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The green travel Vietnam: 5 things you should know before departing

“Green living” is becoming a trend in modern life today. The demand does not stop at eating and breathing, but also in travel and entertainment. Therefore, green travel is increasingly asserting its competitiveness.

The official definition of green travel or green tourism/ecotourism

The green travel Vietnam
The green travel Vietnam – Source: Internet

According to the International Ecotourism Society (TIES), green tourism can be defined as “responsible travel to natural regions, safeguarding the environment; maintain the lives of local people and relate to education”. Individuals, businesses, or tourism organizations can organize such excursions; environmental education.

At the same time, the Australian National Ecotourism Organization defines ecotourism as “eco-sustainable travel with a primary focus on experiencing natural areas in order to promote understanding, appreciation, on the preservation of the environment and culture”.

The principles behind green travel

TIES highlights a number of principles associated with the meaning of ecotourism: not only minimizing physical, social, behavioral and psychological impacts; Ecotourism is also about building a culture that respects and protects the environment while providing positive experiences for visitors and organizations.

On the organizer side, the ecotourism trend is one of the areas that create value for local people and the industry. At the same time, they will help deliver remarkable experiences for visitors, raising their awareness of local environmental, political or social issues.

The green travel Vietnam: 5 things you should know

The green travel Vietnam 2023
The green travel Vietnam 2023 – Source: Internet

Developing the green travel Vietnam is the way to ensure the prosperity of the tourism industry and bring economic and social benefits to local community in Vietnam. Green travel or ecotourism offers the opportunity to immerse yourself in the natural world in a fun and productive way, providing acumen in managing the rest of the world’s natural wonders. But something you should know clearly:

Other environmental aspects of green tourism (ecology): It can also harm the environment if you are not understand and want protect enviroment carefully.

Regardless of the goal of environmental protection, ecotourism can unintentionally create harm to the environment because:

  1. Ecotourists often visit environmentally “sensitive” areas at risk of collapse or erosion.
  2. Disturb the environment of wildlife, impact on vegetation (from gathering). In addition, the amount of waste also increased due to the number of visitors can also be a consequence of ecotourism.
  3. Indirect impacts through fuel consumption when traveling by air or by road.
  4. It is possible that ecotourism turns into mass tourism with a huge impact to varying degrees on the environment.
  5. Out-of-area impacts such as land clearance for infrastructure construction (roads, hotels).

Activities in your green travel in Vietnam are often related to nature (such as hiking and exploring trails, bird watching or coral diving). As a result, it tends to be more physically demanding while typical travel is more relaxed and less physical. Small groups and long stays are also popular among ecotourists, while regular tourists are mostly large groups staying for short periods of time.

So if you want to take part in a green travel, please remember that: Green Tourism is defined as responsible tourism to nature, conserving the environment, maintaining and preserving the culture of indigenous people, contributing to creating jobs, improving livelihoods and bringing happiness to the people. people. These activities make tourism meaningful, creating added values for travel experiencers and local people.

S0me hot green travel tour in Vietnam

Unspoiled islands

Tu Binh Island (including explore Binh Ba – Binh Hung – Binh Lap – Binh Tien)

Referring to the top green and pristine islands in the Central region, it is impossible not to mention Tu Binh including Binh Ba – Binh Hung – Binh Lap – Binh Tien. The journey to explore these 4 islands will bring visitors extremely interesting experiences. Not only enjoying the beautiful and green beaches on Binh Ba Island , visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy the famous delicious lobster BBQ.

Nam Du Island

Nam Du Island
Nam Du Island – Source: Internet

Considered as “Ha Long in the South” and always in the top of the hottest green tourist destinations in 2020, Nam Du Island is the perfect choice for travelers if they want to return to the wild and fresh nature, recharge with vitamin sea for their health. upcoming vacation. The green sea and islands, countless seafood, and low prices are the things that tourists like most when visiting this beautiful island.

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Phu Quoc island

Of course, if you ignore the pearl island of Phu Quoc in the green and fresh destinations of the South, it is a big mistake. Famous for its beautiful sunset “specialties”, countless attractions, many choices of accommodation from affordable to high-class, going back in time with Phu Quoc prison, playing games with amusement parks. famous games such as Vinwonders, Vinpearland,…

Hon Mun island

Hon Mun island
Hon Mun island – Source: Internet

If tourists want to experience scuba diving to see the most beautiful coral reefs in Vietnam, Hon Mun Island (Khanh Hoa) is a great stopover. Here, visitors can admire the colorful, extremely rich coral reefs and many strange sea creatures through scuba diving, sea walking…

The green forests

Tra Su Melaleuca Forest

Tra Su Melaleuca Forest
Tra Su Melaleuca Forest – Source: Internet

Tra Su Melaleuca forest is an eco-tourism area located in Van Giao commune, Tinh Bien district, An Giang. This is the ideal destination for a green tour of the West of tourists. In the floating season, this forest is as beautiful as a movie and extremely poetic. There is nothing more wonderful than being able to float on boats crept into the vast Melaleuca forest and check-in with green trees. After the tour ends, you can also enjoy the famous specialties of An Giang land.

Madagui Forest Resort

Located in Lam Dong province, Madagui Forest Resort is one of the green and fresh destinations that is currently chosen by many companies when looking for a place to organize team building for their units. At this resort, visitors will experience countless interesting activities such as: Kayaking, zipline, mountain climbing, aerial walking, grass skiing, horseback riding, paintball shooting, …. or extremely enjoyable camping.

U Minh Forest

U Minh Forest
U Minh Forest – Source: Internet

Located in the last sacred land of the S-shaped map, U Minh forest is unspoiled and a place for you to immerse yourself in the fresh nature as well as learn about the culture and people of the wild Ca Mau.

Nam Cat Tien Nation Park

If you want to return to the great green, then Nam Cat Tien National Park is the choice for you. It is home to an extremely diverse flora and fauna system, many rare and precious species, full of waterfalls, lakes, … fresh. At this National Park, you can experience interesting night animal watching, trekking, camping or team building activities .

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Hoa Lo Prison
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