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Lily’s Guide to Where to Travel in Vietnam in 2018!


It’s a brand new year and that means a whole new 365 days of travel to plan! We hope that Vietnam is on your travel radar this year because we have so many amazing new experiences to share with you.

So, what amazing destinations should be on your 2018 Vietnam travel itinerary? Here’s our guide on where to travel in Vietnam in 2018.

Northern Vietnam 2018

Halong Bay

paradise elegance

What? Halong Bay is surely a must visit every year, right? Yes, if you are coming to Vietnam any year at any time of year you are likely making time for the magnificence of Halong Bay. What makes Halong Bay in 2018 special is all our new cruise packages!

We partner with the very best cruise operators to not only give you the best Halong Bay experience possible but to give you the best prices for Halong Bay tours too. Check out all our packages here.

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Pu Luong Nature Reserve

2018 is the year to get off the beaten track in Vietnam. Yes, we did just advise you to hit up the classics but travel in Vietnam is all about balance. Vietnam is getting more and more popular every single year, especially with tourists from other Asian nations. 2018 is set to be no different, so if you want to find a little peace and quiet on your travels to Vietnam then you need to start considering lesser-known destinations.

In Pu Luong Nature Reserve you can not only escape the crowds but experience the rugged beauty of Northern Vietnam and the rural lifestyle that is the reality for so many all across the country. Our tours in Pu Luong offer an insight into the local area with the added luxury of nights in the beautiful Pu Luong Nature Reserve.

Central Vietnam 2018

Rural Hue and Hoi An

Another way to get off the beaten path in Vietnam in 2018 is by heading into the countryside locally. Both Hue and Hoi An are surrounded by agricultural land and villages itching to benefit from the popularity of travel to Vietnam.

Many of our tours in these areas include cycling and boat tours, as well as meeting local families and craftsmen to learn about life in Central Vietnam. Travel in 2018 should be about travelling more responsibly and an easy way to do this is to spread your tourist dollars around.

Phong Nha Adventures

One of the most exciting partnerships of the year has been connecting with the awesome folk at Jungle Boss Homestay. Together we can offer you some of the most adventurous tours in all of Phong Nha National Park.

The 1, 2 and 3-day trips include hiking and caving experiences, as well as overnight camping beside giant caverns and swimming through cave rivers. Check out the different adventure options here.

Southern Vietnam 2018

Coastal Adventures

If you are a sunseeker and beach bum then there is no better place in Vietnam than the untouched coastline between Qui Nhon and Mui Ne. Between these two popular beach towns, you will find wild beaches with crystal clear waters and barely a soul in sight.

From the Hon Gom Sandbar to Cam Ranh Bay, there are plenty of beautiful stretches of sand to discover if you have your own wheels (or are happy to navigate tiny local bus stations).

The Mekong Delta

Another all-time classic, the Mekong Delta is a watery world of floating markets and flooded forests. Spend some time here and you will learn a great deal about the importance of the Mekong, not just in Vietnam but in neighbouring Cambodia and Laos. This is a place where life is lived simply and, despite modernisation, people are connected to the land.

Browse our Mekong tours here.

We hope this gave you some new ideas for where to travel in Vietnam in 2018 and helped you to see where you can get off the beaten path and where you can connect with the local people and culture.

Get in touch with our travel experts today for personalised advice for your trip to Vietnam.

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