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The best place to visit in Vietnam: Check out destinations you need to visit


We want to introduce the tourism destinations in Vietnam in this article. Lily’s Travel will help us find out.

Da Nang

Da Nang City
Da Nang City – Source: Internet

Da Nang is separated from Hue by Hai Van Pass. On the pass, you can take a backpacking trip from Hue to Da Nang by motorbike for about 3 hours by car. In Da Nang, life is busier than in Hue. You can go to the Asian park or take the cable car up to Ba Na for entertainment with fun and equally adventurous games. Going to Hue for sightseeing relaxation and visiting Da Nang for entertainment is excellent. If you go with your lover, remember to go to the bridge of love right at the foot of the Dragon Bridge to check-in. You can buy a love lock, write your name, and lock it like the Korean movies we often see.

In addition, Han River Bridge is also a place you should visit. Especially from 23 to 24 hours, the Han River Bridge will rotate the middle part at an angle of 90 degrees. This is the first and only swing bridge in Vietnam so far. Not only is it the most livable city in Vietnam, but Da Nang is also a land worthy of experience for the wandering feet. Regardless of gender or age, you can find suitable, new and sure activities only in Da Nang can be enjoyed to the most total and meaningful:

  • Cocobus 

For the first time in Da Nang, Cocobus double-decker bus will take you to visit a round of famous tourist attractions of the city and Son Tra peninsula. Especially with Cocobus, you can stop or get in the car at any stop during your journey.

  • Ba Na Hills National Park

Influenced by European architecture, Ba Na Hills is a destination that attracts many domestic and foreign tourists. Having ascended Ba Na via a cable car such as:

    • Have fun at Fantasy Park
    • Checkin at the famous Golden Bridge
Cau Vang - Golden Bridge
Cau Vang – Golden Bridge – Source: Internet
  • Ly Son Island Tour – 2 days

Two days of sightseeing at Ly Son Island with famous tourist destinations and breathing the peaceful air is a dream trip. You will see the pristine beauty of the Vietnamese sea and island, participate in night fishing, and understand more about the culture and life of Ly Son people.

  • Diving tour to see corals in Son Tra peninsula – half a day

After arriving in the Son Tra peninsula by speedboat, visitors will participate in a scuba diving tour to see beautiful ancient corals. At the same time, you can also explore the majestic rocks or relax at the sprawling beaches.

  • Cham Island Tour – 1 day

This vacation trip combines learning about local history and culture that you should try once in your life. Sailing on the canoe to watch the sea, visiting tourist attractions, enjoying swimming or watching corals are activities you will experience in this journey.

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Hoi An

Hoi An Ancient City
Hoi An Ancient City – Source: Internet

In terms of ancient features, Hoi An is the first-ranked destination. About 40km from Da Nang city, Hoi An old town is much quieter and more idyllic. Hoi An stands out with the yellow of the low houses and the pink of the spreading confetti trusses in front of the porch.

Hoi An ancient town still keeps its antique beauty despite the numerous ups and downs of history, with moss covering every tile roof, masonry, and tree row. Tubular buildings with only one or two levels, limited widths, and extraordinarily large depths are the most prevalent style of housing. Due to the harsh climate in this area, houses are constructed from materials with exceptional strength and longevity. The sides are split into three sections with aisles running down the centre by brick walls and timber frames. Each home includes a stone-paved sky courtyard that is ornamented with trees, beautiful plants, and water tanks for added beauty.

Hoi An is much more stunning at night. Colorful lanterns shine brightly amid peaceful and poetic scenery. The lanterns flickering with candlelight dropped along the Thu Bon River make the river even more sparkling. Although it is only an old quarter, households in Hoi An do tourism business with various genres. You can rent a place to stay, eat, shop, and play, in Hoi An, not far away. If you can visit Hoi An, you should also try drinking Mot tea, eating Phuong bread that is singing today.

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Da Lat

Morning in Da Lat
Morning in Da Lat – Source: Internet

Travelers who love the feeling of wearing thin sweaters in the cold weather will need to pay attention to a great place like Da Lat. Da Lat’s geography is highly intricate and mostly consists of two types of terrain: plain and high mountainous terrain. Mountains and hills form a huge wall around it that acts as a windbreak. The most populated and urbanized area of Da Lat is located beneath a basin that is 1,700 meters wide.

It is because of favorable conditions that thousands of flowers race to bloom. Da Lat is the place where the flowers bloom most beautifully. Fruits like strawberries also grow well here. Also, Da Lat’s scenery is very suitable for taking classic and vintage photos. Go to Lam Vien Square or Dalat Market and discover the divine photography corners. Although the weather is always excellent and stable, the ideal time to plan to go to Da Lat is from November to June next year. Moving will be considerably safer and more practical because it is the dry season.

The people of Dalat have always been famous for their goodness and hospitality. The lifestyle is very comfortable and mineral, like Westerners. Their vocals, in particular, have a lot of charisma and are warm and clear. As a distinct feature, it isn’t easy to mix with other provinces. Da Lat’s culture is like a paradise, with a wide variety of national cultural identities from several ethnic groups. It is shown through performances, unique musical instruments, and colorful outfits.

Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc
Phu Quoc – Source: Internet

The hottest destination today is Phu Quoc. Many people choose this island as an ideal vacation spot. This location, noted for its stunning sunrise and sunset, is surrounded by the sea on all sides. More and more resorts give you more options when you come here. The world’s longest sea-crossing cable car connecting An Thoi station and Hon Thom is the most well-known attraction in Phu Quoc.

From above, you can see the panoramic view of the crystal-clear beaches and small islands rising in the middle of the calm sea. Coming to Hon Thom, you can freely experience exciting and adventurous games in the water park or immerse yourself in the clear seawater.

With an area of nearly 600 km2 with 150 km of coastline, Phu Quoc includes 22 large and small islands, along with many beautiful beaches such as Truong Beach, Khem Beach, Ganh Dau, Sao Beach, Cua Can, Ham Ninh… There are also 7,000 hectares of forest on the island, most of which are primary forests.

Phu Quoc has been explored since the time of the Nguyen Lords, so there are still ancient historical and cultural relics. Phu Quoc was once named by CNN as one of the top 19 travel destinations in Asia for 2019. The site itself was also voted as one of the 5 once-in-a-lifetime tourist destinations in Asia Pacific in the fall, with many other famous names on the tourist map, such as Chengdu (China), Fukuoka (Japan), Jeju Island (South Korea) and Perth (Australia).

The magnificent nature and world-class works have been turning Phu Quoc into a tourist paradise of Vietnam and the world. From Hon Thom cable car, recognized by Guinness World Records as the longest three-wire cable car in the world, visitors can experience the feeling of “flying” between the sea and the sky with immense and incredible scenery.

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