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Ha Giang travel in 3 days 2 nights: The detail from the insider (part 2)

Day 2: Dong Van town – Meo Vac town

Meo Vac Valley
Meo Vac Valley – Source: Internet

It was cold early in the morning in Dong Van, but we still decided to get up at 5 am, do personal hygiene, pack up our things, leave our things in the room, then climb up Don Cao to watch the sunrise. Don Cao is a mountain located right in the old town of Dong Van, we only need to climb for 30-45 minutes to reach the place. Sitting on the top of Don Cao, you will have a panoramic view of Dong Van town, watch the sunrise and enjoy the fresh air. I recommend you go.

After watching the sunrise, we went down to have breakfast, checked out and went to Lung Cu flagpole to check in. The road to Lung Cu is quite bad, many big cars pass by, so dust, and many potholes. Please pay attention carefully. After checking in at the Lung Cu flagpole, we return to Dong Van town. On the way back to Dong Van town, we will pass through a fork of 3 (1 road to Dong Van – the old road to go up; and 1 way to go straight). So here we don’t rush back to Dong Van, but we should go straight for about 2km, look on the right-hand side we will see a flower hill. This is the hill of buckwheat flowers that I find the most beautiful here. This hill has 2 floors of stairs, you go to the upper floor and you will see a large field, there is a swing, children are sitting and playing. After taking pictures in the buckwheat flower field, we go back to the old road to return to Dong Van.

From Dong Van, we continue to go to Ma Pi Leng pass. Dubbed the most beautiful pass in Vietnam. Sitting in the car watching the mountains rolling, clouds rolling around the mountain, cool air, golden sunshine.

On this pass, we will check in at the following points in turn: Death cliff and overlooking Nho Que river, Panorama cafe, Tu San alley (boat ride on Nho Que river). Starting the Ma Pi Leng pass about 4-5km, we will see a group of people offering to go down Nho Que river to take a boat through Tu San alley. Here, you guys skip it, don’t get off the boat here, but we should go to the end of the pass.

On the way, we will meet at an A Pao cafe on the right, there will be 2 turns. If you are not afraid to climb the cliff of death, then take the road above (the road with a welcome gate “Ma Pi Leng Pass”), go about 2-3km, you will see the cliff, climb up and check in is done. Then go back to the old fork, enter the path below to go to the next point.

Leaving the cliff of death, I continued to the virtual living cliff looking down at Nho Que river. After taking pictures, I continued to go to Panorama Cafe. Tickets to the cafe are 50k (including drinks). This is a very beautiful place to take pictures down Nho Que river (shooting angle like my profile picture) so it’s very crowded, you have to wait in line to take pictures. After taking pictures here, I went down to the marina to take a boat on the Nho Que river (check-in Tu San alley).

From Café Panorama, we go about 2km more, there will be a fork down to the marina. To get off the Nho Que river boat, there are two ways to get down: Either walk 2km down or ride a motorbike 8km straight down the river. And we choose the first way to walk down. When down, very strong, and light. But when you go up, it’s enough to die. If you go by car, you can go to the small road and then rent a motorbike taxi for 150k round trip to take it down. If you ride a motorbike, follow the mountain road to get down, there is a place to park a motorbike. The road will be a bit steep and bendy, there will be a few groups of dirt roads and a bit difficult to go. The ticket to the boat is 100k / person. If you want to take pictures at the virtual cliff, remember to ask the train driver to pull over to take pictures.

On the boat, we continue to run back to Meo Vac town to have dinner and rest here. Recharge energy for the 3rd day back to Ha Giang.

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Day 3: Meo Vac town – Ha Giang city

Meo Vac Valley
Meo Vac Valley – Source: Internet

Here I will have 2 choices: One is to go back to the old road to return, 2 is to continue in the direction of Mau Due – Du Gia and back to Ha Giang and our group chooses option 2. This new road is worse than the road. the old road we passed. But the scenery is very beautiful and is keeping the wild character. Especially a road from Mau Due to Du Gia has beautiful scenery. And I think this is the most beautiful road on this trip, even more, beautiful than Ma Pi Leng pass. However, the section from Du Gia to Ha Giang has many super bad roads. Everyone remember to go slow to protect yourself and the car.

On the way back, we just stopped to rest and take photos at some places with beautiful scenery along the way and then continue to Ha Giang city, not to any more tourist spots. It was late afternoon when I returned to Ha Giang, intending to take a photo to check in at milestone 0, but because it was too crowded, I stopped. The brothers returned to QT motorbikes to take a shower, do personal hygiene, have dinner and at 8:45 a.m. get on the bus back to Hanoi. Finish the trip.

Eating in Ha Giang

Eating in Ha Giang
Eating in Ha Giang – Source: Internet

Day 1: Morning: Eat at a roadside noodle shop (40.000 VND/bowl). Pho is quite delicious, especially with the super delicious pickled bamboo shoots.
Noon: We have lunch at Cuong Thu restaurant in Yen Minh. The food is pretty good but it’s cheap. Only 350.000 VND/meal for 6 people.

Evening: In the evening in Dong Van town, we eat black chicken hot pot at Thach Son can Culinary right in the old town. I find this hot pot quite delicious. And this is also my first time eating buckwheat vegetables. Its taste is sour, sweet, crunchy, quite delicious to eat. This hot pot costs 750.000 VND/6 people.

Day 2: In the morning, we plan to eat banh cuon at Mrs. Ha’s restaurant at 31 Old Quarter because it was recommended to be delicious and should try it. But because the queue was too long, I decided to eat five-color sticky rice right in front of the shop and the taste was quite ok. The price for a box of sticky rice is 30.000 VND. Because it took a long time to take pictures at Lung Cu flagpole and buckwheat flower hill, we didn’t have time to have lunch. So they decided to buy bread, sausages and went up to A Pao cafe at Ma Pi Leng pass to rest and have lunch there.

Evening: On the evening of the 2nd day, we have a barbecue at Quyet Hang restaurant (opposite the central market of Meo Vac town). The food is not great, but the wait is too long. The service staff is very slow but the checkout time is very fast. You can find other restaurants to try. This dinner costs 690.000 VND.

Day 3: Morning: On the morning of the last day, we have breakfast at Huong Han restaurant (near Central market). There are also vermicelli, pho, and bun cha here. I ate the bun cha and found it quite delicious. Hehe. The price of breakfast for the whole group is 350.000 VND. On the way back to Du Gia, we stopped by Binh Ban Du Gia restaurant. This lunch costs 420.000 VND.  After lunch, we went to the opposite cafe 1 High bar to drink coffee and rest a bit. The shop is very cute, I didn’t think there was such a cute shop here. Total drinks 225.000 VND.

Evening: Finally have a quality dinner in Ha Giang city. It’s the most delicious hot pot at Viet Hoa Hotel. This restaurant is opposite QT motorbikes. Just because they were afraid to go far, they came here to eat, but it was better than they imagined. The restaurant had a large group of customers at that time, but the service was also very fast. The dinner price is 780.000 VND.

Some notes for you 

The Vuong Palace does not have to buy tickets. They still say the ticket counter, but the fare is merit. Many people do not buy. Lung Cu flagpole can ride motorbikes along the tramway to near the top of the flagpole. It is not necessary to park a motorbike at the foot of the flagpole to ride a tram. On the way from Ha Giang city to Dong Van, you will pass through Can Ty bridge, here there will be 2 roads. The lower path is the old road, and the upper path is the new path.

Tu San Alley skips the first alley, gets off the boat in the back alley. If you don’t climb the cliff of death, you don’t have to go up the pass with the gate “Ma Pi Leng Pass”. Taking pictures with the babies at the spots is free of charge. But if you can, give them some money or candy. And remember each other, otherwise, they fight each other very badly.

Tu San Alley
Tu San Alley – Source: Internet

Should store some dry food such as bread, sausages, fruit … to eat along the way. Because we don’t know when we will rest, but the foot is usually a pass, it is unlikely that there will be food. If you rent a motorbike to go, you should not bring a suitcase, only a backpack. On the first day should take the time to go quickly to Dong Van before dark. Limit taking pictures.

The road from Meo Vac to Ha Giang is bad, with many intersections and intersections. Everyone should follow google map to go in the right direction. Should follow the group, avoid leaving each other, it will be easy to get lost. Taking pictures of buckwheat flowers always costs money. When they entered, they were nowhere to be seen, but when they came out, they were standing there to collect money.

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