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My son Hoi An: Some important information for you to explore the mysterious


My Son Sanctuary: My Son Hoi An has long been a famous tourist destination nationwide in Quang Nam province. This location is a Cham Pa architectural complex that has been in existence for millennia. More than 32 temples with “unique” architecture have been maintained. Because of these intriguing riddles, My Son Sanctuary has become a popular tourist destination.

My Son Hoi An’s History

My Son Hoi An's History
My Son Hoi An’s History – Source: Intenet

My Son Sanctuary was started by King Bhadravarman in the 4th century and ended at the end of the 13th century. My Son was an architectural complex of more than 70 temples with unique styles and designs typical of the Cham Pa kingdom during the reign of King Jaya Simhavarman III in the early 14th century. Most of the architecture here is influenced by Hindu culture.

Due to the devastation of the war, by 1975, My Son only retained 32 works, including 20 temples and towers, to retain the original architecture. UNESCO designated My Son Sanctuary as a World Cultural Heritage Site on December 1, 1999.  Through so many ups and downs of history, My Son still stands today, so don’t miss a visit to this great place!


  • Foreigners: 150,000 VND/person
  • Vietnamese: 100,000 VND/person
  • Operation time: From Monday to Sunday and from 6:30 – 17:30

My Son Sanctuary is located in the Duy Phu Commune in the Duy Xuyen District of Quang Nam Province. It is approximately 69 kilometers from Da Nang and 40 kilometers from Hoi An. From Hoi An or Da Nang, there are many ways to move to My Son so that you can rest assured.

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Discover My Son Sanctuary’s architecture

My Son Sanctuary's architecture
My Son Sanctuary’s architecture – Source: Intenet

As you are aware, Hinduism has had a significant effect on the construction of My Son Sanctuary. The entire temple tower uses brick and stone materials and faces east – this is the direction of the sunrise and is considered a place where the gods reside. The tower temple’s structure is separated into three major parts: the base, the tower body, and the top of the tower. It is extraordinary that each temple and tower in My Son will worship a different emperor or god. Because of this, each building is considered an essential piece through each dynasty of Cham Pa’s ethnic group. My Son relic area will have the following areas:

  • Area A: The first area to visit, you can see the whole My Son Sanctuary, but most of the works in Area A are in the restoration process.
  • Area B is situated on the western ridge. This location features one core tower and three subsidiary towers.
  • Area C is located on the southern hill and is the most unique area with many temples, towers, bas-reliefs, engravings, awe-inspiring works.

What is the specity of My Son Sanctuary that makes everyone wants to come?

Explore centuries-old architecture

The centuries-old architecture
The centuries-old architecture – Source: Intenet

This is also the attraction of many visitors to My Son Sanctuary. Although only 32 temples and towers are left to be preserved, that is more than enough for visitors to admire. The temples here are built extremely elaborately and exquisitely carved with many unique, sophisticated details. Especially the building bricks, the bricks are fired and cut, then stacked without the current adhesives. They have held steadfast over the years, and this is also one of the biggest riddles that no one has been able to answer.

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Katê festival

Katê festival
Katê festival – Source: Intenet

Don’t pass up the opportunity to attend the Cham people’s distinctive Katê celebration. According to the Cham calendar, this ancient festival is observed in July each year, a chance to honor grandparents and ancestors and pray for the reproduction of all things. Many ancient rites, including as water procession, peace offerings, and palanquin procession, will be witnessed by visitors, as will performances with various musical instruments. Admire the unusual historic road, which may be up to 8m wide.

Admire the unique ancient road up to 8m wide

This road has a width of up to 8m and two parallel walls buried in the earth to a depth of 1m.  According to the document, this road will lead to the center of the holy place, where the large gate tower is used for sacrifices only for kings, royalty, and dignitaries. The wall surrounding this road’s sides is carved with many delicate shapes and worth admiring.

Enchanted with Apsara dance

Apsara dance
Apsara dance – Source: Intenet

In addition to visiting historic buildings, visitors can also admire Apsara dances inspired by The Apsara dance “The Soul of the Stone” and the performance of lovely Cham ladies on the Paranong drum and Saranai trumpet will enchant all guests.

When would be the greatest time to see My Son?

Quang Nam will have two distinct seasons: wet (September – December) and dry (February – August). The dry season will be far more beneficial. You should visit My Son Sanctuary between February and April. Now, the weather is very cool, and the sun is not too harsh, so it is straightforward to move to visit.

Check out some tourist attractions near My Son

Sa Huynh Cultural Museum – Champa

Established in 1994, the museum currently displays up to 946 ancient artifacts of residents of Sa Huynh culture. Coming here, visitors will both admire the artifacts and learn about the customs and life of the ancient inhabitants.

Tra Kieu Church

Tra Kieu Church
Tra Kieu Church – Source: Intenet

As a typical architectural work, the church is built in the European style, with the upper floor being the cathedral and the lower floor being the place to live. In addition, this place is also the burial site of Bishop Peter Maria Pham Ngoc Chi.

Hoi An Ancient Town

Many ancient architectural works from the last century mark the place. Discovering a Hoi An memory region brings a peaceful and gentle space worthy for visitors to visit and relax.

Note when visiting My Son Historical Sanctuary

  • Promotional tickets for students are available at the gate of My Son Sanctuary. After buying, they can move by tram inside.
  • My Son Sanctuary does not support tourists to worship and burn incense here.
  • Visitors can hire an interpreter to explain My Son so that they can better understand the history here.
  • Visitors can come here to shop since just one unit is permitted to do business and sales.
  • Musical performances will occur at 4 specific time frames of the day; make sure to arrange a time to catch up.

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