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Sky Gate Sapa: Explore the magnificent beauty of Northwest Vietnam


Sky Gate Sapa is one of the famous tourist destinations that you must visit on your upcoming Sapa trip. Sky Gate Sapa is located on the top of O Quy Ho Pass – one of the four great passes of the S-shaped strip of land, at about 2,035m above sea level. If you go from the Sapa town center, you will travel along Highway 4D to Lai Chau, passing through Silver Waterfall and Love Waterfall… to reach Sky Gate Sapa.

Location of Sky Gate Sapa

Sky Gate Sapa hunting cloud
Sky Gate Sapa hunting cloud – Source: Internet

Right from the starting point of O Quy Ho Pass, if you travel by motorbike, you will feel the twists and turns, so if you are confident about driving, you should conquer it yourself. On the journey, visitors can admire the beautiful and impressive landscape paintings on both sides of the road. Leaving behind the hustle and bustle of Sapa town, you will come to heaven and earth’s magnificent, majestic scenery, hills and mountains blending together. The feeling of traveling by motorbike on the longest pass in Vietnam will be a memorable experience. Plan to conquer this fantastic destination once you know where Sky Gate Sapa is.

Advice on the quickest route to Sky Gate Sapa

Depending on the location you are in, choose the suitable route for yourself.

Departing from Lao Cai

To reach Sky Gate Sapa, you must travel Highway 4D for over 40km. This road is mostly wind, and the landscape on both sides is forests and terraced fields running one after another. This road has been expanded and repaired a lot, so it is relatively easy to travel, and two cars can easily avoid each other.

Depart from Sapa town

Suppose you want to get to Sky Gate Sapa from town. In that case, you go from Sapa bus station and Sapa market to Dien Bien road, follow the old 4D highway, passing tourist attractions such as Silver Waterfall, Tram Ton ranger station, and some other tourist attractions. After a kilometer, you will reach O Quy Ho Pass; the top is Sky Gate Sapa. This road is about 18km long.

Which season is best to go to Sky Gate Sapa?


Sky Gate Sapa
Sky Gate Sapa – Source: Internet

Sapa is still cold from winter in early spring, so looking down from the sky gate, you will see a somewhat gloomy, hard scene covered in blue-gray. But if you come here in late spring, you will see the flowers in Sapa blooming, and standing at the top of the pass is the best place to admire Sapa.


Summer is the time of bright sunshine when typical fruit trees, such as peaches, plums, apples, and apricot trees… are in season. This is the perfect time to admire the scenery of Hoang Lien Son range mountains and forests, especially the terraced fields with lush green seedlings.


In fact, around July to August, when Sapa enters the changing water season, the road to heaven’s gate is a bit more dangerous, so you need to be careful when traveling. Around May – October, it will be more convenient to conquer heaven’s gate; this is the “golden” time to admire the golden terraced fields and hunt for white clouds floating around the pass.

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Sky Gate Sapa in the winter
Sky Gate Sapa in the winter – Source: Internet

Winter at Sky Gate Sapa is particularly romantic when watching the mountains and forests buried in snow and ice. These scenes that are usually only seen in movies appear before your eyes, making you feel highly magical.

In fact, each season of Sapa Heaven Gate possesses its beauty and emotions. To choose the most ideal time to conquer this place, September-October may be the most suitable. Not only is it convenient to travel, but you also have the opportunity to hunt for significant clouds.

What does Sky Gate Sapah have? New experiences at Sky Gate Sapa

Explore beautiful scenery

Only when you set foot at Sky Gate Sapa and admire the beautiful scenery by yourself can you see how Mother Nature has bestowed the majestic beauty of this mountain town. The picture of nature that touches people’s hearts makes anyone go over the mountain pass to see it.

Sky Gate Sapa is also designed as a small yard paved with light gray tiles so visitors can quickly stop and admire the surrounding scenery. Right on the way to O Quy Ho Pass, visitors will be conquered by the magical scenery with rolling mountains covered with lush green forests, feeling like they are immersed in nature.

Looking down from Sapa’s heaven gate, you will be overwhelmed with the panoramic view of Sapa from above, the vast terraced fields, in the distance is the majestic Hoang Lien Son range, creating a magnificent and organic picture of mountains and water.

This is also where visitors will witness the distinct changes of Sapa at each time of the year. In spring, hundreds of flowers bloom here, allowing you to admire the poetic natural scenery. Entering summer, Sapa is changing into a new color of fields and trees, an excellent green color, looking especially pleasant. When autumn comes, Sapa is filled with the golden color of the ripe rice season, and when winter comes, you will enjoy the “smoggy” town of Sapa in the “biting” cold.

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Experience interesting cloud hunting

Hunting Cloud
Hunting Cloud – Source- Internet

Cloud hunting is an exciting experience every tourist wants to try once they visit Sapa. Behind the clouds at Sapa’s heavenly gate is a poetic valley and the magnificent Fansipan mountain peak. The feeling of touching the carefree clouds is genuinely remarkable.

To hunt clouds in the Northwest, tourists should choose to go to Sapa around September and October. At this time, Sky Gate Sapa is like a fairyland, where white clouds float leisurely and freely in the sky with just a light touch, you can immediately touch them.

Beautiful check-in corners

Sky Gate Sapa is famous as a divine check-in place with countless impressive backgrounds, such as heart-shaped rattan chairs, swings, and lonely trees… The most prominent feature at Sapa Heaven Gate is the stone gate with unique architecture; it is designed like a multi-story temple; the higher it goes, the narrower it gets. The pictures taken here take you to Indonesia – exploring the island paradise of Bali.

Explore cuisine at Sky Gate Sapa

If before, you only saw a few small shops on the way to Sapa’s heavenly gate, now there are many shops and places selling souvenirs. The shops are generally simple, with just a few wooden chairs around a small table. But surrounded by charming landscapes of mountains and water, even though it’s not gorgeous, it’s still strangely attractive.

Sip a cup of fragrant or a warm cup of ginger tea, then enjoy some typical grilled dishes of Sapa such as grilled corn, baked potatoes, grilled eggs, buffalo meat… in the chilly air. The delicacy may not be comparable. Besides, you can also enjoy seasonal fruits such as apricots, peaches, and plums, and buy scarves, dresses, and jewelry made by the skillful hands of local people.

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