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Than Tai mountain: A famous sightseeing destination have to visit in Da Nang

Than Tai mountain
Than Tai mountain

Than Tai Mountain in Da Nang has become famous for its 4-season climate happens in one day with the natural landscapes and diverse entertainment activities. At Than Tai Mountain, you will have the opportunity to experience and visit a natural masterpiece in the heart of Da Nang with many opportunities to discover a completely different Da Nang tourism day with many enriching fun activities.


Than Tai mountain is located in Phu Tuc village, Hoa Phu commune, Hoa Vang district, about 30km from My Khe beach. This is one of the famous destinations of Da Thanh tourism, and built as s a complex of extremely interesting and attractive amusement and entertainment area.
The opening time of Than Tai mountain in Danang is from 8:30 to 17:30 every day , visitors can buy tickets in advance to avoid waiting in line, moving and having fun is also easier.

The ticket prices of Than Tai Mountain Da Nang 2021 are divided into many prices and many different service combos. Depending on your needs and your family, you can choose to buy suitable tickets.

Entrance ticket price

The entrance ticket price (general package) will include many accompanying services such as visiting Than Tai temple, hot mineral bath, Japanese Onsen bath, hot spring Jacuzzi, cold spring, fun at the park water, dinosaur park,…
Adults: 400,000 VND/person
Children (from 1m to 1.4m): 200,000 VND/person
Children (under 1m): Free

Service prices

Besides the general ticket package, visitors can also buy other attached service packages such as Tich Loc, Tue Phat Thu, Recharge, etc. Each package will provide different relaxation services.



1 Tich Loc Economy package + lunch 610,000 won
2 Nurturing Wisdom Phat Thu General package use the service after 15:00 300,000 won
3 Air intake Economy package + mud bath 530,000 won
Economy package + mud bath + lunch 730,000 won
4 Detox 1 Economy package + mud bath + full body massage 60 minutes 730,000 won
Economy package + mud bath + 60 minutes full body massage + lunch 970,000 won
5 Detox 2 General package + foot massage 30p 530,000 won
  General package + 30 minutes foot massage + lunch 730,000 won
6 Detox 3 General package + 30 minutes foot massage + mud bath / green tea / lemongrass / herbal 660,000 won
General package + 30 minutes foot massage + mud bath / green tea / lemongrass / herbal + lunch 850,000 won


The ticket price of Than Tai Mountain in Da Nang will depend on the choice of service package that suits the needs of the customer. The above fare table is for reference only, applicable for adults from 1.4m and above.
Children (from 1m to 1.4m): 50% off listed ticket price
Children (Under 1m): Free

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Price of tour to Than Tai mountain in Da Nang

Currently, a lot of commercial travel sites offer a 1-day tour of Than Tai mountain in Da Nang or a 2-day and 1 night tour of Than Tai mountain in Da Nang with different prices, ranging from 650,000 VND / 1 adult. These tours will have a shuttle bus to pick up guests from the hotel and join the group to visit Than Tai Mountain and many other tourist attractions in Da Nang.

What does Than Tai Mountain have

Than Tai Mountain Da Nang has interesting things that become a destination not to be missed? In addition to being favored by nature for its beautiful natural landscape, Than Tai Mountain also possesses a cool climate, large outdoor play areas suitable for family tours, groups or companies.

Than Tai Mountain Park Danang

Than Tai Mountain Hot Springs Park Da Nang was built in 2012, including a complex of interesting amusement, entertainment and relaxation projects such as hot springs, artificial swimming pools, amusement parks, etc. Children’s play, bathing services and experiencing nutrients from nature (coffee, fresh milk, lemongrass, …). Especially, mud bathing on Than Tai mountain in Da Nang is an activity that attracts a large number of visitors.

Unique bathing experience

Like a natural masterpiece in the heart of the coastal city, Than Tai mountain tourist destination in Da Nang possesses many beautiful natural landscapes, featuring a typical climate of 4 seasons in 1 day of Ba Na midland. Visitors here will have many unique bathing experiences, bringing great relaxation moments, extremely relaxing.

Fresh milk bath

Fresh milk bath service in Than Tai mountain is a popular choice of women. Fresh milk contains many vitamins and nutrients to nourish smooth skin and improve skin pigmentation, making skin whiter and brighter.

Coffee bath experience

Many studies have shown the great uses of coffee in nourishing the skin and healing the spirit. Taking a coffee bath at Than Tai Mountain in Danang is the best way to relieve stress and promote positive energies within you.

Emongrass bath

Since ancient times, lemongrass & lemon have been great ingredients to help blood circulation, reduce stress effectively. The vitamins (A, B1, B2…) and minerals (magnesium, potassium, calcium …) are beneficial in lemongrass, lemon also supports anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, helps to brighten the skin, and improves skin condition better. Lemongrass bath is a blood circulation stimulation therapy for those who are experiencing headaches, fatigue due to stress in work or life.

Wine bath

Bathing with wine is a treatment that the Egyptian queen Cleopatra used thousands of years ago. The resveratrol in red wine is an extremely effective skin-protecting antioxidant. Therefore, a wine bath will help you improve aging problems, making your skin firmer and healthier.

Green tea bath

Besides lemongrass, lemon, green tea bath is also an antibacterial therapy, improves inflammation and effectively treats dry skin. In addition, green tea contains relaxing essential oils, which help reduce stress and fatigue and promote positive energy regeneration in the body.

Party organization

With a large campus and many interesting activities, organizing a group party is also one of the popular activities in Than Tai mountain in Danang. Companies and businesses can build many Team building programs, internal activities, departmental parties, etc. here with quality support services and quite reasonable prices.

Enjoy Longevity Eggs

Many people jokingly say that the longevity egg on Than Tai mountain is a divine egg, “eating an egg three years young”. The truth is unknown, but many predecessors passed on that chicken eggs are a great tonic, the whites and the yolks embrace each other like a combination of yin – yang. When you bring boiled eggs in hot mineral springs, beneficial nutrients will accumulate inside the eggs, bringing a great source of energy.

Visiting Onsen Tower

Onsen Tower is a symbol of Japanese culture. Onsen means large hot mineral baths, outside is a three-storey bagua-shaped tower with bold Japanese architecture, inside the baths are treated with moderate heat and cold, bringing positive changes. health benefits for users. Onsen tower of Than Tai mountain resort in Danang has been recognized as meeting the standards of Beppu city – Japan.

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Best time to travel

The climate of Than Tai mountain location in Da Nang is cool all year round, 4 seasons in 1 day. Therefore, you can visit this resort at any time of the year. However, depending on the weather condition, you can choose whether to go to Than Tai mountain in Da Nang, because some months have rain, moving from the city center to the tourist area will face some limitations.

Vehicles to Than Tai Mountain

How far from the center of Da Nang is Than Tai Mountain and can it be moved independently is a question of many tourists today. In fact, moving from My Khe beach (city center) to Than Tai mountain only takes about 1 hour. The road to Than Tai mountain in Da Nang is not too difficult, so visitors can self-sufficient by motorbike, car, taxi or book group tours.

Food to try

Exploring Than Tai Mountain in Danang, you can prepare fast foods such as bread, milk, fruit, cakes, etc. to eat during your break. In addition, if possible, you should experience the cuisine of Than Tai mountain by buying a ticket for lunch buffet at Red Dragon restaurant. The dishes sold in the tourist area are quite diverse, many of which are specialties of Da Thanh that many visitors who have tried are fascinated.

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