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Da Nang travel guide: What makes Da Nang appealing? (Part 2)

Son Tra Peninsula

Son Tra Peninsula
Son Tra Peninsula – Source: Internet

Address: Son Tra Peninsula is only about 10km from the center of Da Nang and the traffic is very convenient, you can go from Hue to Da Nang by Nguyen Tat Thanh seaway via Thuan Phuoc bridge and Son Tra peninsula. Or you go from Hoi An to Da Nang along the Truong Sa – Vo Nguyen Giap – Hoang Sa sea route and then to Son Tra peninsula.

Son Tra Peninsula is an ancient woodland with a year-round cool environment. Son Tra Peninsula is the name on the list of places to visit because of its gorgeous natural landscape and attractions that offer unexpected and interesting things!

This is a famous spot for monumental architecture, more sophisticated than standing from Linh Ung Pagoda. Looking down, you may view the huge sea sky of Da Nang City.  The water is clear, flat, and dazzling in the center of sunlight; in the distance, Da Nang metropolis with closely connected rooftops paints a detailed and vivid picture of the most living metropolis.

The top of the chessboard: an incomplete antique chess game that cannot be completed. The path to the Chess Board’s apex is winding and tortuous. Driving along the mountain road that sometimes opens up in front of us is a turquoise beach, gentle, giant, flowing silently; At other times, the excellent sea surface is hidden behind the green trees, and to cover your eyes is the fresh, cool, lively of the forests.

The top of the chessboard: an incomplete antique chess game that cannot be completed. The path to the Chess Board’s apex is winding and tortuous. The banyan tree on the outskirts of Dong Son Tra, discovered in 1771 and found by scientists to be about 800 years old in 2014, is regarded Vietnam’s giant tree, with a circumference of 10m, 26 sub-roots, and each root being 25m high.

The banyan tree has been around for thousands of years: there is another right turn on the route to the top of the chessboard to go to this old banyan tree’s home. Because the feature is placed at an altitude of 621m above sea level, and the radar can cover it, it functions as a giant eye with an observing radius of hundreds of kilometers.

Tien Sa Port: Tien Sa Port is Da Nang’s principal gateway to the East Sea, the most important location in the port system, and the largest container port in the entire Central region, with ongoing innovation and facility improvement. Tourists visiting this place can admire Da Nang Port’s results and significant growth.

Mui Ne: This is the best site in Da Nang to see the first sunrise. Mui Ne is located in the head of the wind; small boats rarely travel here because there are very dangerous whirlpools, so this place brings a sense of wild, rustic, and natural beauty.

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Ngu Hanh Son Mountain

Ngu Hanh Son Mountain
Ngu Hanh Son Mountain – Source: Internet

Address: 52 Huyen Tran Princess, Hoa Hai, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang

Ngu Hanh Son is a group of five limestone mountains rising along the Da Nang-Hoi An route on a sandy beach. Ngu Hanh Son Mountain’s magnificent beauty comprises ancient mossy rocks as well as many unique cultural and historical architectural works.

Thuy Son is also known as Tam Thai Mountain because three peaks, representing the three Tam Thai stars, are positioned on three floors. The place attracts tourists to the most crucial area in the Ngu Hanh Son scenic complex.

Linh Ung Pagoda: This area not only draws many spiritual visitors, but it also allows you to immerse yourself in a calm setting at the Buddha’s door.

Tam Thai Pagoda: is a large temple in the Ngu Hanh Son scenic cluster and attracts many tourists to visit and pray

Huyen Khong Cave: this is the most beautiful landscape in the caves in the Marble Mountains. The place attracts many tourists to visit Sleeping Onion Mountain and enjoy the peaceful space as the fairy scene.

Am Phu Cave: is a big cave in the Marble Mountains group. There are many mysterious, murky caves, so people set up more punishments, such as under the grave to threaten the direction of good for people.

Kim Son: It is shaped like a Co Co river bank bell. The ancient Quan A Yin temple and the extremely mysterious Quan Yin cave are at Kim Son.

Moc Son: A mountain that runs parallel to Thuy Son.

Hoa Son is made up of two twin mountains connected by a stone road. Located opposite Thuy Son Mountain, Hoa Son has a high peak and a rocky slope. Above, there is a covered forest that creates a strange majestic feeling. Fire Mountain also has many famous caves and Pho Da pagodas.

Tho Son Mountain, also known as “Stone Husband Mountain”. Low and earthy mountains characterize this mountain, but it is the longest of the five Marble Mountains. In Tho Son, there is a cave deep within the hill called Bodhi Cave (also known as Toc Cave) with a tiny niche that served as a refuge for locals during the French and American resistance fights.

Non Nuoc stone art village: This is a traditional Da Nang village. From inanimate stones but through the skilled hands of Non Nuoc artisans, each product has been breathed with soul. Non Nuoc stone art village is also an attraction for many tourists when visiting Ngu Hanh Son.

Non Nuoc Beach: the sandy beach stretches smooth white on the blue Tibet ridge melodious in the wind. Give visitors an unparalleled sensation of tranquillity. This is also regarded as a tourism emblem in Da Nang. Especially, Non Nuoc beach does not have big waves, so it is suitable for swimming, especially for small children.

Nam O Reef

Nam O Reef
Nam O Reef – Source: Internet

Nam O Reef is located in Hoa Hiep Bac Ward in Lien Thuong District, Da Nang – approximately 17 kilometers northwest of the city center.

Outstanding beauty: Da Nang Nam O Reef has yet to be exploited for tourism, so there is still fanciful natural beauty. The white sandy beaches stretched, the waves into the sand, the blue sea cut a color. All this makes the South River of Da Nang extraordinarily charming.

The rocky beach, with many boulders of all sizes, is not far away. Walking on the stones of Da Nang South Reef, visitors will see small fish, snails and small crabs nestled by the stone. Son Tra peninsula is visible from Nam O Reef, and Hai Van Pass is obscured in the clouds to the west.

With mossy rocks covered with a striking green color, Nam O Reef becomes a magical living place for young people when traveling to Da Nang. Coming to Nam O Reef, you will feel wiped out of the urban dust. Drop your bare feet on the sand, and listen to the crashing waves. Find moments of peace for your soul after busy working days.

Main fun activities: Da Nang South Oasis Reef is a visitor check-in point. At the same time, this is also a wedding photography spot many couples choose because of the incredible magical natural scenery. In addition, when visiting this unique tourist destination, you can enjoy fresh seafood, including Nam O fish salad. In addition, Nam O fish sauce is also classified as a “must” specialty to buy as a gift during each trip to Da Nang.

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Time to stay to explore 

According to the experience of Da Nang Tourism of Lily’s Travel, the most reasonable time to visit Da Nang is 3-4 days. If you have little time, you can go to Da Nang for 3 days and 2 nights to see the highlights of Da Thanh. However, traveling to Da Nang for 3 days and 2 nights is a bit urgent, but it is also okay because it is also a reason for you to return to Da Nang later.

If you have more time, you can choose a 4-day 3-night tour to extend the program and have more time to enjoy. Many tourists traveling to Da Nang are self-sufficient or want to stay more in Da Nang; they will choose the Da Nang tour for 5 days 4 nights. However, according to the experience of Rang, it should take less time because it will create a feeling of boredom. Anything just enough or less than a little will create a sense of “craving, “making your Da Nang tours more enjoyable.

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