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Explore Lao Chai Village Sapa – A beautiful village amidst the mountains of Sapa


Tourists often only know about Fansipan Peak in Sapa because of the beauty of the majestic mountains and forests or the classy 5-star resorts. But few people know that amidst the hustle and bustle of urban life, there is a beautiful village called Lao Chai Village Sapa. It is an ideal place to relax and immerse yourself in the green nature amidst the mountains and hills of Sapa. Follow Lily’s Travel to explore this village right here!

Where is Lao Chai Village Sapa located?  

Lao Chai Village Sapa
Lao Chai Village Sapa – Source: Internet

Located about 7-12km from Sapa town center, Lao Chai Village Sapa is one of two large villages in Sapa – Lao Cai. The remaining village is Ta Van, one of the Sapa tourist areas’ two main villages. Lao Chai – Ta VanLao Chai Village Sapa is home to many ethnic minorities, such as the Black H’Mong, the Dao Do, and the Giay. Unlike Sapa’s bustling, crowded town, this village has a unique, peaceful beauty. Lao Chai Village Sapa, located between the spectacular Hoang Lien Son range and Ham Rong mountain, is shielded by two mountains, which attract an increasing number of people to settle here.

Direction Lao Chai Village Sapa

Lao Chai Village
Lao Chai Village – Source: Internet

There is still no airport in Sapa-Lao Cai. Therefore, tourists from the South and other provinces can book flights to Hanoi and then take a bus to Sapa. At Lily’s Travel, you can hunt for cheap air tickets to Hanoi thanks to convenient features such as ticket price notifications, schedule changes, and refunds.   

After arriving in Sapa, visitors can easily visit Lao Chai Village Sapa anytime because this village is just a short distance from the town. From Sapa Center, visitors pass the Stone Church, move towards Cau May, and then turn to Muong Hoa. When you reach Muong Hoa valley, reach Lao Chai village a few hundred meters further. Visitors can ride a motorbike or car to go to Lao Chai Village Sapa, but a motorbike is still the most reasonable. Because you may walk and appreciate the mountains and woods while breathing pure mountain air. 

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The ideal time to visit Lao Chai Village Sapa

When is the ideal time to visit Lao Chai Village Sapa? Many people ask this question. The view of Lao Chai Village Sapa is gorgeous year-round, but it is incredibly stunning between September and April. This is when Lao Chai’s scenery is most dreamy and poetic. The terraced fields are now ripening to a shiny golden color, and the entire valley is dyed with bright colors that continue halfway up the mountain. When visiting Lao Chai and Sapa, don’t miss out on seeing this incredible scene. Early September brings pleasant autumn weather. Visitors will admire the brilliant pink peach trees or pure white plum blossom trees in early spring. Along with that is the vibrant atmosphere of indigenous people’s Tet festivals.

Experiences not to be missed when traveling to Lao Chai Village Sapa

Some sightseeing activities to experience when coming to Lao Chai include:

Check-in to the terrace fields

terrace fields in sapa
terrace fields in sapa – Source: Internet

When arriving in Lao Chai Village Sapa, the first impression must be the endless terraced fields running along the hillsides. At each time of the year, the terraced fields here have a different beauty. This is the ideal check-in point for tourists traveling to Lao Chai Village Sapa.

Visit the markets

On weekends, Lao Chai Village Sapa will have market meetings. If you come here on the weekends, you must go here. Many items are sold in the market, such as local specialties, agricultural products, beautiful brocade costumes…

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Join a local festival

Visitors coming to Lao Chai Village, especially in spring, will live in the scene of the festival season. Folk games, engaging singing performances, or dancing around the fire… will be unforgettable experiences when you come here.

Some attractive places to visit near Lao Chai

Mường Hoa Restaurant & homestay in Lao Chai Village
Mường Hoa Restaurant & homestay in Lao Chai Village – Source: Internet

In addition to participating in the activities listed above, travelers can visit other destinations such as:

  • Sapa Ancient Stone: Discovered in 1925, Sapa Ancient Stone is home to nearly 200 stone blocks with many unique patterns and shapes. This rocky beach has been classified as a national monument and increasingly attracts many tourists to visit and explore.
  • Ta Van Village: Located about 4km from Lao Chai Village is the peaceful and poetic Ta Van Village. Mesmerizing with its wild, rustic features and unique cultural identity, Ta Van Village is enough to attract tourists from far away with its beautiful appearance. Visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the daily lives of the Lao Cai people and learn new things.
  • Cat Cat village: Located about 3km from Sapa center is Cat Cat village – a famous tourist destination in Lao Cai. This town is regarded as the most picturesque in the Northwest’s mountains and woodlands. Cat Cat community is a modest and lovely community nestled in the mountains and forests of the Northwest. It is attractive, with simple wooden houses, colorful brocade panels, and a small gurgling stream running around.
  • Ta Phin village: When mentioning Lao Cai, people will immediately think of a great picture with shimmering golden terraced fields hidden among vast, majestic mountains and hills. Coming to Ta Phin, Lao Cai, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the poetic space of the attractive “fairyland”.
  • Fansipan Peak: Known as the highest mountain peak in Vietnam, Fansipan has become a destination that everyone wants to conquer once. From the top of Fansipan, you will admire the incredible scenery of the Northwest mountains and forests and the beautiful Muong Hoa valley below.

Some notes for tourists when coming to Lao Chai Village Sapa

In the summer, visitors should bring warm clothes to wear at night because the temperature often drops sharply at night. If you come during peak times such as ripening rice season or pouring water season, you should book a homestay in advance because, at this time, it is easy to “burn out” rooms.

The terrain in Lao Chai Village Sapa is mainly hills and mountains, rivers and streams, and bumpy roads, so wear comfortable clothes that are easy to move around. You should go with buddies to aid each other if something goes wrong. It would help if you asked the price before buying things to avoid being ripped off or overcharged.

Above is the information about Lao Chai Village Sapa in beautiful Sapa that we want to share with you; this information will help you make more interesting choices in your upcoming travel schedule.

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