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Sapa Heaven’s Gate: Heaven in cloud


“Catching cloud” or “Hunting cloud” in Sapa are the words many tourists spread through word of mouth. To do that, you have to go to Sapa Heaven’s Gate. The gate has another name O Quy Ho Heaven’s Gate.

Sapa Heaven’s Gate has long become a destination “have – to – go – once” in a Sapa tour. At the gate, you can feel like setting your feet on the cloud, everything which is impossible seems to turn into possible such as if you can touch the cloud and see the beauty of the high peaks.

Why do you have to be at Sapa Heaven’s Gate once?

Sapa Heaven’s Gate is about 18km North of Sapa Town center, so you can see two paths. If you go from Sapa town, you will follow the road to Thac Bac and Tram Ton ranger station about 12km long. If you use a motorbike, it only takes about 30-35 minutes to arrive. After that, go a few more kilometers to the top of O Quy Ho Pass, which is also Sapa Heaven’s Gate.

However, for some tourists traveling to Hanoi to Sapa from Lao Cai city, they can take a bus.  Then follow the right path above. On the road, keep attention because the road from the city to Sapa town is full of passes, some are quite dangerous.

The most beautiful viewpoint in Sapa

You can take many photos at Sapa Heaven’s Gate – Source: Internet

O Quy Ho Heaven’s Gate is one of the most beautiful sightseeing destinations in Sapa. From here, you can have a panoramic view of the entire vast valley, interspersed with the overlapping mountains of the Hoang Lien Son range. The main highlight is the winding roads. This is also the most typical feature that only O Quy Ho pass in Sapa has.

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Conquer O Quy Ho pass – one of the four great peaks of the Northwestern region of Vietnam

O Quy Ho pass is one of the four great peaks of the Northwest Pass includes: Khau Pha Pass (Yen Bai), Ma Pi Leng Pass (Ha Giang), Pha Din Pass (Dien Bien) and O Quy Ho Pass (Lao Cai). Standing on the O Quy Ho heaven gate, feeling the rushing wind, watching the mountains, majestic scenery definitely an experience you can’t miss in your Sapa tour.

Get “chilly” with many twists on the way going down O Quy Ho Pass

There are many twists and turns to reach the top at O Quy Ho haven’s Gate. It feels so cool when you go downhill from the top when returning.

The beauty of Sapa Heaven’s Gate

The wild beauty at Sapa Heaven’s Gate – Source: Internet

Not like other destinations in Sapa, O Quy Ho Gate has unique and feature scenery happening each month and in each different season. Coming to Sapa every month, at Heaven’s Gate, visitors will also have different feelings about this place.

January – Sapa is in winter

If you are lucky, you will see snow – one of the rare climate features in Vietnam. However, on days with snow or melting snow, the road to Sapa heaven gate will be very dangerous due to the slippery, you need to be very careful. Standing on the Sapa sky gate in the cold weather of January, you will have the opportunity to see firsthand the white snow on each canopy and blade of grass – a very wonderful sight.

February – Peach blossom season

In the month, you will have the opportunity to see the cherry blossoms budding. From the Sapa heaven gate, looking down into the valley, the pale pink color of the forest peach trees will appear, interspersed with the green of the budding young leaves.

March – Plum blossom season

Plum blossoms just last a month immediately after peach blossoms. On the way to Sapa heaven gate, visitors will be able to see the white plum forests on the hillside.

April – “Friendly climate”

The weather in Sapa in April is neither too hot nor too cold. Traveling to Sapa in this month makes visitors many opportunities to admire the sweeping landscape from the heaven gate in Sapa.

May – Waterfall season

From the Sapa Heaven’s Gate, you can observe the water overflowing into the terraced fields. On sunny days, the water will reflect the sun, like thousands of small mirrors – a very majestic sight.

June – Early seedling season

At this time, the people start to plant rice all over the terraced fields. The silver color of the water will be gradually covered with green.

July – Early rice season, cool weather

After 1 month of transplanting, rice begins to grow green, interspersed with the inherent green of primary forest vegetation.

August – Rice blooming season

The majestic terraced fields gradually change from green to yellow – signaling the coming harvest season. The road to Sapa’s heaven gate will be filled with the yellow and green colors of the blooming rice season

September – Rice ripe season

September is also the time when Sapa attracts the most tourists, when the terraced fields begin to turn golden, extremely beautiful, surprising visitors. Standing on the Sapa heaven gate, you can glimpse the majestic terraced fields that are golden spots from afar.

October – Harvest season

Coming to Sapa in October, you can see the yellow color of late-ripening terraced fields, feel the burning straw. The weather in October as well as in the fall of Sapa is very beautiful and romantic.

November – “Catching cloud” season

In the month, Sapa weather is mostly cloudy, foggy. This is the flawless time to “hunt”, to “catch” the cloud. Arriving at the gate of heaven in the early morning, you will see the mist spreading, touch your hands on the clouds flying in front of you. November is also the trekking season for adventure travel enthusiasts. And at Sapa Heaven’s Gate, you will have the opportunity to admire the majestic sea of clouds.

December – Fog season

At that time, the weather is getting colder. The fog happens during the day and is also thicker. Vietnamese people do not like to come to Sapa during that month and conversely, many people especially like to come to Sapa on misty days – to wander around the town, to feel the cold, the romance and the love of Sapa Town and to see the gate of heaven in blurred smog.

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Other experiences at Sapa Heaven’s Gate

Explore waterfalls: Silver waterfall – Love waterfall

Picnic at Sapa Heaven’s Gate – Source: Internet

As one of four great peaks in Northern of Vietnam, O Quy Ho Pass is the most pleasant peak. Therefore, you can drive motorbikes here by yourself even if you’re woman, just pay attention to the speed and drive safely as well as wear a full helmet, everything will be ok. The road from the center of Sapa to the gate of heaven also has many beautiful scenes for tourists to explore such as Silver Waterfall, Love Waterfall, valleys, terraced fields…

Enjoy BBQ

BBQ at Sapa Heaven’s Gate – Source: Internet

Here you can enjoy grilled food: grilled corn, baked potatoes, grilled eggs, buffalo meat; Drink sweet tea… Depending on the season, there will also be special fruits, such as peaches, plums, apricots…

You can also buy some souvenirs such as towels, skirts, bracelets, anklets,… as gifts for your family and friends.

H’mong flower garden, Windmill homestay

H’mong flower garden – Source: Vnexpress

There are some living places on the path to Sapa Heaven’s Gate such as H’mong Flower Garden and Homestay Coi Xay… Don’t forget to visit and explore these places.

Lily’s Travel hope, the information below can help you to find out the most suitable season to get your trip as wonderful as possible.

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