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Sapa Heaven Gate: Visit once to find the fairy landscape at O Quy Ho Heaven Gate


Travelers of the mountain town, have you checked in to the Heaven’s Gate of Sapa? Join Lily’s Travel to get more information about this tourist destination that is loved by the community.

When entering the foggy land of Sapa, people are suddenly attracted by the wild beauty of the Northwest mountains and forests and the changing colors of nature. And in this region, there is a beautiful destination called Sapa heaven gate – or Sapa O Quy Ho Heaven Gate. It is a place where people and nature are compatible, creating a magical gate hidden between white clouds and the fresh air of the mountains and forests.

Standing at the Sapa Heaven Gate, you can admire the entire mountains and forests, Sapa valley hidden in the fog, also a cloud hunting place that could not be more ideal. Sapa Heaven Gate, like a precious jewel, welcomes visitors with its fanciful and enchanting beauty at first sight. Let’s explore Sapa Heaven Gate together.

Generel information about the heaven gate of Sapa

With an altitude of nearly 2,035m, Sapa Heaven Gate, also known as O Quy Ho Heaven Gate, Tram Ton Heaven Gate, is the ideal place in Sapa to overlook the Northwest mountains and woods. The travel blog Global Grasshopper recommends Sapa Heaven Gate as one of the top ten scenic spots to visit in Vietnam.

Furthermore, Sapa Heaven Gate is a place to put your courage to the test because getting there requires crossing a tough and winding pass. When you arrive, however, every challenge will be repaid; you will immediately immerse yourself in the infinite space of sky and earth, feeling the wildness of nature in the most true way.

Location of the Heaven’s Gate of Sapa?

The Sapa Heaven Gate is roughly 18 kilometers from Sapa town on the 4D route that connects Lao Cai to Lai Chau.

The way to Sapa Heaven Gate is very winding, narrow, creeping along the mountainside, with a deep pit on one side and a high cliff on the other side. The average temperature in Sapa Heaven Gate ranges from 15 to 18oC, but when the temperature drops low, this area often appears ice and snow, so you should be very careful when going to the pass.

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Is the O Quy Ho Heaven Gate the Sapa Dragon Cloud Heaven Gate?

O Quy Ho Heaven Gate and Dragon Cloud Heaven Gate are two different tourist destinations in Vietnam.

The O Quy Ho Heaven Gate is located at the end of O Quy Ho Pass, one of the four legendary passes in the Northwest Mountains. This Sapa tourist destination is famous for its altitude exceeding 2,035m. Here, visitors have the opportunity to enjoy the wonderful scenery, see the entire vast and majestic Hoang Lien Son mountain range.

In contrast, the Dragon Cloud Gate is famous as a soaring glass bridge, located in Tam Duong district, Lai Chau province. Dubbed the “Gate of Heaven,” this work offers an impressive glass bridge experience, with an exciting and attractive view for those who set foot.

Regardless of whether they both carry the name “Heaven’s Gate” and are located in the Northwest mountains, in fact, these two places are completely different when it comes to location and travel experience.

Direction to Sapa Heaven Gate

The path to Sapa Heaven Gate
The path to Sapa Heaven Gate – Source: Internet

There are two ways you can go to Sapa Heaven Gate by private means, which are from Sapa town and from Lao Cai city.

  1. From the Sapa town center, take the route up to Silver Waterfall and Tram Ton Ranger Point. This section is about 12km, takes about 30-35 minutes. After that, you go about 6km to the top of O Quy Ho pass, which is also the Sapa Heaven Gate.
  2. If you depart from Lao Cai city center, you can take a bus, bus, or rent a motorbike to Sapa town. This section of road is more than 30km long, it will take about 1 hour. Then, you follow the same route as above to reach your final destination.

Note that the road from Lao Cai to Sapa is a pass with many sharp bends, so Klook does not encourage you to go backpacking by motorbike. In addition, you can go to the Heaven Gate by cable car. From the center of Sapa town, you buy a ticket to visit Fansipan peak. On the way back you take the shortcut to the Silver Falls. From here, you follow Highway 4D for another 6km to Sapa Heaven Gate.

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Sapa O Quy Ho Heaven Gate Travel Tips

Not only does it stop at sightseeing, check-in, Sapa Heaven Gate area has more interesting activities than you think.

Explore the pass to the Heaven’s Gate

Hunting cloud in Sapa Heaven Gate
Hunting cloud in Sapa Heaven Gate – Source: Internet

Going to Sapa Heaven Gate also gives you the option to conquer O Quy Ho Pass, which is regarded the easiest of the Northwest Pass’s four big peaks to reach. O Quy Ho Pass not only challenges the “crazy” legs, but also captivates the souls of art lovers or professional paparazzi. Because from here, the majestic but charming natural picture of the Northwest mountains and forests appears clearer and more vivid than ever.

Check-in at the Heaven Gate

If you have reached Sapa Heaven Gate, do not hesitate to check-in right away! Most likely, you will have a huge stock of photos that are enough to make it rain on social networks. It can be said that when you arrive at Sapa Heaven Gate, there are beautiful photos in every corner. However, if you are lucky enough to come here at sunrise and sunset, Klook guarantees that these are the most precious, impressive, and romantic moments you will ever encounter in your life.

Enjoy Sapa specialties at the Heaven Gate

Along the way up to Sapa Heaven Gate, there are many shops selling souvenirs as well as typical grilled dishes of Sapa such as grilled eggs, grilled corn, grilled potatoes, buffalo meat in the kitchen. In the cold air, enjoying the fragrant barbecue skewers, blue rice balls and sipping sweet tea will make you feel more excited.

Visit other tourist attractions near the Heaven’s Gate

Sapa Heaven Gate
Sapa Heaven Gate – Source: Internet

Along the way, you also have the opportunity to visit Silver Falls, Love Falls, admire the beautiful Muong Hoa valley with terraced fields. In addition, you can visit some paid spots such as H ‘mong Flower Garden, which stores and breeds over 100 colorful flowers; or Homesay Cua Xay Wind Sapa for cute “virtual life” photos.

Experience Sapa Silver Waterfall Tour

One of Sapa tourist destinations should not be missed is Silver Waterfall. Pocket the extremely detailed Sapa Silver Waterfall travel experience from Klook.

Experience Sapa Heaven Gate Tourism

  • For a place like Sapa Heaven Gate, you can visit any season of the year, especially in September and December. September is when you can see Sapa covered in golden ripe rice; In December, this place is covered with snow and dew like in Europe.
  • In the experience of #teamKlook, you should not come here in the spring because this season there is often rain, making the road slippery and dangerous. In case you still want to go to Sapa Heaven Gate in the spring, choose to travel by cable car as instructed above.
  • Noon and early afternoon are beautiful weather, there is not too much fog in Sapa Heaven Gate, convenient for sightseeing and photography. However, if you come here early in the morning or late in the afternoon, you can watch the sunrise and sunset.
  • You should prepare your coat or dress warmly because the climate here is cold, even in the middle of summer.

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