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Gieng Troi/The Well of Heaven: Explore “clean and green” tourist destinations in Da Nang

The green landcape of Gieng Troi
The green landcape of Gieng Troi – Source: Internet

If you are looking for a tourist destination to go into the wild and cool landscape in Da Nang, Gieng Troi – The Well of Heaven is a great spot. Coming to this place, you will be immersed in nature, and enjoy the freshness of heaven and earth.


Gieng Troi – The Well of Heaven in Da Nang is a famous tourist destination thanks to its wild beauty, and cool and pleasant atmosphere. Creating excitement is the word tourists said whenever mentioning this place.

This Da Nang tourist site is located in an ancient forest in Hoa Ninh commune, Hoa Vang district, west of the city. It is about 35 km from the city center to Gieng Troi. Gieng Troi is surrounded by trees and is located near the top of the mountain, so the air is fresh and cool even on hot summer days.

Coming to The Well of Heaven in Da Nang, you can feel like staying away from the hustle and bustle of the city and having wonderful experiences such as:

Swim in the “natural swimming pools”

Go on a challenging ride with the Tarzan swing activity

Go fishing activities by the stream

Hunting crabs, catching snails, and watching frogs at night like the locals

Organize overnight camping at Gieng Troi tourist area in Da Nang

Best time to travel

A spot to chill chill
A spot to chill chill – Source: Internet

Gieng Troi is the best destination for visitors to explore at any time of the year. However, the best time for you to experience the waterfall bathing and discover all the beauties here is usually between June and September every year. Because this is a period of beautiful weather with little rain, the road is not slippery and dangerous.

The period after Tet is also very suitable for those who want to explore the tranquility of Gieng Troi because there are not many local tourists at that time. 

The best time to explore Gieng Troi is early in the morning. This is the time when the sun has not yet risen, so the air is fresh, cool, and not too hot, avoiding the situation of loss of strength and fatigue during travel

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To get to Gieng Troi, from the center of Da Nang city, you move towards Ba Na in Hoa Ninh commune, Hoa Vang district. Then, depending on your preferences choose a form of transportation such as riding or walking accordingly:

Walking: Travel by car from the city center, then park the car at Ba Na’s garage and walk to Gieng Troi. If you just go and admire the beautiful scenery of Da Nang and take a break in the middle of the road, it will take nearly 4 hours to move.

Traveling by car: This way of traveling requires a high degree of assurance and certainty of the vehicle and a high level of driving.

Plan to explore the well of heaven

Gieng Troi
Gieng Troi – Source: Internet

Coming to Gieng Troi, you will have interesting experiences such as:

Enjoy the “natural swimming pool”

The Well of Heaven is located near the top of the mountain so it is often called a swimming pool in the middle of the sky by young people. Swimming in the cool water, you can build rafts to drop your souls into the wonderful natural landscape.

Go on an adventurous Tarzan swing

This site has many old trees with long roots hanging down to create swinging ropes. You can easily enjoy the transformation of Tarzan by choosing a rope and swinging in the middle of the forest. In addition, you can create hammocks by connecting strings close together, these “hammocks” will give you a very new feeling.

Look for frogs, find crabs and catch snails at night

Once immersed in nature, catching crabs, snails or frogs will bring quite interesting experiences for visitors once immersed in nature. These foods are so nutritious, clean, and completely free for you to try and taste. 


The Gieng Troi area has many types of fish living and growing. Therefore, coming here, you can try to go fishing and process it into attractive dishes.

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Some notifications when traveling to Gieng Troi in Da Nang?

BBQ party is great idea
BBQ party is great idea – Source: Internet

Before departing for the Da Nang tour at Gieng Troi, you should prepare anti-squeezing medicine, insects, a flashlight, a life jacket, a fishing rod, a knife, fire machine. In addition, visitors should wear long-sleeved shirts, tight pants or jeans with good stretch, and cloth shoes with spikes to move easily and avoid insect bites.

In particular, The Well of Heaven (Gieng Troi) has not been affected by humans, so there are no service areas like other tourist areas in Da Nang. Therefore, to ensure a complete trip, food and drinks are something that you cannot forget if you want the most perfect trip to Gieng Troi Da Nang.

The best time to visit Gieng Troi is from June to September. Because at this time the weather is beautiful, less rainy, the road is easy to go.

You should prepare repellent, insect repellent, flashlight, life jacket, fishing rod, knife, lighter

Pay attention to wearing a long-sleeved shirt, easy to absorb sweat, and long pants to avoid being bitten by insects

Carefully prepare food and drink for the trip to be complete, the members have enough energy to explore

Fill up the fuel tank for cars and motorbikes if you travel by personal vehicle

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