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Hanoi private tour guide: The benefits of the private tours

Relieve stress, expand your mindset, discover yourself, and do many other interesting things that will surprise you because of the benefits of private tours. Although the type of private tour has only recently been known it has been many visitors interested and learned. Private tour with the integration of the advantages of the compound tour and the self-sufficient tour has created an attraction and also because of that, their benefits are also great.

Advantages of the private tour

  • Ensure comfort for members when the number of people on the tour is decided by the booker, the group of friends or family can be 2 or more people or even 1 individual
  • Advise unique attractions to visitors, special places that only natives know
  • Departure time as per customer’s request
  • The tour plan is built based on the requirements of customers. Depending on budget, health conditions, tour duration to recommend
  • The schedule is flexibly changed to meet the specific needs of each guest, including hotel options, meals, attractions, tour length, transportation, etc.
  • The freedom to choose high-class restaurants, cafes, or special local dining venues
  • Requested for hotel, service as well as desired location

Private tours are extremely suitable for customers who need the most comfort for their vacations, individuals who need special care such as the elderly, honeymooners, families with children. With the above highlights, we can see the benefits of private tours very clearly.

Discover unique places only locals know about

A prominent advantage of private tours is the small size of the group, so it is very flexible in moving as well as time for each attraction. With a private tour, the tour guide will help the members of the group freely discover the unique features that only local people know. A small cafe used to be the favorite seat of Picasso in Paris or a traditional Korean tea shop hidden in a small alley of Insadong (Seoul)… if you go on a tour you will not have the opportunity to visit.

Increased pleasure

Travel time is always a time to make each member feel comfortable and pleasant, without the nuisance of obstruction. On a private tour with the characteristics that no one else is a stranger, this type will surely make you feel extremely comfortable with your loved ones. And when you are with the people you love, you can feel the happiness of all the members.
Expand your horizons

Many studies have shown that traveling can help each person expand their knowledge and vision, especially in the form of freedom, discovering many interesting points in the land you set foot on.

Make memories

The photos, the memories of traveling far away will make you, your family, and close friends will have beautiful memories together. It will be the motivation for you to try and strive further in the future.

Private touring is now becoming the number one choice for the middle and upper class because with the holidays, they need the most comfort and enjoyment at the highest level, while if you go on a compound tour, it is difficult to get this. On private tours, there are different types of tours such as private tours with friends, with family, private tours to visit world heritage sites, national parks, or adventure tours… Many visitors with economic conditions admit that with the benefits of private tours and highlights of this type, they have to choose the experience and feel satisfied.

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Choose a tour company and consider cheap tours

Know clearly about a tour not pay anything, a cheap tour

Previously, the tour was clearly defined, the tour was cheap or “tour not pay anything” does not mean a is that guests do not have to pay for history and do not spend on services at the destination. With this tour, the company uses promotional campaigns to incur ticket fees incurred by airlines, while all guests have to pay for the use of customer service, catering services, sightseeing fees, transportation services and other services.

Cheap tour or tour 0 dong, sound copper comes from the fierce competition on price. Because so many companies sell the same product or different products that give tourists a variety of options, companies have to win over customers by applying price competition. Therefore, you need to consider carefully before choosing a cheap tour at this time, note to choose a reputable travel agency.

Lily’s Travel is a unit with 15 years of experience in the field of travel, specializing in building and developing Vietnam optical tours towards a unique experience of culture and customs. Lily’s Travel is also aimed at multi-drag tours that are suitable for many purposes of customers, not focusing on attracting tourists through cheap prices. Lily’s Travel’s goal is that each customer after participating in Vietnam tours will have more memorable memories and want to quickly return to Vietnam to discover other unique tourist destinations. We want to radiate the beauty of Vietnam to our international friends.

Hanoi private tour guide examples that Lily’s Travel has and advice you

Private Walking Tour of Hanoi City

Private Walking Tour of Hanoi City
Private Walking Tour of Hanoi City – Source: Internet

On this individualized walking trip of Hanoi, students will provide all the information. The Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hoan Kiem Lake, Temple of Literature, National University, Hoa Lo Prison, and Vietnam National Museum of History are just a few of the locations you’ll explore. Your tour guide will go over their past. Since this is a private tour for you and your group today, please take note that you can move at your own speed.

Private Walking Tour of the Old Quarter of Hanoi with a Student Guide

Private Walking Tour of the Old Quarter of Hanoi with a Student Guide
Private Walking Tour of the Old Quarter of Hanoi with a Student Guide – Source: Internet

Students will supply all the details for this customized strolling tour of Hanoi. You’ll visit places like the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hoan Kiem Lake, Temple of Literature, National University, Hoa Lo Prison, and the Vietnam National Museum of History, to name just a few. Your expert will discuss their history. Please be aware that you and your group can go at your own pace because today’s trip is private for you and your group.

Hanoi street food tour

Hanoi street food tour
Hanoi street food tour – Source: Internet

On this Hanoi street food excursion, experience one of the most vibrant street food destinations like a local. Taste authentic treats and dishes prepared by neighborhood street food vendors and cooks as you stroll the Old Quarter of Hanoi. As you move from stall to market, take in the tastes of Vietnam and discover the culture and history of Hanoi.

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Hanoi customized walking tour (only in  the evening)

Hanoi customized walking tour
Hanoi customized walking tour – Source: Internet

This private, totally customizable waking trip of Hanoi allows you to explore the city however you like. Visit attractions like Mural Street, Hoan Kiem Lake, and Ancient House after being picked up from your Old Quarter lodging. Visit the bustling night market on the weekend. or see a performance of water puppets (own cost). Learn about Hanoi’s past and present as you stroll the city by listening to your guide’s comments.

Hanoi insight private tour

Hanoi insight private tour
Hanoi insight private tour – Source: Internet

On this full-day trip, discover the fascinating past and vibrant culture of the capital of Vietnam. Travel by private car to significant locations like Ba Dinh Square, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, Hanoi Opera House, Temple of Literature, and the notorious prison where United States Senator John McCain was imprisoned after a convenient hotel pickup. Before going back to your hotel, take a rickshaw journey and savor a delicious lunch.

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The beauty of Ho Chi Minh City
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