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Nha Rong wharf – Ho Chi Minh Museum: A place to imprin


Nha Rong Wharf is one of the famous landmarks with great significance in the history of Vietnam. It was the place where Uncle Who began his 30-year journey to find a way to save the country for the nation. The Saigon travel tour has a lot of interesting things and places waiting for you to discover, in which the Nha Rong Wharf is not to be missed.

Nha Rong wharf oversee
Nha Rong wharf oversee – Source: Internet


Address: No. 01 Nguyen Tat Thanh – Ward 12 – District 4 – City. Ho Chi Minh

Opening time to visit: From Tuesday to Sunday every week

      – Morning: 7:30 – 11:30;

      – Afternoon: 13:30 – 17:00;

Note: You have to buy a ticket to get in 

As a tourist destination, Nha Rong wharf has been built private parking area so you can go here by your motorbike or car. This vehicle helps you to be more active in travel time and conveniently visit many other places.

Or you can choose public transport: Visitors can choose to take a bus to Nha Rong Wharf, with trips 02, 03, 19 and 56. Otherwise, if you go in groups, you can choose to rent a tour bus to have a more specific sightseeing schedule.

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General information

Nha Rong wharf at night
Nha Rong wharf at night – Source: Internet

In the past, Nha Rong Wharf was the headquarters of the Saigon trading port, built by the French in 1863. After the war ended, this building was assigned to the South Vietnamese government to manage and they rebuilt the construction. Nha Rong wharf was built in the middle of 1862 and completed in 1863 with Western architecture, but on the roof, there are two dragons with their heads attached to the moon so it is called Nha Rong which means Dragon House. In 1870, the Imperial Shipping Company (Hotel des Messageries Impériales) changed to the Maritime Shipping company (Messageries Maritimes).

So at the museum, there is a model of the Amiral Latouche Tréville ship on display. The ship belongs to this consolidated company and was one of 6 luxury merchant ships of the 5-star company. According to archives at the Ho Chi Minh Museum, the page of the ship tracking book entering and leaving Saigon port on June 2, 1911, is dated June 2, 1911, when ships from Hai Phong docked at Nha Rong port, at that time called Sai Gon port. The company has recruited several employees to work on the ship, among the applicants is a young man named Nguyen Tat Thanh who has taken the name Van Ba, and was employed as a kitchen assistant.

Today, Ham Rong wharf is one of the branches in the system of museums about President Ho Chi Minh across Vietnam.

The significance of Nha Rong wharf in Vietnam’s history

Nha Rong wharf
Nha Rong wharf – Source: Internet

Nha Rong Wharf is a remarkable sign that has an extremely important historical significance. On June 5, 1911, Uncle Ho boarded the ship Amiral Latouche Tréville to leave Vietnam and began the journey to find a way to save Vietnam from the oppression by the French colonialists.


Nha Rong Wharf has another name Ho Chi Minh Museum – one of the historical and cultural tourist attractions in Saigon. Inside the Ho Chi Minh Museum is currently keeping a lot of artifacts, pictures and documents about Uncle Ho’s life, especially during the resistance war. Visitors will learn a lot of information about Uncle Ho’s life through the documents and pictures displayed here.

Nha Rong Wharf has now been repaired with main areas such as Ho Chi Minh Museum, Uncle Ho’s monument, fountain and harbor campus.

The structure of the Ho Chi Minh Museum includes 1 ground floor, 2 floors and 7 galleries with 8 other galleries with an area of ​​​​over 1,500m2. The roof of the Dragon House is designed according to the very familiar motif of “Two dragons adoring the moon” of Vietnamese temples. With impressive architecture, the people here have called this work Nha Rong and the nearby harbor is Nha Rong Wharf.

Nha Rong Wharf is also the first French-built building in Saigon. In particular, if you visit Nha Rong Wharf in the evening, you will admire the romantic sunset on the Saigon River.

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Some place near Nha Rong wharf

Bach Dang wharf

bach dang wharf
Bach Dang wharf – Source: Internet

About less than 1km away, that is a very famous tourist destination – Bach Dang wharf. Coming to this place, visitors can not only visit the beautiful scenery but also enjoy the cuisine of Saigon. In the late afternoon, many tourists come here to take a walk, relax and drink coffee by the river.

Independence Palace

The Independence Palace – where many documents are displayed, exhibition activities take place and evidence is kept during the Vietnam war.

Cu Chi Tunnels

Cu chi tunnels 1
Cu chi tunnels – Source: Internet

Cu Chi Tunnels is an ideal destination for travelers who love to explore. This place is known as the “underground labyrinth”, an important revolutionary base of the Vietnamese army during the war. Today, the Cu Chi tunnels are open to tourism. Visitors can come here to visit, explore and enjoy many delicious and attractive dishes.

Municipal Theater

Municipal Theaather
Municipal Theather – Source: Internet

Only 1.4km from Nha Rong Wharf is the Municipal Theater which is one of the famous tourist destinations in Saigon and prominent in the heart of Saigon. This building owns impressive Gothic architecture and is a venue specializing in organizing art performances and major cultural activities in Ho Chi Minh city.

Thu Thiem tunnel roof

Thu thiem tunnels roof
Thu Thiem tunnels roof – Source: Internet

The roof of Thu Thiem tunnel is a familiar tourist destination for tourists and young people in Saigon in the evening. This place is considered a sightseeing and resting place. At about 5 pm., the roof area of ​​Thu Thiem tunnel is crowded with tourists relaxing and admiring the sunset on the Saigon River.

Coming here, visitors can choose to relax and enjoy snacks right by the river. If you do not like to sit tight in one place, you can bring a canvas to spread and enjoy the view in the area you like. 

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