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Tourist places near Hanoi: Top 7 hot springs to avoid extreme heat


In the summer, Hanoi was cramped. The noise of the car horn was more suffocating, frustrated with the dull ticks and the harsh summer sun. This is the ideal time to escape the urban heat and drop into the natural bathing springs near Hanoi. Let’s explore the top 7 hot springs near Hanoi for summer cooling with Lily’s Travel!

Xuan Son National Park (Phu Tho)

Xuan Son National Park
Xuan Son National Park – Source: Internet

Xuan Son National Park is located at the end of the Hoang Lien Son Range in Phu Tho province. This is one of the three most famous national parks in our country. The distance from Hanoi to Xuan Son National Park is about 120 km, equivalent to more than 3 hours of travel. Therefore, Xuan Son National Park is one of the ideal tourist destinations near Hanoi for the traveling team.

You can get here by motorbike, bus or car. From Hanoi, you follow one of three routes, Highway 05 or Highway 08 or Highway 32. Arriving, you send your car and walk about 1km inside to explore the national park. In addition, on the way, you can visit the green Thanh Son tea hill to take beautiful photos.

Coming to Xuan Son National Park, you are lost in “miniature Da Lat” with a cool climate, remarkable trees and highly diverse ecosystems. In particular, this place is also famous for its cool stream, only for fire-filled summer days. If you and your group are looking for a “hot escape” place and a spring bathing place near Hanoi, Xuan Son is the ideal destination!

Besides, you also have the opportunity to explore the magnificent caves, beautiful stalactites, and diverse shapes. Or take a cool bath and have fun at Lap Stream under the natural waterfall. Experience the culture in Cu village, Lu Table, and enjoy unique local specialties.

Address:  Xuan Son National Park, Tan Son, Phu Tho

Tay Yen Tu Forest Reserve (Bac Giang)

Tay Yen Tu Forest Reserve
Tay Yen Tu Forest Reserve – Source: Internet

Recently, the backpacking team had the opportunity to “catch a fever” with the clear water spring in the heart of Bac Giang. Clear Stream, known as Golden Stream, is a natural bathing spring near Hanoi in the Tay Yen Tu forest reserve. With only a little tourism, this place still has the pristine and astonishing beauty of the sacred forest.

The Stream in Bac Giang has taken the online community by storm because of its smooth and shiny appearance. The whole Stream is like a velvet carpet sparkling in the middle of majestic nature. Besides, the system of waterfalls and natural reefs is highly unique. If you want a tourist destination near Hanoi to picnic and bathe in the Stream, chill in Tay Yen Tu forest is the right article.

Tay Yen Tu forest is only about 60km from Hanoi, so you can go back in the day easily. Just follow the direction of the Hanoi – Bac Giang highway and go straight to Big C Bac Giang to reach provincial road 293. You continue straight to your destination from the center of Bac Giang city. Stop the car at the entrance gate, you move by cable car (about 260,000 VND/person) to Thuong Pagoda and walk another 30 minutes to Dong Pagoda to visit the whole of Tay Yen Tu.

Address: Tay Yen Tu Nature Reserve, Luc Son, Luc Nam, Bac Giang

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Cua Tu Stream (Thai Nguyen)

Cua Tu Stream
Cua Tu Stream – Source: Internet

At first, hearing the name Cua Tu Stream, you must have felt “creepy” and thought what a strange name! But Cua Tu stream in Thai Nguyen is a famous hiding place in the exploring community. Located about 100 km from the center of Hanoi, Cua Tu Stream attracts the pristine beauty of a majestic mountain in Thai Nguyen forest land.

The highlight of Cua Tu Stream is that the water at the Stream is icy. The temperature of the Stream is only 15 to 20 degrees. Therefore, this hot spring bathing place near Hanoi is extremely “high” for hot summer days. On weekends, you set up a team to explore the cool Cua Tu Thai Nguyen Stream. Isolated from the blazing sun in the cramped capital. Just imagining it is “high”!

This interesting trekking spot belongs to Hoang Nong commune, Dai Tu Thai Nguyen, located in the western area, and belongs to the Tam Dao mountain range. You must start from Thai Nguyen City along Highway 37 to arrive. Although the road is difficult, the beautiful scenery on both sides is free. You can stop by the terraced field and check in the best photos.

Address: Hoang Nong, Dai Tu, Thai Nguyen

Mu Waterfall (Hoa Binh)

Mu Waterfall
Mu Waterfall – Source: Internet

Mu Waterfall is a waterfall in Hoa Binh province. Located on the Truong Son mountain range with an altitude of 1000m, this place has a fresh and cool climate with a rolling, white and beautiful waterfall. About 130 km from Hanoi, Mu Hoa Binh Waterfall is a tourist destination near Hanoi that is highly poetic and ideal for a team of explorers.

From May to September, the weather in Mu Waterfall changes to the rainy season. This is also the most appropriate time to visit Mu Waterfall. At this time, the water at the falls flows strongly and is extremely cool. You and your friends can freely struggle, blow away the sultry summer sun.

The deepest water is 2m at maximum, so it is not too dangerous when you bathe in the incredible waterfall. However, please prepare your life jacket to ensure the safest. Besides, you can join the tour to explore Hang Mu at the foot of Mu waterfall. Inside are beautiful stalactites with many strange shapes. When there is light shining on the stalactites, it becomes lovely.

Coming here, you can enjoy many original specialties of Hoa Binh, such as can wine, blue rice, and mountain snails… The price is quite pleasant, the food is delicious, and the spices are rich.

Address: Mu Hamlet, Tu Do, Lac Son, Hoa Binh

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Chieng Khoa Waterfall (Moc Chau)

Chieng Khoa Waterfall
Chieng Khoa Waterfall – Source: Internet

One of the spring bathing spots near Hanoi to be noticed is Chieng Khoa Waterfall. Located in the beautiful Moc Chau plateau, Chieng Khoa Waterfall is about 180 km from Hanoi. This is a small waterfall with little tourism. Therefore, the scenery at the waterfall still retains the pristine nature of a Northwest freshwater area.

Coming to Chieng Khoa Moc Chau Waterfall, the first impression will be the clear water like a pearl. Therefore, it is also known as the “Cup of Love” in Vietnam. In the summer, take each other to hide here; you can immerse yourself in the pure, cool water in this “dark mountain with a cup.” Wasn’t it an exciting experience?

The waterfall is very close to the village of Thai ethnic people, so you can come here to rest and enjoy local specialties. Such as bitter bamboo shoots, buffalo meat in the kitchen, grilled wild chicken… If you love to experience nature, you can organize a BBQ barbecue on the open ground near the waterfall.

However, the area is only suitable for temporary camping for security reasons. If you want to stay, you should rent or ask for sleep thanks to the people in the village.

Address: Chieng Khoa Commune, Van Ho, Moc Chau, Son La

May Waterfall (Thanh Hoa)

May Waterfall
May Waterfall – Source: Internet

Located in Thanh Hoa, Thac May is one of the famous natural bathing springs near Hanoi in the traveling team community. May Waterfall is 100 kilometers from Hanoi. This waterfall is appreciated by young people because of its pristine and charming scenery. Many people also call May Waterfall with the romantic name of 9 Tiers of Love Waterfall. If you are looking for a short-term tourist destination near Hanoi, a cool spring bath, etc., and to avoid the heat, you must go to Cloud Waterfall.

Cloud Waterfall pours all year round, but the best time is probably in the summer, from June to August. The sky is clear, and the cool Stream is the ideal time to bathe in the Stream. Sunlight through the sparkling waterfall creates a beautiful background check-in.

Besides, you can visit the Cuc Phuong forest to discover rare animals. Or learn about the beauty of Muong ethnic culture and enjoy famous specialties such as stone snails, buffalo meat, spring rolls, Ngang river fish… The ticket price to visit Thac May is relatively low. If you rest at the stilt house at the foot of the waterfall, it is 50,000 VND/ person/night, while parking is 10,000 VND/car. Great for a weekend getaway!

Address: Thuong Hamlet, Thach Lam, Thach Thanh, Thanh Hoa

Hieu Waterfall (Thanh Hoa)

Hieu Waterfall
Hieu Waterfall – Source: Internet

A short-term tourist destination in Hanoi is followed by the Hieu Waterfall of Thanh Hoa. About 140 km from Hanoi, Hieu waterfall wears a poetic beauty. It is a lush green nature, a majestic rocky mountain system, and clear, cool water. In the middle of the scorching summer sun, Hieu Waterfall is a tourist destination near Hanoi that you need to find.

Hieu Waterfall is regarded as one of Thanh’s most beautiful waterfalls. It is hidden among the pristine old forests, so the climate is cool all year round. You can come here in four seasons of the year; each season, the waterfall wears its own beauty that fascinates visitors. The most beautiful times are storm-free days, gentle and gentle streams suitable for relaxed bathing and exploring.

After exploring nature, you stop at the village of the Thai ethnic people and enjoy the rustic dishes imbued with national identity. The most famous is the crispy fat collar duck, which is both soft and sweet. It is incomparably delicious with dotted salt made from duck liver and crushed seeds.

Address: Hieu Village, Co Lung, Ba Thuoc, Thanh Hoa

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