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Ho Chi Minh places to visit: 5 places you should go to to discover “another Saigon city”

Discovering the unique places few people know in Saigon or the areas a little away from Saigon will be the ideal places for you to learn and look at Saigon differently. It is no longer a bustling and attractive Saigon with cross-cultural features but a Saigon with its own history and culture.

Explore Can Gio

Can Gio
Can Gio – Source: Internet

Only 50km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, the affluent sea district of Can Gio is considered a “precious jewel” of eco-tourism when it gathers most recreational activities and explores nature to attract tourists such as Monkey Island, Thanh An Island, Vam Kham tourist area, Crocodile camp… The cuisine here is also very diverse, with regional dishes. Primarily there is plenty of fresh seafood prepared on the spot. All the best weekend travel experiences are booking a tour. Book now to get the best exclusive price for Lily’s Travel.

Discover the exciting history of Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu Chi Tunnels
Cu Chi Tunnels – Source: Internet

Cu Chi Tunnels used to be a resistance base for our troops with a solid and sophisticated defense system deep in the ground. This place is not only a shelter but has become a place of living, military meetings, rescue, manufacturing, and stockpiling weapons for the Vietnamese people during the heroic resistance periods. For the experience of shooting rifles like real soldiers or trying to tunnel excitedly, and learn about his father’s history, join the tour to experience the “City under the ground” – Cu Chi tunnel.

Travel “a part of Mekong Delta”

Mekong Delta
Mekong Delta – Source: Internet

If you can not arrange a time for a long trip to the West, do not worry; Lilys’ Travel has designed a program for you to both times and protect your wallet but still ensure you have a great experience – Explore the Mekong Delta in just 1 day. During the trip will only last for 9 hours, but it will definitely give you a large amount of practical knowledge about people and the lifestyle of people in the West of the river, allowing you to enjoy the incredible beauty of the attractions as well as enjoy delicious food and garden fruits by yourself. It’s great, isn’t it?

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Discover the secret of Saigon

Saigon – Source: Internet

Whether you have been in Saigon for 5 years or 10 years, or even if you were born, raised and worked in Saigon, are you confident that you know everything about the city? The vibrant pace of Saigon and the daily changes in this city will always surprise you. Join Lily’s Travel on a half-day private tour to discover the secrets of Saigon for a chance to understand and love this familiar city!

Sup rowing is correct in the city

Recently, among young people in Saigon, there has been an exciting sports activity that attracts a lot of groups to experience at the weekend – sup rowing. This water sport is relatively new in Vietnam but is gradually becoming known and quite popular. Do you want to try sup rowing with Lily’s Travel? Experience sup paddling on the Saigon River is a very effective relaxing activity after stressful working hours. When you are immersed in the scenery of clouds, sky, waves, water, fresh air, and fun stories with friends, it will definitely bring you a feeling of comfort and relaxation. Why bother not to try it!

Explore Chinatown

Chinatown – Source: Internet

The famous “specialty” of Saigon that young people often mention is definitely busy roads with thousands of motorbikes following each other. Would you like to try to experience this city like a true native on the outstanding Chinatown motorbike tours? Along with the friendly – professional tour guides of Lily’s Travel, you will pass around the bustling neighborhoods tinged with the city’s history and learn about the connections between Saigon and Chinese culture. The journey will take you through famous places, including Wholesale Market, Thousand Pagodas of Chinese Buddha Statues, Cha Tam Church, Lychee Market, etc., and experience some of Chinatown’s original Chinese specialties and coffee. Travel like a local when you join this Saigon’s Chinatown motorcycle tour through Lily’s Travel!

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Attend A O Show At The City Theater

You must attend the City Opera House when visiting virtual living places in Saigon. Lost in a prime location in the city’s heart, named after Uncle Ho, is an important cultural site recognized as a national monument. It is famous for exciting art shows like The Mist. A weekend of change with your loved one, go to the Opera House to have a cup of training tea or enjoy art shows – you will not only have a significant time.

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