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Top Vietnam tourist attractions you should visit to know more about Vietnam (Part 2)

In this article, Lily’s Travel will present other tourist attractions in Vietnam for you to explore. Traveling to the North, traveling to the Central region, or traveling to the South, you will admire the majestic mountains, wonderful beaches, busy cities, or poetic and charming rivers. .. Let’s go from the North to the South to discover the sites of the most worthy tourist destinations!

Hanoi tourist destinations

Hanoi, the capital of thousands of years of civilization, is one of the places that every Vietnamese person wishes to visit at least once in their lives. Visitors will travel to the capital to visit famous attractions such as Ba Dinh Square, Temple of Literature, and Tran Quoc Pagoda, … or admire the beautiful scenery of West Lake, Sword Lake, and the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long. Long,… Besides, visitors can also taste many unique delicacies such as Vong village nuggets, bun cha, pho, and fried spring rolls,…

Vung Tau tourist destination

The southern tourist destination of Vung Tau has a long coastline, beautiful landscapes, and many landmarks containing great cultural and historical values, becoming a favorite destination of tourists worldwide. Coming to this coastal city, you can not only take a cool bath, participate in many interesting sea sports activities, but also admire the beautiful landscape of Front Beach, Back Beach, Con Dao, … visit Bach Palace, Museum of Ancient Weapons, Big Temple,… Besides, you can enjoy many delicious dishes such as Banh Khot, stingray hot pot, soup,…

Dalat tourist attractions

With poetic scenery, a cool climate and many delicious dishes, Da Lat is the top tourist attraction in our country. Many people fall in love with Da Lat’s romantic beauty. Come here, do not forget to check in the outstanding attractions such as Langbiang mountain in Da Lat, Xuan Huong lake, Tuyen Lam lake, Me Linh coffee plantation,… In the cold weather of Da Lat, delicious dishes Here, such as grilled spring rolls, squid hotpot, wet cake with chicken hearts, … hot and fragrant, it’s even more attractive.

Sapa tourist spots

The Northwest mountainous region of Vietnam is famous for its majestic mountains and poetic beauty. Sapa – one of the attractive tourist destinations of the Northwest, attracting tourists through the romantic beauty of Cau May and Cat Cat villages; winding terraced fields; mountains touching clouds such as Fansipan peak, Ham Rong mountain; unique cultural features of the Northwestern people; along with many delicious specialties of the people here such as armpit pig, salmon, fresh sturgeon, chayote,…

Tourist places in Moc Chau

The most beautiful tourist attractions in Moc Chau are Dong Sang commune, Ban Ang pine forest, Moc Suong tea hill, Moc Chau town, Ban On cave, Dai Yem waterfall, Pha Luong peak, Chieng Khoa waterfall, plum garden. Na Ka. With a mild and cool climate, Moc Chau is always an attractive destination for tourists. In addition to the beautiful scenery, the cuisine here also makes visitors fascinated with many delicious dishes such as kitchen buffalo meat, stream fish, Chao veal, taro man, stone snails, …

Famous tourist spots in Ha Giang

The natural beauty of Ha Giang draws tourists because it is wild, idyllic, and peaceful. The famous tourist attractions that you must visit when coming to Ha Giang are Hoang Su Phi, Ma Pi Leng pass, Dong Van rock plateau, Pho Bang, Lung Cu flagpole, Lung Khuy cave, Sam Pun border gate, and lake. Along with the beautiful scenery, there are many dishes with appealing mountain flavors, such as au Tau porridge, Thang Co, grilled moss, and egg rolls,…

Ninh Binh tourist destination

Many tourists think of the complex of landscapes of Trang An, Tam Coc – Bich Dong, and Hoa Lu ancient capital when they think of Ninh Binh’s northern tourist destination. Mua cave, Bai Dinh pagoda, Am Tien cave. In addition to its beautiful scenery, Ninh Binh attracts visitors from all over the world with delectable specialties such as burnt rice, sprouted vermicelli, eel vermicelli, mountain goat meat, and so on.

Tay Ninh tourist destination makes visitors fall in love

Traveling to the South definitely cannot ignore the land of Tay Ninh – a place famous for its majestic mountains and captivating scenery. Prominent Tay Ninh tourist attractions include Ba Den mountain, Dau Tieng lake, Chop Mat tower, Lo Go – Xa Mat national park, Thien Lam pagoda, Moc Bai border gate, etc. While admiring the breathtaking scenery, don’t forget to sample some delectable specialties such as heifers, Ba Den mountain lizards, pomelo spring rolls, and snails…

The most beautiful tourist destination in Quang Ninh

Quang Ninh is located in the Northeastern region of our country, where there is an amazing beauty of mountains, rivers, seas and islands. Notably, UNESCO has designated Ha Long Bay as a world natural heritage site. Along with many other famous attractions such as Ha Long old town, Bai Chay, Tuan Chau peninsula, night market, Quang Ninh museum,… In addition to exploring the beautiful scenery, don’t forget to try the delicious specialties of Quang Ninh, such as squid rolls, sour rolls, nodding cakes, and so on.

Tourist attractions in Nghe An

Nghe An tourism attracts tourists from all over the world by its beautiful scenery, many long-standing historical sites such as Cua Lo beach, Kim Lien relic site, Thanh Chuong tea hill, Vinh ancient citadel, Cua Hoi beach, Lan island Chau,… Uncle Ho’s homeland also attracts tourists by attractive rustic dishes such as sweet cakes, Nghe An eel soup, Nghe An eel vermicelli,… This place is one of the tourist attractions. interesting Central that you should not miss.

So we have just explored the top 20 top tourist attractions in Vietnam together. If you are wondering which destination to choose next in your journey to discover beautiful Vietnam, try one of the above places! And do not miss the opportunity to set foot in Saigon – the most dynamic, bustling, and developing city in our country.

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Recent Posts

The beauty of Bac Ha
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