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The Bali Hill Dalat: The virtual living paradise


Da Lat City is famous for its poetic natural scenery, countless colorful flowers, and many attractive check-in locations, attracting millions of visitors yearly. One of them is the Bali Hills Dalat Heaven Gate.

If tourists plan to visit Da Lat, have fun, and relax, it will undoubtedly be challenging to miss a place. Da Lat tourism has been discussed by tourists worldwide and has become a feverish virtual check-in paradise. Community Network. The article below explains exciting information about this super HOT destination.

How far is Bali Da Lat Heaven Gate from the center of Dalat?

The Bali Hill Dalat
The Bali Hill Dalat – Source: Internet

The address for The Bali Hill is Da Lat Telpher – Starting Point, Ward 3, Da Lat City, Lam Dong province. Whenever the name “The Bali Hill Dalat” is mentioned, surely everyone will immediately think of a unique architectural and artistic masterpiece in Lura Lempuyang Lulur – a land known as the “land of thousands island in Indonesia.”

This architectural masterpiece has been recreated in Da Lat – an extraordinarily romantic and poetic land. Although the two projects are in two different countries, they have similarities, attracting tourists from all over Da Lat to admire this unique beauty. 

It is only 2.7 kilometers from Dalat’s city center. This virtual living paradise is for young people who love beauty and vivid photography. Bali Hill is nestled in the vast pine forests and rolling hills typical of Da Lat City. Even though Bali Hill is smaller in area than the original in Indonesia, it always attracts the attention of tourists worldwide. 

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How to get to The Bali Hill – Green Hills Dalat

How to get to The Bali Hill - Green Hills Dalat
How to get to The Bali Hill – Green Hills Dalat – Source: Internet

The journey to Bali’s heavenly gate in Dalat is simple. To be proactive about time and schedule, visitors can rent a motorbike in Da Lat with prices from 80.000 – 120.000 VND per day. From Dalat market, follow Ho Tung Mau Street to the roundabout Prenn pass, and continue moving on 3/4 road until you see the interprovincial bus station. Then, on the way, many signs lead to the cable car. If you keep going straight, the Bali Dalat heaven gate will appear right in front of you. 

Although the road is simple, it requires many driving skills and experience. If you are not confident, you can rent a Da Lat taxi to ensure safety and comfortable rest during your travel itinerary.

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Review of The Bali Hill

The Bali Hill Dalat review
The Bali Hill Dalat review – Source: Internet

The Bali Hill Dalat has only recently appeared but has become a “must-visit” tourist destination. The Pura Lempuyang Luhur temple inspired the Bali Hill in Da Lat in Indonesia but has a unique and different architectural style. Located in a spacious space, Bali Hill feels like it is opening a path towards a fairyland, surrounded by mountains and vast pine forests. A When visitors first arrive, they will see a beautiful scene that will leave a lasting impression. 

Located in the resort on the dreamy Robin Hill, The Bali Hill Dalat gives visitors peace and comfort, as if escaping everyday life’s pressures and fatigue. Coming here, you will feel the freedom and comfort of admiring the scenery in this dreamlike space. The “million dollar” view embraces the mountains and hills of the land of thousands of flowers.

Located on a high hill with open space, The Bali Hill Dalat – Heaven Gate has a “million dollar” view so everyone can fully see Da Lat’s land and sky. From there, visitors can admire the long and vast landscape with pine forests and rolling green hills. Especially in the early morning, you will feel the cool mist. Or at dusk, when sunset falls, the space becomes more magical and romantic. This unique and exciting destination gives visitors memorable experiences thanks to its beautiful natural scenery.

Some attentions

To enjoy the virtual living space at Bali’s heavenly gate to the fullest, you should choose clothes that match the scene: 

  • Women can choose maxi dresses with gentle, feminine designs to create highlights and easily flare out gracefully. For men, active and comfortable clothing is the perfect choice.
  • At the same time, bring accessories such as sunglasses, fans, hats… to make the photo more vivid. In addition, at Heaven’s Gate, there is also a costume rental service for taking photos. Visitors can rent colorful dresses here to make the photo stand out the most.
  • On social networks, there are countless reviews of Bali Da Lat’s heavenly gate, and what impresses the most are the beautiful, sparkling virtual photos of tourists. The magical feeling is recreated in each frame thanks to the unique and strange design of the heaven gate. Along with that is the calm lake surface reflecting right below. The effect creates a fantastic natural picture when taking photos, urging people to explore and enjoy.
  • Many tourists visiting Bali Hill commented that, at the hill, they need to raise the camera and stand in to get beautiful photos without having to waste time posing. In addition to the sky gate, there are countless miniature landscapes and beautiful backgrounds for visitors to check in freely, including bird nests, cafes, swings, and many other ideal locations.

Tips for a “thousand-hearted” virtual life at The Bali Hill Dalat  

The Bali Hill
The Bali Hill – Source: Internet

To have a picture with Da Lat characteristics “thousands of likes” When visiting Bali’s heavenly gate, immediately refer to the following virtual living tips:

  • The ideal time to take photos at The Bali Hill Dalat is early morning. At this time, the air is exceptionally fresh and clean. The natural scenery before your eyes is full of poetic and romantic features. Lily’s Travel promises that it will bring you excellent and more beautiful photos than ever.
  • Suggestions on how to take photos:
    • Coming to check-in at Bali Da Lat’s heavenly gate, visitors can freely create virtual poses to save wonderful moments. To have beautiful and impressive photos, refer to some of the following ways to pose.
    • Create a “V” with both hands and put them on your head, keeping a bright smile. Aligning the shot from below will highlight the hill and create a picturesque blue sky. 
    • Standing behind the gate of heaven, eyes looking into the distance and back leaning against the gate.
    • Stand gently, lift one foot off the ground, and maintain a “walking in the air” position. The photo will create a dreamy feeling like you are immersing yourself in the magical space of Heaven’s Gate.

Some notes when visiting The Bali Hill Dalat

  • Choose a time and outfit that matches the Balinese vibe. You should come early in the morning if you want great virtual photos. The air is cool, fresh, and quiet, allowing you to pose freely. In terms of clothing, choose lace or boho dresses for women and simple, white clothes for men.
  • You should come early in the morning if you want great virtual photos.
  • If you ride your motorbike to the resort, please pay attention to ensure safety because the road up here is quite steep and challenging to go.
  • After you have the photos you like, edit the colors to make the photo more sparkling. Some photography applications you can refer to are VSCO, Foodie, and Lightroom… which will support you.

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