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Lock Lock Bridge Da Nang location: Discover the area of Da Nang’s famous love bridge


The Bridge of Love is one of the places on the “to must check–in the list” when traveling to Da Nang. There is no unique architecture or long history. But it attracts a lot of visitors. Especially couples who are in love. Because it has modern European architecture and the poetic beauty of the Han River, it is also known as the promised place of eternal love. Visitors can visit and explore and leave locks – a testament to the couple’s romantic love.

General information

Lock Lock Bridge in Da Nang
Lock Lock Bridge in Da Nang – Source: Internet

Da Nang Love Bridge is known in English as Love Lock Bridge. It is inspired by famous bridges worldwide, such as Hohenzollern, Pont des Arts, Milvio, and Tretriakovsky. These are all bridges where couples will come to hang the lock engraved with their names. This implies their love for each other will forever be strong and faithful.

It has a 68m long arch design across the Han River. The bridge is like a soft silk band across the Han River. With a unique design style, it combines Western liberal and Eastern classics. Therefore, coming here, you not only have a quality virtual background. But don’t forget to take in the grandeur of the Han River and the city of Da Nang.

Location of the Lock Lock Bridge

It is situated on Tran Hung Dao Street, Son Tra District, Da Nang, one of the busiest streets along the Han River. The bridge is located to the east, between the Dragon Bridge and the Han River Bridge. This further exalts the beauty of the beautiful coastal city.

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Instructions for Lock Lock Bridge

Visitors can travel to Da Nang from the northern or southern provinces. If you wish to save time, you can fly. If you’re going to see beautiful scenery along the way, you can take a train or bus. If you want to go backpacking to discover more, motorbikes are the most suitable means.

After arriving here, you can choose the vehicle that suits your needs. There are 2 roads visitors can decide when moving self-sufficiently:

  • Visitors should take Nguyen Van Linh Street from the airport. Then, run across the Dragon Bridge and turn to Tran Hung Dao
  • Follow Vo Van Kiet Street to Dragon Bridge from My Khe beach then turn left at the foot of the bridge into Tran Hung Dao, Son Tra district, Da Nang. Go another 100m to the Love Bridge

You can follow the map from different locations. The road is relatively easy to find, so that you can rest assured.

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The meaning of Lock Lock Bridge

Lock Lock Bridge Da Nang
Lock Lock Bridge Da Nang – Source: Internet

Loving couples frequently come here to exchange locks. Then, throw the keys into the river and pray they will stay together for a long time. Hundreds of thousands of locks in all shapes, sizes, and colors are hooked around the iron rod. This creates a scene that is both romantic and interesting and stimulates the viewer.

The Prices of the locks at Da Nang Lock Lock Bridge

The Da Nang Lcok Lock Bridge entrance tickets are free of charge! You can check it in virtual life and discover the attractive things at the bridge. If you take a personal car here, you must pay for parking. Specifically, 5,000 VND/motorbike and 20,000 VND/car.

There are many souvenir shops selling love locks. Locks come in all shapes and colors at a variety of prices. It usually falls in the range of 70,000 – 250,000 VND, depending on the size and quality of the product. This set of locks includes both locks and keys. And it is also engraved with your and your partner’s names, confidence, and promises. You and your partner lock the wave of love together and throw the key into the river, preventing anyone from opening it. May the couple have a beautiful honey with a happy ending.

The ideal time to visit Da Nang Lock Lock Bridge

When visiting Da Nang, visitors can come here at any time of year. Because each season it has its unique beauty that captivates people. However, it would help if you came around March or September. At this time, the weather is quite pleasant and sunny, and it is convenient for you to visit many places.

Da Nang Lock Lock Bridge is a famous place in the city center. As a result, the number of visitors here is relatively high, particularly on weekends and holidays. Visitors to the bridge of love during the day or at night are beautiful. Each bridge session is splendid and attracts in its way.

In the morning

The morning weather is fresh, cool and quite pleasant. The first rays of sunlight shine over the glistening surface of the Han River. The locks of love reflect the sun with many bright colors. All create a space that is both romantic and poetic. How wonderful it is to walk together with your lover to talk about love in the beautiful sunrise or sunset.

Visitors can also witness the Dragon Bridge’s grandeur and the Han River’s poetic gentleness. As well as immersing yourself in the busy, dynamic, and young city. Remember to save the beautiful photos with your lover at the bridge!

At nightfall

Lock Lock Bridge Da Nang Beauty in the evening
Lock Lock Bridge Da Nang Beauty in the evening – Source: Internet

May the love of Da Nang put on a shimmering, splendid shirt at night. It blended into the glamour of Da Thanh. The chandeliers of lanterns become sparkling, brilliant reflecting light into the fanciful Han River. It’s a romantic and exotic setting that couples can’t find anywhere else. A miniature universe with countless lights from shops, buildings, and bridges right in the middle of the city.

Besides, visitors can experience the Happy Yacht inspired by the movie Titanic. Sip a unique drink and admire the beauty of the bridges. How romantic and fascinating!

Beautiful virtual corners at Da Nang Lock Lock Bridge

Da Nang city is known as the city of bridges. However, the Love Lock Bridge is the most memorable. With a unique design and a series of impressive virtual check-ins that cannot be missed.

Heart-shaped lampposts

One of the most prominent highlights at the Love Bridge is the heart lantern lamp pole. Its appearance adds a romantic touch and elicits the meaning of love stories. The lamps are exquisitely designed, forming a large red heart on a black background of iron pillars. This gives the bridge a whole that is both classic and modern. The lights are bright all over the sky, mixed with countless shimmering lights of the luxurious city at night. It is indeed a very romantic and sacred scene.

Therefore, this is a famous check–in place for the birth of lifelong photos. You can let loose by the shimmering lampposts. Or save a poetic moment in the heart of the vast Han River or by the colorful love locks. In particular, many couples choose this place to take wedding photos as proof of their strong love.

The lock with no key

Have you ever wanted to go to the foot of the Seine Bridge in France or Namsan Tower in Korea to enjoy romantic moments with your lover? Now, you can hook the love padlock with your hand to the bridge in Da Nang. The two sides of the bridge railing are the “walls” of multiform locks clasped together. The keychain is a symbol of their love, as well as saving beautiful memories when coming to Da Nang.

This lock originated in Italy or France ten years ago. It is then gradually imported to other countries, including Vietnam. The love padlock has 2 names, symbolizing lasting, eternal love. After throwing the key into the Han River, you can save that moment. So that later, when the other half is happy, they can return and find the lock that connected them.

The Carp statue turned into a dragon – a symbol of luck

Coming to the bridge of love, it is impossible to ignore the carp statue of a dragon. The figure is modeled after Singapore’s sea lion but has an entirely different meaning. The dragon carp symbol is a spiritual symbol of the Vietnamese, showing luck and prosperity. This is also a distinctive feature imbued with national identity amid a project bearing Western characteristics.

The dragon carp statue weighs about 200 tons and stands approximately 7 meters tall. The figure is designed and sculpted very elaborately and meticulously by talented artisans. In particular, the head is designed based on the idea of a historical dragon head. Demonstrate the desire to rise and remind yourself always to try to overcome challenges consistently. At the same time, it is also a symbol for the people of Da to always catch up with the trend but keep the nation’s culture.

Visitors are welcome to come here at any time of day. In particular, feel free to pose on the side of the statue to get the right photos. If you come here on the weekend evening, you can see the image of dragon carp, an exciting rain spray.

Molly’s Coffee

Molly’s Coffee is near the Bridge of Love, near the dragon carp statue. If you are a little thirsty and tired, you can go to Molly to take a break and sip a cup of hot, fragrant Coffee. The space is designed in an open direction so that you can enjoy the cool breeze of the Han River. This also makes the bar airy and cool. The shop is also planted with many trees to create a green space. In particular, from here, visitors can catch a panoramic view of the vast Han River, which is extremely impressive.

In addition, Molly’s drink has a reasonably soft price suitable for students and students. The staff here are also amiable, helpful, and professional. This leaves many tourists impressed.

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