and consistently overcome challenges in life. Not only that, but this is also a symbol for Da Nang people to always aim for a civilized and modern life without losing the national culture’s unique characteristics.

Love Lock Bridge Da Nang 2
Love Lock Bridge Da Nang – Source: Internet

Other beautiful bridges in Da Nang you should visit

Da Nang also has many other beautiful bridges that you should visit and check in such as: Han River Swing Bridge, Nguyen Van Troi Bridge, Dragon Bridge Da Nang, Thuan Phuoc Bridge.

Besides check-in at the famous bridges in Da Nang, you should visit VinWonders Nam Hoi An to make your trip to Da Nang memorable with a lot of interesting experiences.

Have a great time at Water World with Dragon Slide, Boomerang Slide…

Visit, explore and check in at Folklore Island – where architectural space from North to South converges, and at the same time, faithfully reproduces craft villages and types of Vietnamese folk art.

Love Bridge Da Nang is a destination that you cannot ignore when traveling to Da Nang. Don’t forget to consult and book vouchers, combos, Da Nang tours to make the trip more complete than ever!

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