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Quy Nhon travel guide: Best advice to make your trip the best (Part 1)

Lily’s Travel will share Quy Nhon’s travel experiences to help you have a great vacation! Quy Nhon – is one of the famous attractions in Vietnam. Read through the super detailed travel guide below to gather experiences for your upcoming trip!

General information

Quy Nhon Review
Quy Nhon – Source: Internet

Quy Nhon City is an administrative unit, located along the central coast with a coastline of 72km. Previously, Quy Nhon was inhabited by the ancient Champa people. Formed for a long time, experiencing many historical events and ups and downs, Quy Nhon was honored to become a grade 1 city directly under the province in 2010.

Quy Nhon has long been known as a famous tourist destination, every year millions of tourists come to explore this beautiful coastal city. With diverse terrain and humid tropical monsoon climate. Quy Nhon is endowed by nature with many beautiful landscapes and unique geological tectonic plates.

In addition, Quy Nhon is also an attractive destination for tourists when they want to admire historical relics, tangible and intangible cultural heritages and a massive religious belief system…

Coming to Quy Nhon city, you will enjoy a very unique cuisine with delicious and authentic dishes of the people here. Due to these factors, Quy Nhon received the privilege of being listed among the top 20 tourist destinations in the world as determined by Hostelworld in 2023.

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Which time of year is ideal for visiting Quy Nhon?

Influenced by the tropical monsoon climate, hot, humid and rainy, Quy Nhon traveling is divided into two distinct seasons: dry season and rainy season. The dry season starts from March to September, the remaining months are the rainy season.

Quy Nhon City is famous for its long coastline, so traveling here in the dry season will be the perfect choice. These are also the peak months of the Quy Nhon tourist season.

You can still fully enjoy the beauty of Quy Nhon city when coming here in the rainy season months. However, you need to monitor the weather carefully and prepare yourself for a few self-sufficient Quy Nhon travel experiences before booking to avoid storms and floods.

Therefore, when exploring Quy Nhon, visitors can depart from these two big cities. Don’t forget to save the map of Quy Nhon, it’s a good experience for backpackers!

Means of transportation in Quy Nhon

Quy Nhon Review
Quy Nhon Review – Source: Internet

To travel to Quy Nhon, you have many choices of transportation to choose such as airplane, train. You can choose the best transportation that is suitable for your time.

And when being on Quy Nhon Island, to have a great trip in Quy Nhon, the choice of means of transportation to tourist destinations is also an extremely important thing that any of you want to know.


Quy Nhon has 11 bus routes for you to choose from. You should find out about the bus schedule in advance because some tourist places will not have buses passing by.

Tourist tramcar

Some Quy Nhon tourist places use this special vehicle, allowing you to move quickly while enjoying the surrounding scenery. Trams are often exploited by hotels, restaurants, and travel companies. You should take the tram in the early morning or evening because it is quite hot and sunny.


This is a popular means of transport that you can use anytime, anywhere in Quy Nhon. If the schedule is short, you can travel by taxi in Quy Nhon. Due to its nature and comfort, a taxi is the right choice for families with children or elderly people traveling together.

At the center, it is easy to catch a taxi, most of the drivers are indigenous people, so they are very familiar with the roads to tourist destinations.

Rent a car/motorbike with a driver or drive yourself

If you have a driver’s license and go in a large group, it is most convenient to rent a car to move around. Quy Nhon Me has flexible forms of car rental with driver or self-drive according to customer requirements. You can choose from many famous reputable car rental places in Quy Nhon, including car rental services.

What is beautiful about Quy Nhon tourism?

Queen Beach

Queen Beach
Queen Beach – Source: Internet

Queen Beach, also known as Bai Egg, is more affectionately known. The name of this beach comes from an ancient legend, when Nam Phuong Hoang Hau had the opportunity to come to Quy Nhon, she loved it very much and chose this beach as a resort. Queen Beach is located about 3km southeast of Quy Nhon City.

Coming here, in addition to having fun with the waves and sea, visitors are also spoiled for saving memorable moments here with small round and round stones like lovely eggs, which is a special thing. special that no other beach has.

Tomb of poet Han Mac Tu

Tomb of poet Han Mac Tu
Tomb of poet Han Mac Tu – Source: Internet

Many tourists wonder about the way to the grave of poet Han Mac Tu. You just need to cross the small bridge on the Tien River to turn left to Thi Nhan Hill to arrive at the poet’s grave.

The tomb is designed very simply according to the neo-rectangular architecture. Above the headstone is a statue of the Virgin Mary with her arms wide open and eyes looking down at the tomb. Lurking behind the tomb is the beauty of majestic nature and rolling hills, bringing a strange peace.

Han Mac Tu poetry garden

Han Mac Tu poetry garden
Han Mac Tu poetry garden – Source: Internet

If you are a lover of poetry, when traveling to Quy Nhon self-sufficient , you should once visit the Han Mac Tu poetry garden. The poetry garden is located right next to this eminent poet.

The poetic garden stands out in a space full of green trees, a charming, simple but strangely peaceful scene. Here, you can enjoy the soaring verses of this multi-talented but unlucky poet, leaving you with an unprecedented special feeling.

The Twin Towers consist of two large towers with extremely unique ancient architecture, standing out in the middle of a large space, making any visitor admire endlessly.

Seo Island (Hon Seo)

Seo Island
Seo Island – Source: Internet

Hon Seo is a relatively new tourist destination that has not been exploited much and the number of tourists who know this place is still limited. This is a small island with a very special shape, like a small boat offshore when viewed from above.

Coming here, you will be immersed in the wildlife with the most unspoiled scenery, very close and poetic. Hon Seo stands out for its large rapids with rocks of various colors. Surely, this will be the famous Quy Nhon tourism soon.

Thi Nai Bridge

Thi Nai Bridge
Thi Nai Bridge – Source: Internet

The Thi Nai Bridge, which connects Quy Nhon with the lovely Phuong Mai peninsula, is the longest sea crossing in Vietnam. The bridge is a great testament to the relentless efforts of the people here. Thi Nai Bridge is solidly built, beautifully designed with flexible curves.

When standing on the bridge, you will feel the salty taste of the sea, a large green space appears in front of you, making you excited forever.

To be continued

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