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Hanoi motorcycle tours: Travel guide from A-Z


What is the best season to travel around Hanoi by motorbike?

Hanoi motorcycle tours 2

Hanoi has typical weather in the North with 4 springs, summer, autumn and winter. You should refer to the information below to make a reasonable choice when traveling around Hanoi by motorbike.

In spring Hanoi, the weather is still cold, often with drizzle. At this time in Hanoi, people often go to pagodas and visit the spring scenery. This is a good time to travel around Hanoi by motorbike. However, you should pay attention to the weather forecast to avoid encountering unpleasant and inconvenient drizzle days.

Summer in Hanoi is hot and humid, especially in the inner city of Hanoi, it will feel hotter than in many suburban areas. This is not the right time to go to Hanoi by motorbike because it will be very hard.

Autumn in Hanoi is cool and dry, the most ideal time to travel around Hanoi by motorbike. Traveling around Hanoi at this time, you will discover the “legendary” autumn Hanoi with the passionate scent of milk flowers and the streets full of romantic yellow leaves.

Winter in Hanoi is quite cold, it can drop below 10 degrees, so if you are in the southern region with hot sun all year round and want to travel to Hanoi by motorbike, you need to prepare carefully, especially in terms of health. if you don’t want to “smash” the trip because of illness.

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Tourists places in Hanoi by motorbike

Hanoi motorcycle tours

Hoan Kiem Lake: “heart” of Hanoi capital

Uncle Ho’s Mausoleum: the place where almost anyone who comes to Hanoi also stops by to visit Uncle Ho.

One Pillar Pagoda: one of the symbols of Hanoi capital, located next to Uncle Ho’s mausoleum

Hanoi Old Quarter: is a place where many architectural and cultural values ​​of Hanoi are still preserved.

Imperial Citadel of Thang Long: the relic of the ancient Thang Long citadel, has been recognized by Unesco as a world cultural heritage.

Hanoi Opera House: an ancient architecture in the capital built in the European Medieval Gothic style.

Traveling by motorbike is very convenient for you to explore all corners of Hanoi. In the inner city, don’t forget to visit the most beautiful streets in Hanoi such as Hoang Dieu Street, lined with ancient trees and ancient buildings, Thanh Nien Street as a unique bridge over the river or ceramic road along the coast.

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When traveling the inner city of Hanoi by motorbike, you should pay attention to studying the map and observing the signposts, especially in the Old Quarter. The roads here are quite complicated, with many one-way roads, so it is easy to violate traffic laws and get lost.

In addition to the inner city destinations, many attractive tourist sites near Hanoi are suitable for backpacking such as Tram Mountain, Ba Vi National Park, Vietnam Ethnic Culture Village, Bat Trang Pottery Village,…

These destinations are not too long from Hanoi but not too short, you should carefully consider the time and economy to arrange the trip accordingly.

A trip by motorbike will require careful preparation to avoid unnecessary troubles during the trip. Here are some notes for you when traveling around Hanoi by motorbike:

  • Bring a thin jacket, preferably a windbreaker to both keep warm and prevent rain, useful even if you travel to Hanoi in any season.
  • Bring gloves to keep out the sun in summer and keep warm in winter. Never be subjective because the weather in Hanoi is quite erratic.
  • In addition to the cost of accommodation and fuel, you always need to prepare a separate account to prevent risks such as car damage, accidents, etc.
  • Remember to bring full identification and vehicle documents when traveling around Hanoi by motorbike.
  • Google map is very useful but you still need to be careful when using it because it can point you on a one-way street.
  • Traveling Hanoi by motorbike promises to be an interesting journey when you are free to explore the capital on your way. We wish you a safe road trip!

Top 5 places to hang out near Hanoi by motorbike

Ham Lon Mountain

Ham Lon Mountain is a familiar name when it comes to places to hang out near Hanoi by motorbike. About 40km from the center of Hanoi, it only takes more than an hour by motorbike to reach the beautiful Ham Lon mountain. Ride a motorbike from the center of Hanoi, go straight on Pham Van Dong street towards Thang Long bridge, cross the bridge along the direction of Thang Long – Noi Bai highway, at the intersection of National Highway 2, turn left into the direction of Vinh Phuc. Continue going straight until you see the sea of ​​Viet Phu Thanh Chuong, Nui hamlet, turn right onto provincial road 135, go straight to the signpost indicating the way to Viet Phu, do not turn but go straight to Ham Lon mountain.

Ba Vi National Park

If you are near Hanoi and want to find a place where you can immerse yourself in the natural scenery, Ba Vi National Park is the choice not to be missed. This is also a famous place for young people who want to hang out near Hanoi by motorbike.

Ba Vi National Park is located 55km from Hanoi city center. Travel time takes about 1 hour by motorbike. Starting from Cau Giay, go along Highway 32 for about 31km to Son Tay bus station, then turn left and continue for 3.5km to get to hospital 105, then go straight to the crossroads and you have arrived at the gate of the national park. Ba Vi already, the entrance ticket price is only 60k/adult.

Tram Mountain

If you are someone who has had travel experience in Hanoi, you must know Tram mountain – a place to go out near Hanoi by motorbike that is most suitable for young people to have a picnic at the weekend. Only 25km from the center of Hanoi city, it only takes you nearly 40 minutes to get here.

About 25km from Hanoi city center, go on Highway 6 towards Hoa Binh. From the crossroads, you go in the direction of Nguyen Trai – Tran Phu, go through Yen Nghia bus station, go through Mai Linh bridge and then continue to go straight until you see the signboard of Hanoi

University of Sports and Education on the right, then turn in. , go about 5km more, you will reach the foot of Tram mountain.

Tam Dao

Tam Dao is one of the most favorite places to hang out near Hanoi. Only about 70km from the center of Hanoi, you can ride a motorbike to Tam Dao. Starting from the center of Hanoi, you go in the direction of Thang Long bridge towards Noi Bai airport. Go straight about 20 km to the intersection, you turn to National Highway 2.

Then go straight to Vinh Yen city until you see a signpost 25 km from Tam Dao on the right, you turn in and follow the direction. that is to Tam Dao town. The pass to Tam Dao is soft and winding, along the road are shady trees that make the atmosphere here very pleasant. The higher the altitude, the lower the temperature, sometimes there is fog, so you must always carefully observe ahead.

Bat Trang pottery village

Bat Trang Pottery Village – a place to hang out near Hanoi by motorbike is chosen by many people. Starting from the center of Hanoi, you go in the direction of Chuong Duong bridge, turn right across the bridge, go along the Red River dike, keep going straight until you see the sign of Bat Trang pottery village, continue going straight for about 5 minutes. You are at your destination. The road is quite easy to go, only 15km from the center of Hanoi, so with more than 30 minutes by motorbike, you can visit Bat Trang Pottery Village.

Bat Trang Pottery Village specializes in manufacturing ceramic products used for many different purposes such as living utensils, worship items, fine art ceramics… Coming here, not only can you admire the unique ceramic products. Uniquely crafted by artisans of the village, you also have the opportunity to become a potter, crafting your own products as a souvenir.

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