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Tien Sa lighthouse: A new spot to see Da Nang overview

Tien Sa lighthouse
Tien Sa lighthouse – Source: Internet

Da Nang, a tourist city, always knows how to make people nostalgic with its poetic millennial scenery such as My Khe beach the top of the most attractive beaches in the world to Ba Na Hills – an attractive European style. Not only that, Da Nang also has a place where heaven and earth intersect, with a beautiful view that is attracting “thrilling” of photography enthusiasts, which is Tien Sa Lighthouse.

General Information

Because it is located on Son Tra peninsula, the lighthouse is also known as Hai Dang Tien Sa. The lighthouse is about 20km east of Da Nang city center. This is a place where you can enjoy watching the sea from above with a wonderful view.

Tien Sa Lighthouse is 15,6m high and 2,7 m wide on the average. Along with geographical visibility of 14 nautical miles, the height of the light center is 238.4 meters. From here, you can zoom into the distance, occupying the vast sea. Covering the vast Son Tra peninsula, overlooking the beautiful city of Da Nang.

This is a lighthouse built by France and put into operation in 1902. Therefore, Tien Sa Lighthouse is known as one of the oldest and most beautiful lighthouses in Vietnam. There are also independent lights, helping boats operating in the waters of Hue – Da Nang easily navigates and determine their position.


the way to go to Tien Sa lighthouse
The way to go to Tien Sa lighthouse – Source: Internet

Tien Sa Lighthouse is only about 17km from the center of Da Nang city. From here, you just drive in the direction to Linh Ung Pagoda, then go along Phan Dinh Nghe Street to continue Hoang Sa. After that, you will meet the InterContinental resort. There is a sign board here, follow the directions and you will reach this enchanting old Lighthouse.

The dead-end or dangerous sections have instructions forbidding entry, so you can rest assured. A small note is that you should fill up the fuel tank because there are some steep uphill sections, so it will consume gas.

Tien Sa Lighthouse – a virtual living spot with countless beautiful scenes

Tien Sa Lighthouse is increasingly famous and has become one of the most prominent destinations of the green pearl Son Tra.

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The best time to arrive

Tien Sa lighthouse is a spot to check in
Tien Sa lighthouse is a spot to check in – Source: Internet

If you want to see the beautiful intermingling of heaven and earth, you should come at sunrise or sunset. However, according to the lighthouse guard, the sunset is still more popular. The brilliance of the sky when it gradually turns to red-yellow mixed with clouds creates a ravishing scene.

You should come early before about 2 pm to enjoy the scenery slowly. Because the scenery along the way is also an enchanting picture with the vast blue sea, plants and trees intertwined under the brilliant golden sunlight.

The beauty with classic and modern features intertwined attractively

Coming here, you will be immediately impressed because it is a work with French style influences, both ancient features tinged with the color of May but also subtly modern breath in fresh colors.

The entire lighthouse is covered by two striking white and yellow tones, accented by blue doors with ancient beauty. This is guaranteed to be an extremely magical image background, promising to create “quality” photos for virtual believers.

Standing on Tien Sa Lighthouse, visitors’ souls seem to be more open, majestic natural beauty appears in front of them. You will be released to adventure along the wild landscape, the birds singing intertwine peacefully and strangely.

On light sunny days, blue sky, white clouds, the space here becomes more brilliant and poetic. A feeling like “getting lost” in the fairy scene, separate from the noisy, busy world out there.

And then when sunset falls, the Lighthouse takes on a beautiful color. The whole space is gradually dyed in an enchanting pink color. The sky, which was originally very blue, suddenly turned red and yellow mixed with beautiful five-color clouds. A magical scene attracts anyone, and then the shoots are created with magical, captivating beauty.

The pandorama view of Tien Sa lighthouse
The pandorama view of Tien Sa lighthouse – Source: Internet

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Food to try

If you decide to visit Tien Sa ancient lighthouse and intend to stay until the afternoon, remember to bring some food such as cakes, fruits, bread or prepared food to fill your stomach when hungry. Or if you feel cumbersome, you can come here early, after visiting and checking-in to your heart’s content, return to the center to enjoy attractive Da Nang specialties.

There are many eateries, restaurants from popular to luxurious serving dishes such as: seafood, veal, Quang noodles, pork buns, fish vermicelli,… the taste is quite suitable. suitable for all regions.

Some locations near Tien Sa lighthouse can be discovered

Nhat Lam Thuy Trang Tra

From the lighthouse location, you move more than 1 km to this place. Although it is still a little-known name, this place has a wild and rustic beauty that is very suitable for nature trips and peaceful hoeing experiences. Not only attracted by the natural scenery, fresh air, Nhat Lam Thuy Trang Tra also attracts visitors by the rustic dishes from wild vegetables, wild forests, chickens or stream fish…

Thousand-year banyan tree

From Nhat Lam Thuy Trang Tra, you go another 1 km to the area with the Thousand Year Banyan Tree, also known as the ancient banyan tree. The interesting thing here is that this giant banyan tree has a height of over 20 m with huge branches to welcome the heat. Make sure you will be overwhelmed, can’t believe your eyes when you see the interlaced roots crashing into the ground, the canopy radiating to shade a large space.

Mui Nghe

Cape Nghe has located about 4 km from the lighthouse. This is known as the place to welcome the first dawn of Da Nang. Also, with the wild scenery, fresh air, a clear blue beach, and many interesting activities, this place is increasingly attracting more and more tourists, especially young people to visit and explore.

A few notes when traveling to Tien Sa lighthouse in Da Nang

The way to the lighthouse is not too difficult to find and difficult to go, but it is best to consult the way before departure, to avoid getting lost and losing time.

If you choose to travel by motorbike, remember to check the vehicle carefully and fill up the fuel tank, minimizing problems on the way.

When climbing the steps to the top of the lighthouse, pay attention, do not lean heavily on the railing.

The scene here is very beautiful, before you go, prepare the costumes to take “virtual life” photos and a fully charged phone or camera.

So try to leave as soon as possible to have a more fun time and leave before dark to ensure safety.

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