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Halong Flower Park: The super awesome architecture in Halong City


Halong Flower Park is nestled beautifully right next to Halong Bay. It has a vast area and is one of the recent attractions that has attracted many tourists. This is a famous entertainment and activity spot for locals and tourists from near and far.

Overview of Halong Flower Park

Halong Flower Park
Halong Flower Park – Source: Internet

Located in a prime location and extremely easy to find, Halong Flower Park is an ideal place for entertainment for local people and many tourists from near and far. On a boat floating to admire the majestic Ha Long Bay, tourists often visit this park to admire the colorful natural beauty and many other exciting experiences.

Halong Flower Park has an area of ​​up to 12 hectares, including 8 main functional areas. This park was built based on the old Halong Flower Park, adding the golf practice ground’s location and the Oceanbank Shopping Center’s land area, so it increased from 7 hectares to 14.5 hectares compared to the current area.

With a low park design to create the best green space for the city, this place has become one of the places for community activities, cultural exchange, art, sports and entertainment. Many large and small events are held here to exchange and learn together.

Address: Le Thanh Tong street, Bach Dang ward, Halong City

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How to get to Halong Flower Park

Halong – Source: Internet

To get to Halong Flower Park, visitors can choose to go by personal means such as motorbikes, private cars, or other public means such as buses. Getting here is relatively easy; visitors start from the city center through April 25. When coming here, go straight until you see the sign indicating Le Thanh Tong Street, turn in, and you will reach the park

If you need to learn the way, you can use Google Maps or ask local people for guidance. On the way to the park, you will see the scenery on both sides of the road that is also highly poetic and charming, similar to any other attractions here.

What is attractive about Halong Flower Park

Halong Flower Park Festival
Halong Flower Park Festival – Source: Internet

The area of ​​Halong Flower Park is extensive, with 8 main functional areas

  • Possessing a large area, Halong Flower Park is designed to include 8 main functional areas:
  • The area where the monument of comrade Vu Van Hieu is located
  • The central area displays ornamental creatures, art flower exhibitions, and mixed services depicted in the greenhouse
  • The central flower square is renovated and arranged in the existing main area of ​​Halong Park
  • Long-Phung square area
  • Outdoor sports and entertainment area in the East of the Flower Park
  • The art flower square includes themed gardens and outdoor flower gardens
  • Flower – Water and Wind Square in the west of the Halong Flower Park
  • Reserve land

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Green space is suitable for people to exercise

Green Space in Halong Flower Park
Green Space in Halong Flower Park – Source: Internet

Along with its unique architectural style, Halong Flower Park also provides a system of roofs to help people in the city come here to experience and enjoy moments of exercise and walking in green space. Local people often invite each other to the park every early morning or late afternoon to exercise and skateboard… There are also outdoor exercise equipment available.

Flower Park is located right next to Halong Bay, so when coming here, visitors, in addition to walking and admiring the scenery, can immerse themselves in the park’s green space, enjoy the cool sea breeze, and check in freely. Covering the entire park is the lush green of trees mixed with bright, colorful flowers.

With 8 functional areas divided logically, each area brings different and exciting experiences; Halong Flower Park designs lawns and fields with spacious areas suitable for Tourists, and families can come here together to organize picnics, play, exercise, or exercise.

There is also investment in building an elevated walkway with a length of up to 1000 m and a height of 2.7 to 3.5 m. The width is so broad that it can accommodate 5 to 6 pedestrians at a time, giving everyone a space to walk and admire the scenery comfortably. For those who love nature and want to exercise, this park is an ideal place not to be missed.

Halong Flower Park is one of the ideal entertainment spots in Halong. Every weekend, this place welcomes a large number of locals and visitors. After relaxing and resting in the fresh air here, you can explore the Sun World Ha Long entertainment area with many exciting things waiting ahead!

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