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The major attractions in Vietnam: Places with experiences that will make you enjoy your journey (Part 1)


Foreign visitors to Vietnam are excited and curious because they do not know what to discover in the S-shaped country. Vietnam has many unique experiences to introduce to visitors to explore, from popular to adventurous, great expeditions with expensive costs.

Trekking Hai Van pass road

Hai Van Pass
Hai Van Pass – Source: Internet

Vietnam owns many dangerous pass roads, challenging the bravery of the drivers For foreign visitors, conquering Hai Van Pass in particular is a must-do experience. Previously, The Guardian magazine included Hai Van Pass in the Top 10 “the most beautiful coastal road in the World.” Considered the most beautiful pass road in Vietnam, Hai Van Pass attracts many tourists, especially foreign backpackers, to come and visit.

In addition, it is interesting to attract foreign visitors when Vietnam, a motorbike taxi, is considered a “specialty” street. “Motorbike taxi” is recommended as a traditional mode of transportation and is one of the S-shaped land’s distinctive experiences.

However, foreign tourism sites often advise visitors to negotiate prices in advance to avoid “chopping.” A motorbike taxi is a traditional means of transportation for Vietnamese people at a relatively affordable price.

Taking a cyclo to visit Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hue…

International visitors are also advised to experience cyclo when coming to Vietnam. This type of vehicle is available in tourist destinations in major cities such as Hanoi, Hue, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City. HCM city.

However, visitors will have the opportunity to chat with cyclo drivers, who are knowledgeable about tourist attractions and delicious eateries. Cyclo is an experience that any foreigner coming to Vietnam should experience.

Kayaking on Ha Long Bay

Ha Long Bay Cruise Tour
Ha Long Bay Cruise Tour – Source: Internet

Ha Long Bay (Quang Ninh) is a popular destination with foreign visitors to Vietnam. Visitors can join a boat tour to see the bay, explore the islands and caves. However, the most exciting experience at this place is kayaking.

International travelers receive advice on how to experience Halong Bay on a boat.

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Gleaning water in Hoi An

Gleaning water in Hoi An
Gleaning water in Hoi An – Source: Internet

Besides Ha Long Bay, Hoi An was also an equally famous tourist destination when Unesco was awarded the “World Heritage.” Describe the old town with the phrase “timeless, charming beauty.” When coming to Hoi An, visitors often like to walk, watch the peace of the ancient city and enjoy specialties such as bread and gleaning water.

The poetic beauty of Hoi An will captivate any visitor

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Conquering Fansipan Peak

Conquer Fanxipan
Conquer Fanxipan – Source: Internet

Fansipan Peak is also a new destination attracting many international visitors to Vietnam. However, to get the best experience, many tips for visitors to conquer the roof of Indochina on their own feet. There are many guides for people who want to climb Fansipan, which is that visitors need to arrange a schedule of 2-3 days to be able to climb to the top with the accompanying support experts.

Fansipan is a destination that attracts tourists who love adventure sports.

Drinking a coffee while watching the train running through 

The neighborhood coffee train in Hanoi rarely picks up visitors. Many foreign tourists come here to experience the thrill of drinking coffee next to a train. Drinking coffee and watching the train run by is an exciting experience.

Taking a circle boat in Can Gio

Can Gio forest
Can Gio forestb – Source: Internet

Visitors should take advantage of the opportunity to visit the Can Gio mangrove forest in Vietnam. This area is akin to Ho Chi Minh City’s “green lung”. Ho Chi Minh City plays the role of absorbing toxic gases released into the environment while returning oxygen. Visitors can visit the Can Gio mangrove forest by canoe or boat. The forest possesses a diverse ecosystem, promising to make foreign visitors go from surprise to surprise.

Drink “Bia hoi” at Bui Vien Street

Bia hoi at Bui Vien Street
Bia hoi at Bui Vien Street – Source: Internet

If you need to find a place to play in Ho Chi Minh City, Bui Vien Street is your answer. As a street considered “for the West,” Bui Vien’s where neighborhood is crowded with tourists, especially many foreigners. Bui Vien Walking Street is a place to attract foreign tourists to Ho Chi Minh City.

Explore Son Doong Cave

Son Doong Cave
Son Doong Cave – Source: Internet

Son Doong Cave brings engaging experiences to international visitors right from the first time they come here. Scientists have yet to discover all the mysteries inside the world’s largest cave.

Exploring Son Doong cave is a long journey and needs to be registered first.

Son Doong cave, with its rugged terrain, is challenging to access. Visitors must register for the tour in advance and go with an experienced team equipped with enough specialized equipment to avoid incidents.

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