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Ha Giang travel in 3 days 2 nights: The detail from the insider (part 1)

This article is very long, if you intend to go to Ha Giang, please read it carefully. It will help you a lot. I once said: I only go to Ha Giang when I have a lover. And I still wait until that day to go with my lover, the two of us will roam together on the beautiful and majestic roads that people often talk about in Ha Giang. But after waiting forever, I still couldn’t find anyone to love, so I decided to go to find a lover because I have also heard: If you go to Da Lat, you will break up, but if you go to Ha Giang, you will have a lover. Who knows, after this trip, I have a real lover. And now my detailed schedule is 3 days and 2 nights in Ha Giang (not to mention 1 night from Hanoi and 1 night from Ha Giang).

Ha Giang
Ha Giang – Source: Internet

A detailed review of Ha Giang travel in 3 days 2 nights

The total length of the route: About 500km, following a circle.

Day 1: Ha Giang city – Quan Ba ​​heaven gate – Quan Ba ​​twin mountain – Yen Minh pine forest – Yen Minh – Tham Ma slope – Pao’s house – Vuong family palace (Meo king) – Dong Van town.

Day 2: Dong Van town – Don Cao – Lung Cu flagpole – Dong Van – Ma Pi Leng pass – death cliff – Café Panorama – Tu San alley (Riding on Nho Que river) – Meo Vac.

Day 3: Meo Vac – M corner – Mau Due – Du Gia – Ha Giang city

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Transportation to Ha Giang

If you are in Hanoi and want to move to Ha Giang, you can contact to book bus tickets in advance at bus operators such as Bang Phan, Cau Me, etc. There are sleeper buses for 200k/way and limousines for 300k. / pm okay. The day I went, it was Cau Me bus station, located in box 19 of My Dinh bus station. The bus departs at 9 pm and arrives in Ha Giang at 3:30 am. So around 20:30, you should be at the bus station to get on the bus.

If you come from Thanh Hoa, there is also Cau Me bus station. The bus departs at the northern bus station, departs at 3 pm and arrives in Ha Giang city at 2 am. The ticket price is 320k /way sleeper bus.

Vehicles in Ha Giang

Vehicles in Ha Giang
Vehicles in Ha Giang – Source: Internet

Wherever I go, I always choose the means of transportation which is motorbikes. Because motorbikes bring you the convenience of moving, enjoying the scenery more and going to places that cars can’t go. And this trip to Ha Giang too, I rented a motorbike at QT motorbikes. Renting a car here, everyone can rest assured, we went for 3 days without any problems. In addition to being a car rental place, this is also a car repair and maintenance workshop, so the car always looks new and safe. There are many different types of cars here for everyone to choose from, from scooters, gear cars, clutches, motos, and locomotives….

We rent a digital car for 150k/day. The above price includes luggage straps, helmets, plastic bags for backpacks… and staff to tie things to the car if needed. The bus arrives in Ha Giang city at 3 am, so at QT motorbikes, there is a free accommodation arrangement for everyone to rest until the morning, and when returning the car, you can also take a shower, rest and wait for the car to return. In addition, there is also a motorbike insurance service with a price of 70k / car. You know, this trip is more than 500km, so I don’t know what will happen to my car on the road. And when buying car insurance, if it breaks down, you just fix it, go to the place where QT will refund you the repair money. And when you need advice on where to go, how to stop, how to schedule… they will also help you with answers.

Time to travel 

Ha Giang is really beautiful all year round, everyone. Each season has its own beauty. January and February are spring festivals; March is peach blossom, plum blossom bloom; April has Khau Vai love market (taking wife); May-June season of water pouring; August-September season of ripe rice; October-11-12 season of buckwheat flowers, mustard flowers. You can take a closer look at the travel seasons in Ha Giang to choose the right time to go to your needs.

Hotels and homestays

Like other tourist areas, we just need to stay in the central area and every day we will go out in each direction and return to the center at night. But Ha Giang is different, coming to Ha Giang we will go in a circle. Each night will be in a different place. Therefore, I recommend that you should bring a bag because we have to tie our luggage during the journey. If you bring a suitcase, it will be difficult to tie it, but if you want to fasten it, it will be distorted.

Night 1: The first night I stayed at QT Mobikes. Because I rented a car here, I could stay for free until the morning to pick up the car. Room with bunk beds, 1 bed per person, shared bathroom. Because a room with 12 beds only has 1 toilet, everyone should take advantage of quick personal hygiene. There is also a separate towel for you if you need it. Because it’s just a temporary room, I don’t care much, it’s ok to have a place to stay at 3 am (There is a picture of the room).

Night 2: The next night, we stayed at Old House Homestay in Dong Van town. This is an old house dating back more than 200 years, located right in the Old Quarter in Dong Van (central area). The rent is 100k/person/bed. The house impresses me with the beautiful decor in the antique, vintage direction. The sleeping cushions are arranged next to each other, with curtains drawn to cover them. There are a total of 6-7 toilets on the first floor, hot and cold, full towels for everyone. In the evening, everyone can go to the backyard to have coffee and drink tea, which is also very chill. Too bad I couldn’t take a picture of the inside.

Old House Homestay in Dong Van town.
Old House Homestay in Dong Van town – Source: Internet

Night 3: The last night we stayed at Hoa Cuong guesthouse in Meo Vac town. Oh my god, I said I’ve never seen such a big restroom, but it’s located right in the district street. 1 room has up to 4 double beds (at least 8 people) but the price is only 700k/night. The bathroom is spacious and comfortable. There are full towels, cotton swabs, toothbrushes, hair dryers….

Places to explore

Day 1: Ha Giang City – Dong Van Town

Ha Giang City – Dong Van Town
Ha Giang City – Dong Van Town – Source: Internet

At 6 am, we woke up, did personal hygiene, packed our things and went down to check in the car, test drives the car, tie the luggage and start on the road. The road is quite beautiful, there are not many potholes and elephant holes. However, this is a pass, there are many bends in the sleeves, so you should pay attention and go carefully. Especially the bends where there are convex mirrors, which are dangerous bends. And those bends are often uphill or downhill.

On the way, we will pass through Bac Sum sloping heaven gate, Quan Ba ​​heaven gate, Yen Minh pine forest, Quan Ba ​​twin mountain, Tham Ma slope, Pao’s house, Vuong family residence (Meo king). There are many beautiful scenes along the way, but you are also limited to stopping taking pictures. Because on the second day, there will be many similar beautiful mountains and forests, but much more beautiful. Then let’s stop and shoot.

When staying at the gate of heaven, I advise you not to buy tickets to visit the gate because there is nothing. Just the miniatures I often see in other tourist areas, but the entrance ticket is 40k/person.

On the way, you will also meet a lot of flower hills. Then I also advise you not to take pictures. On the second day, I will show you a beautiful place to take pictures of buckwheat flowers.

On this first day, please take the time to go quickly to Doc Tam My, Pao’s house, Ho Vuong’s Palace and reach Dong Van town before the evening. Because it gets dark very quickly up here, at 5 pm I have to turn on the car lights and slow down because it’s very dark. This is the crime of taking pictures along the way, so it was already dark before reaching Dong Van. That’s why I advise you to limit taking photos on this first day because the next 2 days there are more beautiful scenes like that. We have to waste time deleting photos and clips of the first day because it is not beautiful anymore.

To be continued

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