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Hanoi travel: Places to explore, food to try and more things for you (Part 3)


Bun bung is a popular dish of Hanoi people. No one knows when it first emerged, but it was sold on the capital’s sidewalks in the 1990s. “Bung” refers to foods that must be boiled for an extended period of time with a large amount of water. Bun in Hanoi costs 30,000 VND a bowl. This dish is often combined with selling in the noodles of ribs and sprouted vermicelli. Some places that are popular with Hanoi diners are the restaurants in Cau Go street, Ms. Minh (Dong Da)…

Bun bung
Bun bung – Source: Internet

La Vong Cha Ca: La Vong Cha Ca was born in 1871, invented by the Doan family. From rustic food, fish paste gradually became the quintessence of Ha Thanh cuisine to this day. ” Grilled fish is made from the most delicious fish, especially albacore. “La Vong” is an image of an ancient general, a talented person who has the will to wait for a great opportunity. Grilled fish is carefully filtered, sweet, fragrant yellow and spicy. Dill vegetables, cut onions, and islands mixed in a hot fish pan. When eaten in combination with baked goods, vermicelli and shrimp paste – are indispensable to create a rich flavor. Some suggested addresses: La Vong fish paste No. 14, Cha Fish Street; Thang Long fish paste No. 21, Duong Thanh Street; Lao Ngu fish paste No. 171 Thai Ha…

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La Vong Cha Ca
La Vong Cha Ca – Source: Internet

West Lake shrimp cake

Vietnamese stuffed pancake

Vietnamese stuffed pancake
Vietnamese stuffed pancake – Source: Internet

Thinly coated rice cakes stuffed with pork, wood ear, minced onions, dipped with sweet and sour fish sauce are always suitable for hot summer days. Walking on the street, visitors will encounter many rolling cake shops open in the morning, with clever, quick hands. Some suggested addresses are Ba Hanh rolls, No. 26b Tho Xuong; Ba Xuan rolls, No. 16 Hoè Nhai slope and Long Bien market food court.

Glutinous rice doughnut/Banh Ran/Vietnamese Donuts

Glutinous rice doughnut
Glutinous rice doughnut – Source: Internet

In addition to famous dishes around the world, Hanoi also owns a treasure of cakes such as pillow cakes, pork filling, mushrooms, mashed eggs and quail eggs… To balance the flavor, the greasy doughnuts are served with garlic dipping sauce, chili peppers and herbs. Located on Ly Quoc Su Street, Gieng Da restaurant is a place to sell salty doughnuts, pillowcases, open from 10 am to 9:30 pm.


Coffee is a feature in Hanoi, with many old-fashioned shops in the old town. Egg coffee is one of the specialties of Hanoi made from beaten eggs mixed with Vietnamese coffee. Egg coffee has a yellowish color in a small cup. Guests always have an extra baby spoon to enjoy the ice cream foam above like an “appetizer” before drinking coffee below. Good egg coffee is famous for Dinh, Lecture, Old Quarter Coffee, Loading T, All Day Coffee… The cost of each cup is 25.000 VND.


In addition to apricots, rice cakes, lotus tea, visitors to Hanoi can find silk in Van Phuc village or Bat Trang pottery to make gifts for relatives and friends.

O mai/ salted dry apricot: With all the sour, spicy, salty, sweet flavors as the quintessential convergence of Ha Thanh cuisine, o mai is a gift that many people choose to buy as a gift when leaving Hanoi. The most famous address of this small gift is Hang Duong Street. Visitors can find here their favorite types of apricots, plums, ginger, crocodile, cinnamon, lemon, kumquat, pink, peach, toad, me… However, if you buy it as a gift for the South, you should choose the apricot umbrella, because it has a sweet taste made from the very characteristic sour fruit of Hanoi. Depending on the type, apricots cost about 100,000 – 150.000/kg.

Nuggets: The flavor of Vong Village has long made a very unique charm for the capital’s cuisine. However, because it is only in autumn, Hang Than nugget cake is a perfect alternative for many visitors. The nugget cake is plastic on the outside, the green bean paste with coconut fat inside, and sometimes the natural fragrance of grapefruit.

Lotus tea: Tay Ho lotus tea will be a precious gift for relatives and friends after visiting Hanoi. Because lotus tea is an art with a lot of time and effort. The dried tea leaves after being selected from the best will be marinated 5-7 times with lotus rice (white seeds on the head of the lotus) to absorb the flavor. The marinated lotus must be the type grown in the lagoon in the West Lake such as Nhat Tan, Quang Ba fragrant, and give the most rice.

Van Phuc silk: Thanks to its thin, soft, airy and durable color, fewer wrinkles, silk is very popular with visitors. Whether winter or summer, visitors here can find gifts like silk from scarves, shirts, dresses, bags… In addition to Van Phuc silk village (about 10 km from the center of Hanoi), you can also find silk at the stalls on Hang Gai or Dinh Liet street.

Bat Trang pottery: If you have the opportunity to visit Bat Trang village, do not forget to buy the ceramic products of the traditional village. With its characteristic glaze color and handicraft techniques, Bat Trang pottery items have a very unique beauty. Besides the commonly used cups, bowls, and cups, there are also products dedicated as gifts such as wind chimes, statues… Visitors to the pottery village can also make their bowls, jars, jars, cups to make gifts, both a meaningful and interesting experience.

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